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  1. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Well you take hostage maps out of comp, you can forget about seeing any new ones on the workshop, its hard enough trying to make a layout that works, its hardly worth it as it with lower play time. Having a whole 2, doesn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things, (thought ive been getting office more then dust2 or mirage lately) At the same time, Tournaments didn't play canals, and they arnt playing the community maps either, they arnt player cobble stone, so why leave it in? Granted the mode could be better, im not going to pretend like Agency and Office cant just be won by buying sawed off and smokes for the entire T-side, but removing them from the comp pool, removes incentive for map makers to try and improve the game mode with better layouts.
  2. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Because they are fun? Its just Office and Agency right now.
  3. fewseb


    This truck very obviously doesnt have a front to it. I dont think this truck really belong there, aside from being very visually different from the other cars, this isnt something you would really see in America, the license plate is also very obviously non-American.
  4. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Apparently valve thought this was lame as well, since they've updated the tool box to be tintable and it is now white be default. (still no opened variant though)
  5. fewseb


    The reddit perspective is always that Zoo was like Seaside, where people just seemed to like it for no particular reason, something about it makes it memorable. The same people who are always asking for Seaside to be brought back always ask for Zoo right after. These are a separate group of people from the ones who spam the "we NEED Season/Santorini/de_cpl_mill/de_cpl_fire/Tuscan/Sub-Zero(as of recent) and then throw in Assault or Italy for some reason. I always liked zoo, was a nice theme to run around in, glad to see it back, should be fun.
  6. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Got to appreciate that valve updated this toolbox model for vertigo, but didnt include an open lid variant, or set it up to be tint-able, even though the older variants both could, and since its this dark tan color by default you cant even try to color it something else. This is the same company that spammed the editor with a hundred variants of vent and pipe props trying to give mappers something modular to work with, and even introduced a new tinting system to work with decals, but then goes and does this with almost everything else (looking at you hr_dust's doors and windows)
  7. fewseb

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    The sun sets in Arizona About 10 months in on this map, still a lot to finish, (such as all the strangely lit props and finishing sign work.) I hope I can get this out before it hits the 1 year mark but its important not to rush this project.
  8. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Wait a minute, Anarchists, on a quality map? Maybe they'll finally get to be in an official defuse map for the first time in 4 years. Than again if reddit complains that they dont have bomb related voice lines they might get them switched to something less cool like they did with the FBI.
  9. fewseb

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Beef boy ay
  10. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    While Enclave is probably something they have on the back burner waiting for an event release, survival_island was probably an early title for blacksite or just a test map for this mode. The throw able snowballs are interesting, maybe valve can rapid fire release both a snow and desert map in the coming months to catch up with other BR games that takes half a year to make a map with anew theme, yeah ghosting is cheating in the same way screen peaking is cheating, except nobody who plays csgo uses the word cheating for anything that isnt program assistance.
  11. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    thats ghosting, not cheating. Also easily fixable by adding a spectator delay like they have in comp.
  12. fewseb


    Ah yes, but on hl1 and black mesa the Geiger counter is built into your suit, in A site train there's a Geiger counter prop on the train, and as far as I can tell, there's no Geiger counter sound on nuke. I didnt say i didn't like them, but its not that hard to just say "blue goo mess things up, fix with wood" and there you go, youve explained the random wood and sheet metal littering the base. you also didnt address what youre going to d to fix the moon given that it appears to be floating 50 feet away from the base, or how toxic the blue goo substance is if it can flow directly under your feet with an exposed metal grate, but will kill you instantly if you go with in half a mile of the pit. yes as I clearly explained Everything I mentioned was a strange little oddity, nothing serious, just little aspects that can snowball into a serious immersion problem, which isnt all that important.
  13. fewseb


    Alright, 1. SO the blue goo is being pumped from the crater into the station, you can see the pipe spreads out into too pipes which then release the blue goo down in a water wall type way. But the main pump which is the bomb target seems to not be pumping to the goo from the where ever the waterfall goes, but pumping into the pit from the ceiling, im guessing somebody flipped the texture on accident here. 2. This door, while somebody already pointed out the bizarre stairs, you can also see through the world on the bottom, I also kept getting stuck on the little lights and the pallets hanging around in these areas, needs to clipped, like every other area already is. 3. in the pipe hallway near the death pit, you have a Geiger counter sound effect, without an actual Geiger counter there, you can claims its the machine next the railing, put the sound is clearly not coming from that. Also, while most of the time, the death pits will begin damaging you without even touching the goo, there's multiple areas where the goo is used under greats that should be close enough that it would harm you, if the death pit goo is anything to go by, this goo surely is mysterious. 4. The death pit near ct spawns lags my pc, presumably because of all the mist, not a huge problem but its there. 5. Im not really sure what you were trying to convey with all these random wood panels and sheet metal scraps lying around. This is supposed to be a secret mountain base, but theres holes in the glass and random scraps lying everywhere, was it supposed to have been attacked before? Is the goo breaking things? 6. im having problems in general trying to pin down what you were doing with the base, the ts came up from a cave, that has wood panels for walking and is lit by torches, but they come in through a fence with no entrances for the people who, you know would have to light those torches. They also seemingly came up into a loading dock area, but I struggle to see how a truck would get through that cave.I guess maybe the giant industrial elevators are meant to bring things to the cave? its hard to tell because nothing labeled as to there function, or even what it is. Its also got the sub-zero problem where none of the areas you actually fight in really look like there doing anything, its a whole lot of metal hallways, not a whole lot of "people work here" vive going on, now obviously its better than subzero, because there are ares you can see where people work. (Although question why two of the leading scientists would choose to have their offices right next to an open vat of toxic materials, but whatever its an evil volcano base) 7. I have no idea where this map is, in relation to the world. All the text is English and the FBI are the cts, but why are the two named scientists German?, Also outside of Hawaii, America doesnt exactly have that many active Volcanoes. ID also argue that if the map is set in America, the Anarchists would be a better choices for T-side, given that the company is selling blue goo as water and also fucking up the environment, they would match better. Also the moon looks weird because the moon sprites have always look weird, you would be better off taking the sprite and putting onto the actual skybox texture it self, as source doesnt display the moon like it does the sun, so the moon looks like its floating 50 feet away from the base itself. Other than that, pretty good, nice work on custom texture and such, nice sound work, nice idea for a theme, moderately executed, and as I said previously, blue goo texture is pretty good.
  14. Still no RICOCHET valve fix please thnx
  15. You left out one of their most important multiplayer coop titles, it literally changed the face of the coop genre Ricochet Also Left 4 Dead 2