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  1. Parkcityfan

    [csgo] de_ridge

    I really like A site, but wouldn't it be better if the vents weren't used as one of the entrances to the bombsite? There are a lot of inconsistencies if you are behind a non-broken vent in terms of what the enemy can see and what you can see. If it was a balc like entrance, with a tight doorway or squeaky, it would keep the difficulty in trying to enter the site from there which I assume was what you were trying to do. I also think having double vents which basically serve the same purpose is a bit redundant, wouldn't it be good if one vent would open another angle to mid for the T's, and the other vent would serve as a concealed drop down place into mid. You really just need to open that wall opposite the second vent to do that. Besides that, the A site's great, especially the art style.
  2. It's very dark in some places, maybe you can stage an outdoor area of some sort because there are very few good maps that take place only in the inside.
  3. Parkcityfan

    [CS:GO] de_keep

    I think it's a good name, keep is really the best word for the tower in the map, and it's what the map revolves around, so it should be the name.
  4. Parkcityfan


    No problem! I see what you mean with both ladder/catwalk and A short, however I feel like that one reason for keeping the ladder is a bit lackluster. Not really important enough IMO, and if they wanted to rotate to A they would take the normal T path. As you're experimenting with the stairs in replacement with the ladder and cat, be sure not make sure that the stairs aren't in view of mid, because that could mean that the Terrorists would just head glitch that quite easily.
  5. Parkcityfan


    Hi! Nice work overall, I just have some small critiques. First, this is a simple one ,but on A long, the way it is currently set up, the walls direct you the fence, instead of where the CTs are more likely to be which is on the side. Just coming out of it, I have to manually drag my thoughts to the left, because my first thought is to look at the fence and that there must be someone there. This might be the cause of the fence not blocking the whole passage, or maybe the lighting or textures could be worked to direct you more to the left. Second, something that bothers me is how busy and confusing mid is, even when it is the defining part of the map. By that I mean that this is a Cache like map where the mid is very important, and if you want a good execute onto a site, you need mid control. Because of this, I think it would be better to have a simpler mid, that would have fewer pillars and maybe be thinner. You also have a slight problem with too many areas that aren't needed. The catwalk? bridge from T spawn to mid is basically the same as the ladder, and there's no point to having both of them, (I would recommend taking away the ladder). Another major example of this is A short, not sure of the callouts but that's what it looks like. This is your choice, but you might think about taking away A short, as mid basically gives the same purpose (maybe open the angles a bit) for terrorists. Besides that, the map is really well planned out and well made, good luck.
  6. Have you thought about potentially there being a problem with the readibility with models? Looks great though.
  7. Parkcityfan

    [csgo] DE_GAMBIT

    I think a better version of my comments will come from the playtest, as I just went around offline. I'll still give you my opinion though. I feel like a lot of the map needs to be simplicated more. Starting with getting rid of all unnecessary areas. The mid area (white truck, blue dumpster) is a bit messy, and the whole area on T mid, while it does serve some purpose, is clunky and loses the streamlineyness of the map. I like some of the ideas that you have, like the elevator shaft that connects the two floors. However, in other areas you seem to have gone for quantity over quality. The CT Spawn to A is weird, and should have less detail to a point where it is obvious to first-time players where to go. You have a lot of spots where you can climb up and look over an area, like the one near CT spawn. Again, like the area of T Mid, it has a purpose but it's clunky. I think the worst example of putting everything you could think in one bomb site is A. Not only do you use props from Train, Nuke, and Cache, maps which are different in terms of theme, the bomb site itself is not optimized for play. This is just a suggestion, but the T ramp area in A should be cut off, sort of like this http://imgur.com/InL4pRZ, (crude I know). The basic idea is that the ramp only extends to the edge of A, so that it offers a height variation for peeking terrorists onto the site. I think that the ramp extending past and being right next to site clouds everything up. To add on to this, and remember this is only a suggestion, I think you should delete the CT backside and catwalk as well. It only really offers weird angles, but again this is your opinion, to replace it as a CT hiding place I would suggest maybe adding a pit at the back of the site, it might help. B is in general better, and I actually like the layout of the site, even though I think that the fence thing is stupid, and too much of a gameplay gimmick. IMO, stuck to fundamentals with sites. The T vantage point area, is used better than the T vantage point area, although it still needs some work. Pretty sure this is intentional, but people can Awp from the CT connector to B to the ladder, where T's will basically be defenseless. As an added point, I like the windows for flashes/nades in general, but I feel like a lot of them are useless. I liked the nade holes in FMPone's now abandoned (I know Squad took it over) de_Mirage2, where it didn't really disrupt the map. Again, you will find better versions of my comments here after the playtest, and probably most of the stuff I complained about works well in a match, I wouldn't know. Good luck.
  8. I meant more in terms of references, as it is literally the exact same theme but just using movie sets. I agree he should come up with his own layout.
  9. Reminds me of the BO2 map studio, remake of firing range. You could definitely use that map if you wanted to.
  10. Parkcityfan

    [csgo] de_venezia

    Wow I can tell some of the places in Venice from the screens (besides the one you gave), really good job. Venice really is a great setting. Interesting layout as well.
  11. Parkcityfan


    ATM, there's way too much empty space. I mean Long A is just fucking white walls until you get to the bomb site. Mid is way too wide, and it is just a small house in the middle of an empty rectangle, with a 'nice idea' for A short, but it needs to be redone with some idea of scale involved. I like B more than A, but the last pathway is useless unless you want the waste two smokes. If you want to go with a theme, use the roman one, because it's more original and probably fits the layout better. Look at popular maps and see how they used space , and compare that to how you staged the T mid, a long, b long intersection right out of the really enclosed and small T spawn. The A site itself is original, but way too much space as well. Thanks.
  12. What routes are you blocking off? I would assume the side paths near both spawns, but I don't know what you're doing. I think if you make some small adjustments it could actually work well as a defuse map, as it is a really good map just in the shit show of Cod. A's probably the easiest to adjust, just maybe block out one T pathway, if you think about the terrorists starting at the Garage area while B's probably way harder to make. I don't know, good luck!
  13. Parkcityfan

    [CSGO] de_Arches

    Actual feedback besides stupid stuff above. I love the theme actually, I think it works really well. Some more feedback. http://imgur.com/eexApC0 It doesn't really hinder gameplay it just feels weird. http://imgur.com/xHaYXuU This is needed for the angles, which I like, but I feel like it's just so much unused and empty space. http://imgur.com/D1NBeYX on B, this could maybe be opened up, (close off the second stair), for another place to hide for CT in B, which I think is something the bomb site is lacking. http://imgur.com/b1qF9Dl this would be the view from there, maybe raise that wall a little so it can't see the heads as they pass by. http://imgur.com/sh4g6Vb I know this is going to change, but still, change up the texture a little here. http://imgur.com/LCBjwev CT visibility is a huge issue here http://imgur.com/hGT0gDk This still works in terms of flashes, but it could be more streamlined. http://imgur.com/ZNMEZoh Why block this off? A little thing, maybe add a place for Ct's on long.
  14. Parkcityfan

    [CSGO] de_Arches

    Italy theme? It could work, it is just used a lot... Nice work on the new layout. Also still kinda dislike the name.
  15. Parkcityfan

    CS_MAX (WIP)

    In terms of theme, I would advise not going with the warehouse, and a Japenese Village would be interesting. Also, if you want to find another theme you can go to FMPone's steam forum, and look at his thread for De_Mirage2's theme, a shitload of themes there that are all really good and unused.
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