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  1. Way back when CSGO first came out people really wanted new maps. They wernt too responsive to Valves attempts, but they seemed to love Operation maps. 7 years later and the demographics have changed, people dont want new maps, they want less of the maps they already have. Anytime people or pro players talk about what new maps they want its always "Aztec, Tuscan, Mill, Santorini, Season, Forge, Ruska, Sub-Zero" All maps that are either from the 1.6 glory days or were in CSGO at some point. Very rarely if every do you hear talk of adding actually new maps. When Valve added Vertigo to the pro pool, that map had been in the game for 2 months and was being actively updated and there was 7 months until the next major, yet some how this was too big of a shift, pros somehow couldnt learn a new map in 7 months. The very idea of a map they had never set foot on being in the pro scene shook its very foundation. It seems so much of pro play in this era is less about aim and on the fly tactics and more about how to hold an angle most effectively and knowing every single possible grenade throw. On Vertigo where they knew little, some of the very best teams faultered because of how much they relied on grenade line ups and knowing common angles. To me it seems there just isnt a market for actual new maps, the ones they do add are popular for about 2 weeks, maybe 3 if its really good. then players just go back to the active duty maps. Prior to scrimmage this allowed for smurfs, derankers, and vertiglobals to dominate these maps. Which was the exact problem Valve was experiencing with Militia, Italy, Assault, Aztec, Dust1 and Vertigo. The same reason why they were removed from comp. I would like to believe Valve likes community maps, but they just dont show it anymore. There are big and obvious problems facing community maps, but Valve does nothing to curve it. If they dont care enough to stop the problems why are they adding maps in the first place, seems like a money sink if the playerbase as a whole isnt playing them. To me the solution has always been obvious enough. Players should punished for overplaying 1 or a small group of maps and should be rewarded for trying new ones. The first step would be reward players less XP for playing the same map over and over, while give them more for playing a new map. The more drastic one would be to have it effect elo. If you only play dust2, losses will retract more elo and wins will reward less, if you try Breach for the first time, you wont lose much ELO from losing but you can gain a lot by winning. This would be a controversial change and would be yet another thing the community would dislike about comp. But again, what is the point of adding community maps and paying their creators when Valve doesnt seem to get much value out of doing so. Why not take more drastic measures if community maps are so important. All of this not even taking in to account most of the community and almost all of the pro scene think community maps are untested and focused more on visuals then gameplay (Which we know is not true, but they dont). I find it funny in nearly every example of a pro player trying to design a new map layout it ends up just being Mirage, yet somehow their built as being the only ones who know anything about map design. Being that mapcore seems to have members from every game studio, ive always wondered why we dont see at least 1 Valve artist on here, I get valve is a closed book but it just seems unfortunate. In the rare event we get an interview with the devs is always the same god awful questions about competitive rankings and the pro scene and when will source 2 be added, when will old gun be added. Never about there feelings on community content, why they choose to do things the way they do.
  2. Small Update on this, im still working on Grotto and hope to have it out before April, but thats not definite. I was really disappointed to find Grotto did not even make it into the runner up category. That would mean it did worse then my 2017 competition entry, which some judges told me was close to their top 10 (though that may have just been them being nice, Vermiel is really subpar compared to most of the entries in 2017). Looking back at it I can see why Grotto did poorly. Ultimately I think it came down to 2 things, lack of clear them and my inability to figure out how to fix dark shadows on props. I first thought of a map set in grotto after the 2017 competition ended, the idea was a national park area in Israel, where bombsite B would be a crystal Cave with Inceptions on the Wall, while A and most of the other areas would be a fortress or administration type areas. There would carved statues and monuments typical of artificial Grottos. When working on the map for the Exotic Places competition, the theme slowly evolved into what it is now. It is a Grotto in Jordan, where the B half of the map is in both natural and manmade caves, while the a site is an old fortress overlooking the cliffside, the fortress would have different sections that would have been added on from its centuries of occupation. I think many people were confused by many modern elements that appear on the current version because I did not do a good enough job of conveying what is happening in the map. My take of the Exotic Theme was meant to be a bit of a twist on it. The grand majority of entries for the competition focuses on more Tropical, tourist areas and un explored countries in csgo. I did not want to make another Tourist Attraction like I did in 2017, and felt that even if I did it would not size up compared to what other people would do. So my twist on the theme was meant to be this: Grotto is a place that once was a Tourist Attraction, it would have once been a peaceful area to visit. However in the modern day, Grotto has begun to crumble under the stress of war. I did not want to do an Iraqistan esq, crumbled wreckage of a