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  1. No it doesnt, rule 3 says " Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old design layout) can NOT be entered. " IE you cant remake a map that already exists (like making a remake of tuscan called de_toucan that has the same layout, you also cant name a map de_tuscan with the same theme as tuscan even though it has a different layout), you also cant call your nuke themed map de_nuke2, nor can you make a sequel to one of you existing maps like de_whatever2. You can make a inferno themed map as long as its not called de_inferno2 and doesn't rip off an existing layout. The theme isnt THAT important though, its just there to encourage people to make new themes and to show that if you reuse a theme you will be docked points. It could have just been called mapcore 2019 contest and have a rule saying re-used themes will be docked points and there be no difference. Youre acting like you have to conform to the theme when the theme is purposely left vague because its just meant to be an idea. Holy fuck Waldo, thats ice cold
  2. Ok whats your logic here, this map takes advantage of a very obvious loop hole in the rules and some how the theme of the competition is too blame? The theme has nothing to do with anything, if this was the 2017 contest this map would still work. The exotic theme exists as more of an obvious way of telling people to stop making nuke and inferno rip offs and go for something original. You could still enter a nuke rip off and it would be valid, you would just lose points for re using an existing theme.
  3. Small update Obviously I never got a playtest version out at the end of September and that is still on going as I try to wrap the ever changing middle area. Ive was also caught up with another map and still am and as im sure many of you know trying to handle 2 maps at once is difficult. One of the issues that has been plaguing me has been the outdoor areas of the map. The map is set on a mountain/canyon area and originally I was going to have displacements for the outdoor canyons. This quickly became a nightmare to try and work out do to the amount of twisting in the paths and my original solution was to have corners be pre made rock props to try and hide the join. As time went I gradually figured out that I did not have the skill to make displacements with rock textures look like actual bumpy rocks. I was also having issues with the texture seem between the ground and the canyon walls. I eventually decided to just use pre-made rock props to form the canyon walls. They looked better and I no longer had to deal with so much vertex editing but it came with an expected side affect. The bumps in the rock props made angles strange and the texture seem was still obvious This discouraged me for a while because the map began to feel hauntingly like one of those unity asset flip games where premade assets are sort of stuck together to form a less then cohesive environment. This slowed development down for me tremendously as I began to become uninspired with the theme. However today I believe I have both found a solution to the rock prop problems but also reignited the spark to carry forward with this map. I was looking into rock-catch fencing for decorative use in the map when I realized I could use it to form actual angles and block players from seeing the obvious seem between the rocks and the ground. The concrete wall base also creates cleaner and simpler backgrounds that so far seem to allow for better visibility of players. This is all I have to share for now but im hoping to actually have a playtest version of this map out by mid November
  4. I wonder if its the same thing that happens in match making. Depending on what rank you are certain spots are either always checked or not at all. An example of this would be cubby on Inferno. Way back in 2015 at least, in silver 1, no one knew that spot was there because most players were new so no one would check it, but ct players would see it and hide there and then get kills because of it. As you moved up in ranks more people would figure out and hide in that spot but around silver elite ish if you were going arches you checked cubby every round even if you knew no one could be there because it was instinctual. Cubby was unusable because everyone expected someone to be there. But by the time you reached Gold Nova 2 Cubby all the sudden became useful again because no one thought someone would hide there because it would get checked all the time, leading to people putting there guard down and not checking it. It could be something similar with pro level teams, they dont expect people to hide in stupid spots because it would leave their opponent vulnerable and they arnt under estimating them. That corner in the 1v3 palace clip is a bad spot because you have no way out, so why should the opponent coming in from balcony check there when the defender could be anywhere among the pillars. They seem to expect the enemy to play smart and not take risks.
  5. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    Uh, its a hot-tub. They are pretty common at mid-level hotels here in the US, outdoor ones not so much but I wanted to do a round bomb plant zone. As for what you're actually blowing up, that would be the pallets of cocaine within the shipping containers. The construction going on around it is there to justify the scaffolding area. Beyond being an out door hot tub what about it sticks out as weird? Ah yes the classic stairs, unfinished and leading to a newly built entrance to an under construction basketball court. Why is the other side flat? They havnt built those stairs yet. Why didnt I just make it a boring alley way with a simple staircase and a lame chain link fence on the other side? IDK I thought this would work out better but I guess not. The aforementioned basketball court, again I thought it would be more obvious they it turned out. The boards are there so the workers can still walk without risking tripping, much like the stairs I looked into how outdoor basketball courts were made and perhaps tried to be too authentic. I never got a piece of art done explaining the basketball court project but perhaps its time I look into finishing that. Overall though its nice to see you went above and beyond to showing the areas you think are problematic, I appreciate being able to see the FPS too. I disagree with some of your assessments but I definitely agree the A site pillar area is too much, I thought something similar when I was play testing with bots but I thought a proper human trial would be needed to see how it actually plays out.
  6. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    Could you post some specific areas, the areas you find most problematic for being over detailed?
  7. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    Sonora recently had a mapcore playtest and I learned a lot from people playing the map, there are my main takeaways -As I suspected people on higher end systems then mine experienced poor framerate, im currently working on an optimization update -The score at the end was surprisingly even with 16 CT and 14 T, the last round was especially close. I was surprised to see such an even score line, it speaks to the layout I suppose but Its not something I can take credit for given it’s a remake. -Shout out to HUMHPREY, he failed at flashing out of kitchen a few times through out the match but managed to do it successfully and clutched the round at match point because of that. -My favorite round had to be I believe the 24th, somewhere around there. Everyone had figured out all the tricks to A and both teams utilized them in trying to control A site. Ts won from pure numbers, but the defending CTs really used everything to their advantage. I liked how the T side waited to open both doors at once to create a crossfire for the ct defending at toilets. -Everyone complained the door was too loud, I don’t know why but it seemed to play everywhere on the map. I used the same door settings as the nuke_zoo doors. It might be a strange one off issue? I havnt experienced it playing with bots and I ran into something equally strange a few years ago. When my previous map de_vermeil was tested by reddit community nights, the playtest had a strange issue where all the fish in the map would gitter and float in T spawn. This obviously wasn’t intentional and didn’t happen outside of that one playtest but it was still the #2 most complained about thing. -Some highlights from the text/feedback files Ouch that stings man How is this a problem? More importantly why is expected they should turn off? I don’t see how the body is any more or less necessary then any other decorative prop I hope to somehow incorporate the layout feedback in the future, but for right now im mostly focused on optimizing, so if anyone has played it and has experienced frame rate issues, please tell me what settings you were on, where it was the worst and what your specs are. Just saying youre getting bad frames in general doesn’t help me iron out the problem areas. Unfortunately I wasn’t there for the actual playtest do to some communication issues with the staff, so I didn’t hear anything said in the discord voice chat, so if anyone there had more criticisms not noted in the text and can remember what they were it would be great if you could post them here.
  8. The best part is, beyond in game items there is no actual point to buyign a virtual ticket, people will re-stream it else ware and alot of the time blizzard posts highlights
  9. The changes are nice, but I got to ask, did you edit the nav mesh in T-spawn? One of the things I noted down when you sent out those feedback request forms was that when either team would inevitably get a bot, the bots on T-side would camp out int he open and die immediately to CTs rushing lobby. I suggested setting all the nav tile in T spawn to bad camping spots and then setting the 2 cubbies off to the side of T-spawn to good camping tiles. It seems like a lot of work for such a small change but ive found scrimmage mode to be plagued be abandoning players and a bot on T side with breach might as well of not been there at all.
  10. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    Released a small update today based on some feedback I got -Adjusted forklift angles -Added back drops to bars in tunnels -Adjusted textures on some props -Made barrier in back alley clearer -Adjusted some clipping Im looking to optimize the map further but I would like to know how it runs on other peoples systems. On mine it runs about the same as Nuke and better then New cache but Ive heard some people say it runs very poorly for them. If anybody experiences poor performance please let me know.
  11. fewseb

