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  1. fewseb


    Excellent work as always, you're definitely one of the top artists in the community.
  2. Well if they didnt have the redbull logo anywhere and made their maps from scratch and didnt call it redbull flick and recreated the game mode from scratch, not somehow reusing any scripting. There isnt really anything redbull could do. All they own is their logo, the maps (presumably) and the name Redbull Flick. If they owned the code and could some how prove that Rockstar ripped some of it to use in their own derivative version thats about the only angle they could come at. Again, you cant copyright gamerules. Say it was called Rockstar's flip tournament and its their own original maps and code with no assets from the original, then you cant legally claim its not theirs. Despite everything being identical in all by name, its still Rockstar's because they made it from scratch.
  3. Yes individual assets are protected by copyright law. However even if you near perfectly recreate an asset from scratch, that asset is still yours because you made it from scratch. Exceptions are using or recreating copyrighted logos or sounds. For instance the playstation 2 startup sound is well known, unique and made from scratch so sony was able to copyright it. So even if you recreated that sound from scratch, if you used it in as a startup sound for your console or even a menu in the game, sony could argue that you have infringed their copyright. However if you used your recreation of that sound for say a gunshot, then sony would have a harder time arguing that you have infringed their copyright. The less similar it sounds to the original and the farther away from its original use the harder it is to argue infringement. It should be noted that sounds of generic quality, like footstep sounds and gunshot sounds are harder to claim copyright because of how common those sounds are in the real world. Even the iconic awp sound is still too generic of a sound to claim copyright. Even fictional bullet sounds made from scratch are hard to claim because they are presented in game as generic sound effects.
  4. The Name, the Characters and trade marked words. Half Life, Gorden Freeman and Vortigaunt are all trade marked by Valve. You can not make a Half life game that is called Half Life and has characters from Half Life because those are protected by law. However, if you wanted to make a game that is basically just Half Life, nothing stops you from having a silent protagonist with nearly the same loadout of weapons go through an underground research facility in New Mexico fighting aliens and the military. That game just cant be called Half Life and cant feature any characters, fictional items or organizations from Half Life. What happens in games and game modes in multiplayer games are far to nebulous a concept to be able to patent. For instance, Valve created the payload gamemode in TF2, but Overwatch used the exact same concept 6 years later and even called it payload. Valve clearly invented it first, but because pushing a thing in a game until you win is way too broad of a concept to be applicable as a trademark, they dont own the gamemode. Even the term payload is too generic to be trademarked. Even Counter Strikes defuse gamemode which is a very specific set of game rules that have to be applied a certain way to function could not be patented because it is too loose of a concept.
  5. The location is the most interesting thing theyve shown so far, southwest US towns and cities are very under utilized for game locations, especially for open world games. Its a good way to set this new series of Saints Row games apart from the old ones with their colder industrial mid-western cities. Though its really going to be a let down if they contrive this setting to be an Island, like they did in past games I got to ask why developers post "location trailers" that are 70% talking heads, cut with blink and you miss it shots of only the majors areas. Surely it would be cheaper and less effort to just make a trailer about the actual location in depth without all the pretend interviews. IOI did the same thing with Hitman 3 and really undersold the locations doing so. Even still though, the game looks good so far.
  6. Theres a certain argument to be made that without the original team there, its going to be a very hollowed out game. Dead Space is one of those series that really only worked as well as it did because of a few people with a vision and a passionate team. Case and point being Dead Space 3 is the least liked of the series and it had a large amount of meddling behind the scenes by higher ups. The people with the vision kept getting road blocked so the share holders could be happy. So now a lot of people think its going to be a worse Dead Space 3. But at the same time, EA has learned a lot in the last 8 years, so its not necessarily doomed. Another point to bring up is according to the rumor mill, Visceral saw the writing on the wall and did everything they could to kill the franchise with the final DLC for Dead Space 3. After that the studio got put on death row, working on battlefield until they were inevitably shut down in 2017. They knew they were on the chopping block and didnt want EA to continue the franchise without them. So a remake, no matter how good it is, can be argued that it goes against the original dev teams intentions. Even still, its a bit too early to tell where the game is going.
  7. There is an option to auto grab in the gameplay settings. I will say if your not interested in it by the time you unlock the other 2 planets your probably not going to be very interested in anything else. But if you do keep going the enemies and the planets themselves do become more varied and interesting to fight/explore and it can become a fun gameplay loop if you can get used to how it handles.
  8. Definitely a large improvement over the original. When you compare two versions it really shows how fast youve progressed over the past year. Everything that was lacking in the original has been addressed. Colors are more uniform and refined, props all match a single style and the whole map feels more cohesive. Even the map logo is a major show of improvement in your skill. Considering how far youve come in so little time, it will be interesting to see around a year from now just how much more your skills have grown. I think you definitely have a bright future with both mapping and environment art.