place. Instead the stress of war would be most seen on the man made buildings, while the caves would be more untouched. It is meant to be a place that is just beginning to crumble from war, so you could still see it once was a nice place to visit, but it is slowly decaying from a stalemate conflict. That is also why you see so many military assets used around the map as the Coalition Taskforce (which is apart of the very small game story) is occupying the Fortress, trying to defend the city you can see in CT spawn, while a combination of Phoenix and Elite Crew forces occupying the war torn city seen from T spawn (Which I didnt manage to make very war-torn) The Caves and Fortress are notably more ruined on the T side of the map, while the cts have an almost pristine area. The ultimate failing of this idea came because I was not able to establish what these things were and why they were there, there are no context clues on the entry version because in my rush to finish the B area I had forgotten to polish up the story elements (also why you see a sign advertising a law office in one of the cave rooms) It also still suffers from that dust-copy vibe. I tried to avoid using dust assets, such as making my own sets of double doors and crates, but I think a desert theme has tendency to look like every other desert theme. Ultimately im not very pleased with how this turned out, mainly from me dropping the ball in the last month of work time. I hope there is another competition in the next few years as I would like to make up for my respective failures in both 2017 and 2019. I will say as a positive, this was the first map I worked on where I felt like I knew what I was doing, a large part of why my previous map Sonora took over a year and half to release was because I was unsure on how to handle certain areas and how to go about creating more advanced places.
  3. Ah yes, everyone's least favorite mustache is back to tells us more unfounded opinions disguised as fact. I like that he put up those 5 csgo is dead videos, when he himself was ringing the deathbell of csgo in multiple other videos he done. Best part is 3kliks and warowls videos were being rhetorical in their title, neither were actually suggesting csgo is dying. And yet another person suggesting ProjectA is somehow going to have an affect on how the Devs treat CSGO. When was the last time someone else doing something ever made valve do something they werent already going to do. A game that is too CS for Overwatch players and too Overwatch for CS players will be limited to a niche market if they cant find a good balance, couple that with 0 ways for community content creators to create content and 5 heroes being locked behind a paywall in the exact same way battlefront 2 was criticized for and you have the next Brink/Dirty Bomb/Paladins.
  4. fewseb

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Hey I was playing on Cache today and noticed these toxic barrels were not making the right sound, their material is set to default right now and as a result some weapons can wallbang them that perhaps shouldnt, considering their metal barrels.
  5. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    this? Because thats him confirming that the remake is set in Morcco, the other part about the Original go version being set somewhere in the Maghreb may or may not have been answered here. Either way the original GO version being set in the Maghreb was decided later on past its initial development during Operation Vanguard. Also the Maghreb consists of 5 countries, so saying that the Original was definitely set in Morocco just because its in the Maghreb is not accurate. Also Jess Cliffe didnt have any part in developing the Original dust theme wise. Unless he somehow knows that TF2 map Dave Johnson based dust1 off of was set in Morocco and there for dust1 is technically based of Morocco, then the very first dust is still set in Generic Middle Eastern County
  6. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Alright and yeah I agree. Mirage is obviously set in Morocco, new dust2 is set in Morocco, the only thing im contesting is that the original CSGO version was set in a generic Arabian nation, the other guy thinks that both it and the original 1.6 dust2 were also set in Morocco.
  7. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    OK where specifically did you find information that the original dust2 by Dave Johnson was set in Morocco. We know the Original CSGO and Source version are set in "generic middle eastern country" because of the poorly translated Arabian text found on both versions. What about the Original dust2 is anyway makes it seem as if its set in Morocco
  8. Wow, very cool overkill, re-textured the default enemies for the 5th time and use the exact same face for every new Mexican civilian and guard. Very cool how every character still has arms that are 3 inches too short and no facial animations. Very cool how the story that was crapped out in 5 months and was completely wrapped up, now has a new plotline. Even though im pretty sure a bland cartel focused story line is not that interesting after the main plot just finished with an Aztec temple buried beneath the White House granting immortality to Bain after you broke him out of the biggest, baddest prison ever with little to no effort. Also real killer map design with flat terrain, the most generic looking Mexican city ever seen in a video game and assets reused from Big bank, a map they made in 2010 with asset quality typical of 2008. How are people still buying the DLC for this game? Are they really that desperate to see a rushed Payday 3 being produced by a company on a slow spiral of decay? I remember when people were coming in droves to shit on Overkill for making "sub-par" heists like Alesso and Car Shop (which are no were near as poor as these last few). Yet we now see some vocal majority coming out of the word work to praise overkill for another con-job.
