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  1. Thank you, the graffiti is just a place holder for a currently unfinished mosaic.
  2. Ive updated the beta version today, there will hopefully be a playtest soon. B side is lagging behind visually but other then that I think its come a long way in a short time span. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1915402320 B site A site Middle CT spawn T Spawn Current Overview
  3. id argue condition zero is the worst, considering its just worse 1.6, more bugs and less polish
  4. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Is that not just the same theme as the original CSGO dust2, there's only so far you can go with the war torn middle eastern city theme.
  5. fewseb


    Professionals for Ts and Swat Team for ct could still work but I think these stand out against the background more. and yes I still think KVs are important, I dont think Valve has ever added a map in that didnt have a functioning kv and presumably you want this map to get in the game at some point.
  6. fewseb


    You aint got a KV file set for the map my man, its just defaulting to the default models. Other then that its still very good. Cant wait to see what youre doing for Turbulence
  7. How did you get a custom hostage model to work?
  8. fewseb

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Hey I was messing around offline and I noticed you changed all the textures that previously had muck as their material to dirt/concrete. I was curious if this was intentional and if so why as I cant find it listed in any of the change notes. I also saw this weird brace made out of dust2 crates has its material set to sand for some reason. Again I wasnt sure if that was international or not
  9. Im guessing you just have too many func_details at this point, back when I first got into mapping I ran into this problem alot. For me it wasnt so much how many func_details were touching world geometry it was just that I had so many to begin with. the quick solution (though may be not the most acceptable one) would be to use propper to turn the most complex ones into props. Alternatively if you know how to model you could try and just make some high poly replacements for some of those func_details.
  10. The reason is that valve has the FBI lady as fbi_variantB, which was previously a default model. The original Variant b was shifted to variant C and C to D and D to E and E to F. This means that any existing KV file with the fbi or any future Kv's made with the generator will have the FBI lady in them. Somehow this is isnt affecting pre existing maps using the FBI.
  11. Hey thanks for the feedback, I do agree that in the beta version of the map it does get claustrophobic. Being that much of the B area is set in caves I am somewhat limited in what I can do to reduce the corridor feel. However I have mostly been extensively working on the B side and it doesnt much resemble the beta version anymore. I agree that that areas you highlighted on A should be more open but I have not worked on that area much.
  12. The screenshots youve shown have really nice lighting and it looks to be a very interesting theme, I hope this map gets done in time.
  13. Small update, I spent most of today working on this set of modular crates for use around the map. I hope to have a larger update soon.
  14. Your comments consist entirely of wannabe roasts, if you dont want people "corrupting" this guys project, dont be such a bell-end to him in the first place. Yes its very nice, too bad you didnt mention how much you liked it when you were spitting on this guys WIP screenshots.
  15. Why is your first instinct when replying to someone is to be as mean spirited and spiteful as possible. You know normally people dont lay into someone when all they're showing is low quality WIP screenshots. Maybe you dont mean it to come off that way, but it does. You never post anything nice, you never say you like something which is fine normally but when you talk about what you dont like your immediately turn it up to an 11 and start blasting them like their some life long enemy thats deserves a good put down. Nearly every single reply youve ever written is just mean spirited criticism of WIP lighting and props. Right here this how youre "feedback" reads Heres how most people would have wrote your criticism and even then half of that is just nothing feedback. Of course the lighting is going to be off when the map is still early in its art pass. The skybox doesnt have to line up when there are still dev textures and lighting experiments going on. Point being be a little more concise and less abrasive when giving feedback to someone.
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