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    It was some HLTV interview from 2011 or 2010, he said Valve wouldn't let him or cliffe make changes they wanted to make when Source was still be updating because Valve was afraid of the community getting miffed. He also implied other projects in the company were constantly getting in front of Counter Strike 2 going into full development.
  12. fewseb

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Gooseman left in 2007 because Valve wouldnt let him work on Counter Strike 2 mainly because they didnt want him making the realistic tactical shooter he always wanted to make, he really didnt like how CS became all about the competitive side and preferred 12 v 12 instead of 5 v 5. Cliffe may or may not still be working at Valve but if he did leave he either left because he was in jail for a month do to a false charge against or was fired for the same thing. He was very active on the CSGO team up until he was arrested.
  13. fewseb

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Your profile picture is surprisingly fitting CS 1.6 was created to make an authentic Counter Terrorism operations shooter focused on realism and tactics, CSGO was created to be the xbox and ps4 and compete with COD and Battlefield. Both games came a long way from where they started.
  14. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    I woke up this morning to find Sonora now has 1/5 stars with 603 dislikes, with only 25 likes. Which seems odd because when I went to bed the 650 ish subs it had wernt rating it the often. It only had 20 likes and 1 dislike previously. I see nuke halloween got knocked down a star and the vostok recreation which worked its way up from 3 to 5 stars is now down to 2 stars. All the aim maps that had few ratings but were on the most popular page now have no stars. Curiously, cyber city hide and seek has 1000 more positive ratings and hasnt been affected by this dislike wave. Anyway this was obviously a mass bot downvote wave, does anyone know if Valve actually goes through and deletes the dislikes or is it going to be permanent?
  15. fewseb

    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    Overview This is Sonora, a map ive been working on since February of 2018. Its been a rough ride during this maps development. I had hoped to have this map out in 6-8 months but now 18 months later its finally out. Nearly every location in this map has gone through 2 or 3 redesigns as I improved in skill, the map had been ready for release at least 3 times before some out of know where setback or bug would delay it. Location The map is set in the American southwest, specifically in Arizona. I chose this location because I feel it is very under-represented in Video games and when it is, it is often displayed in harsher desert areas without much love shown to the more Touristy- upper middle class areas. I chose to set the map with the sun setting do to similar reasons. I find not a lot of maps are set in definite American environments either and this aims to try and capture a more genuine "American" feel to it. Layout The layout is based off the renown de_mill layout. While very obviously not the same as the original, the map is more of a hybrid of all the positive improvements from the numerous off shoots and variations of the original layout that have cropped up over the years (Except that one by you know who). I know remakes arnt everyone's favorite thing on mapcore but I chose to do this for 2 main reasons. First being Mill and its offshoots have been asked to be remade by players for nearly CSGOs entire life span, Second my first released map was often criticized for a poor layout and cover and I agreed with that. I took this remake as a learning experience to see what works and what doesnt as well as seeing past mistakes of other mappers. This map isnt just a hybrid of all the positive additions to the original, it contains many new ideas ive thrown into the mix which I believe will work well. Description Story Select Screenshots Radar Overview In closing, I want everyone to know I am very open to feedback and criticism as I aim to make this map the best it can be. Feel free to say what ever you feel about the map and ill almost definitely take that into consideration. Workshop Screenshot Album Action Screenshot Album
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