  9. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Not even close, the Original dust was based off screenshots for one of the versions of TF2. Which itself was based of a generic middle eastern theme.
  10. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    The original CSGO dust2 was not set in Morocco, it was very clearly going for the "Iraqistan" vibe as evident by the mosque on dust 1 and the various signs and graffiti in arabic across both maps. Also why they used the IDF as ct models. Mirage is also based off Morocco and on that map they used frensh and arabic to get they point across, but also didnt use the IDF as their ct models. Current CSGO Dust 2 is very clearly base on Morocco.
  11. Yeah but that change starts and ends at just allowing us to disable enemy agent skins. I would personally like to see agent skins be equip able per faction IE you can only equip a phoenix skin for the phoenix faction, but I doubt Valve will go that route until they update more factions and make skins for them. Okay and? Alot of good that vscript would do for maps on the workshop, on the off chance one gets added to the game Valve can just remove or disable that vscript or outright tell the map maker to remove it or their map wont be accepted. Jumpsuit isnt meant to be used in regular maps, let alone as ct side. They lack voice lines which means you wont hear grenade calls or planting/defusing the bomb. They are also very clearly meant to be captured Terrorists so them fighting for the CT side doesnt really fit. Everything youve described here is something they thought about doing before they made weapon skins, it didnt work because players had no way of seeing their customized character outside of the menu. It also lead to even greater confusion then the current agent skins do because it was hard to tell if someone was a T or CT because of how muddled the character could be.
  12. His first impression for any map have always been garbage. If it isnt made by a mapper he is vaguely aware of and isnt one of the few shined on by the almighty subreddit, he tends to be overly-negative if by some chance he decides to look at it. He likes mirage clone maps because he can easily adapt his mirage skill-set to them, if it isnt similar he gets sour about it because of how much modern CSGO players rely on pre-existing map knowledge to dominate. Ive watched him for years and its the same thing every time. Similar to how the pro players immediately rejected Vertigo because of how little their previous map knowledge applied to it (though to his credit, warowl was very receptive of vertigo when they added it into the pool). This mindset that a map can only be good if you know it is part of why we have seen such a decline in interest for new maps. Ironically Bardolph tends to have a better understanding of how to handle new maps despite how much people diss him for being poor at the base game. Rather then complaining that there are no grenade lineups because he doesnt know them, he tries to learn them ahead of time. Unfortunately its few and far between he takes a look at a new map since his twitch chat is more focused on memeing on him being poor at the regular game then highlighting new content.
  13. What I really want to know is why, in the year 2020, are map makers still using that T-Logo on their overviews. That one was in the CSGO beta for all of 5 minutes before they replaced it with the current one. They made that change about 8 years ago so you would think this wouldnt keep happening.
  14. 1. Artifact isnt a mobile game, they thought they might try and port it, but didnt after it declined. 2. Underlords had a pretty significant and enthusiastic player-base that rapidly declined when Valve didnt update the game quick enough, thought it still has 10,000 players who seem to really like the game. We saw this exact same downer attitude when Valve announced L4D2, people on this very forum claimed they wouldnt release an SDK for it because they just wanted money. They announced portal 2, "oh they wont release an sdk because they love money". CSGO, same thing "oh they are trying to compete with COD and Battlefield, no SDK for us Valve is dead". Chances are, just like with left 4 dead 2, the SDK isnt ready for a public release. They have to work on a consumer version and make sure it runs well before they release it. People said the golden age of Valve was over when they release Ricochet, they said it was over when they released TF2, people thought Valve releasing another counter strike game was a cash grab and indicated the golden age was finally over. They are going to release HLA, they are going to make a few more VR games, then when they try to do something else you will see people claiming the golden age of valve is over. If they ever release HL3 people will claim its a cash grab and Valve is no longer the golden company. Assuming things you dont know just so you can be upset isnt a good way to live life. They wouldnt be adding steam workshop support if they didnt have an sdk planned.
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