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8 hours ago, blackdog said:

Inspirational image in the new tab opened this morning in MS Edge :D


Dammm thats nice, I was thinking of doing it in the fall season. Some nice yellow/orange/red tints with some green stuff aswell. I really wonder how they build those things, must have been a pain in the ass

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Well, I reworked bombsite B entirly and spiced middle as it was quite uninspired.
My aim for this map is making it feel more dynamic with different ways of playing/approaching one area and quick rotations for both teams. 
I hope I didn't go overboard with my ideas, but a playtest should tell more :P

Here the album with more screenshots and info about the timings and angles and such: https://imgur.com/a/UjLjLYv


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Posted (edited)

I worked on the feedback from last playtest and the biggest point of feedback is B being too hard to hold and too hard to retake, so I did a major update on this bombsite and fixes some smaller issues all over the map.
Album: https://imgur.com/a/xuV9bOw

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