  9. Is there ever going to be farcry where someone other then the main villain has good voice acting?
  10. Its better on mobile now, but im seeing a lot less on desktop. Like its zoomed in. This is what I see when I open mapcore Trying to zoom out just dynamically spaces things out instead of shrinking it. I dont have any screenshots of the old version, but I used to be able to see Game-Dev, Off-Topic, Prodeus and Source 2 without having to scroll down or zoom out. I dont really see why it has to be so zoomed in or why topics and posts are slightly more spaced out.
  11. Ive updated Sawmill today with some additions and fixes. Im still working on improving FPS but its hard for to test for improvements since my PC doesnt run any map very well, so if you experience any noticeable boosts in FPS please let me know. -Added overhead cables -Added Cobwebs -Changed gascan texture -Changed wood tarp texture -Fixed missing chain texture -Fixed missing faces on log holder -Fixed gascan console spam -Fixed bomb stuck spots (thanks KETAL) -Fixed Ivey hiding spot -Removed inverted sign from forklift -Optimization WORKSHOP
  12. [WORKSHOP LINK] Sawmill 1.0 is now avaible on the workshop, its been a long journey and now I have finally got something to show for it. I couldnt have gotten this far without mapcores playtest service which helped make the map grow stronger. I will continue to update the map after the contest is over with everything I didnt manage to get done before the deadline. Radar Overview Select Screenshots Description and credits
  13. The verticality is interesting, the random parkour jumps are not. So much of the map is designed around climbing up to the upper most levels and being exposed from all angles. The benefit is obviously that you can see most of the map. However this isnt really all that fun. You either die trying to climb and now youve wasted your life for that round, or you get up there and get assaulted by someone else who made it to the high levels much quicker. If you do get up there and dont die you then get free rain on anyone taking the main paths down below, who have to deal with all the angles they are exposed to down there, and now have to deal with some guy on one of the half dozen roosts taking pot shots at them. Its high risk, high reward but its not actually all that rewarding and being on the receiving end is frustrating. The map also feels stretched, like all the buildings are way to tall, I feel like a lot of the issues with fall damage could be resolved by compressing the buildings height. The map goes in out of being in proportion with players. Theres way to many areas that you can get onto, but have no way of getting off of without taking fall damage. The fastest way to get to upper a when your under it is to climb up the scaffold and jump onto the signpost, which takes health away. That is also assuming you dont get killed in midair or fail the jump and lose a massive amount of health. Planting on B is just bizarre, the bottom zone would seem to make more sense then the top, but somehow your more exposed planting on the bottom. This is mainly because all the plant cover protects against the main t paths, meaning you have to secure the area outside of b main in order to get a safe plant. Meanwhile outside of being on one of the roosts, theres virtually nothing a ct can do to stop a plant on the top zone. And once its there, the fastest way for cts to get up there is to climb the 2 giant ladders and make a jump which has a fair chance of failure. Not only a ladders poor for gameplay in general, but having 2 long ones with no cover for the occupant is just not fun. Theres a whole lot of useless stuff that doesnt really need to be in the map. The entire water area, the exit tunnel on the back of train yard, that pier looking place off to the side of docks. The most bizarre of them though is the crate with a plank ramp right in front of t spawn. The only purpose I can think of is that youre meant to do a run boost to get onto the catwalk, but thats not all that worth it or useful when the main entrance to the building that catwalk goes to is right next to the crate. I guess its meant for if someone is watching the main entrance so you can sneak up on them, but theyll hear you do the run boost and the landing sound. And lastly I really got to ask, what was your plan here? You came here and said you wanted to make a cs map by first making the layout in forge and some people dismissed it, some people thought it was neat. Then months later you come in guns blazing and start calling out everyone here for one reason or another because they arnt "innovating enough". Then you revealed to us that your making a cs map, having never played the game, having never seen anything substantial about it and having never worked it with the editor before but its somehow going to be the most competitive map ever. Every time someone with experience tried to give you feedback or constructive criticism you dismissed it because you know better? Whats the point in continuing to ignore everyone trying to extend an olive branch to you and help you improve? Why keep coming here if youre just going to keep sticking your head in the sand? Did you think you could just walk over everyone else and just crap out the best thing ever with no experience? You cant say you can compose better then any every other established composer just because you watched some videos on how music is written without ever having played an instrument and never going to a concert. And you cant act like your first map made in an editor you've never used before, in a game youve never played before is going to better then anything thats come before it. Other people have pointed this out, but this map could be turned into something interesting by just trimming a lot of the fat and moving the spawns and sites. Listen to them so your map can go somewhere thats actually unique and not just uniquely bad. I hope you take their advice and change the map for the better.
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