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  1. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    New map bad, Tuscan/Cache/Cobble/Dust 1/Aztec good -Very loud people Im hoping valve will remake the city scape, looking pretty blurry for how close it is.
  2. fewseb

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    The stair area overall isnt that big of a gameplay area. Its serves as a way for Ts t get to the area of conflict just ahead. (see picture) CTs arnt going to get to the stair area faster then the Ts ever. CTs are most likely to hold back on the exits to the area of conflict or stay on their side. Its not as important as the hallway in Santorini The noise difference is mainly for two things. 1. The metal_grate landing sound effect is louder then the concrete landing sound, and more distinctive, if the cts can push up, they may be able to hear a lurker or an awper thats trying to speedily get to their best peak spot. Very situational though. 2. In the event that the ts rotate back through the stair well (see picture) a ct in the area of conflict would be able to push up and listen for them. In this scenario, having quieter and louder materials is good for both detecting the amount of enemies and as well as their positions. I do agree that the bottom of the stairs do look fairly unwelcoming, this was the first time I compiled for that area and have since changed some things around and added ply wood boards. Though gameplay is obviously the most important, the unfinished stairs also served to help explain the stair area a little bit better in relation to whats going on in the map. Id like to have been able to provide more context as to where everything is as well as the changes ive made to the stairs, however thats currently not possible, as ive run into a little bit of a snag where the game hard crashes the second bots/players load into the map (speaking off, does anyone know why that might be?) so ive tried my best to explain with this screenshot
  3. fewseb

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    They appear to generally only do that in public areas where there will be a lot more wear and tear, from what I can tell private and domestic concrete stairs are either made in a mold or with concrete bricks stacked on top of each other, with a mortar finished put on the tops front sides.
  4. fewseb

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Before and after for some stairs leading from T-spawn to a main area of conflict. The idea between the two separate stairs is that the farther side is more advantageous for Ts to peak with, but makes more noise when running, while the concrete side is quieter but gives the cts the advantage when peaking. The right side was originally a bunch of metal grate textures and basic geometry, with a low res brick filling beneath. I managed to find a comprehensive guide on how concrete stairs are actually made and got around to reworking the right side as metal rebar used to reinforce the eventual concrete, with a plywood base. The rebar work was left unfinished as to explain why one side was already pored and set, while the other was still exposed.
  5. fewseb

    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    Interesting use of a cinematic type ending, does it only play for the VIP or does every player stop have to watch the take off?
  6. fewseb

    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    Head Quarters COOP STRIKE and VAULT COOP Strike by Moffien, personally I would contact their make Moffien to just ask him directly, he knows more about the coop strike gamemode and how the heavy armor works then anybody. Additionally you should contact CTX, hes been making coop and other off-shoot gamemodes since 2014, he knows a lot about all the obscure entities, and has used the heavy armor without hud in some of his more recent maps. You can find both of them by searching coop on the workshop and sorting it by highest rated all time.
  7. fewseb

    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    They way valve implements the heavy assault suit into the coop gamemode allows for the hud filter to be turned off, as well as the voice distortion. Ive seen community maps that arnt coop gamemode but use the heavy assault suit without hud tint. Additionally, though weapon speed might be a problem, if the VIP is only using pistols I dont see that much of problem, all pistols allow you to run at 240 units a second, the knife is 250 not that big of a difference since those are the only weapons he can use. The voice pitch shouldnt mater much unless your making him a sub-class of an existing faction, and even still it will make it easier to hear the VIPs status if their using radio commands. As for implementation, I would try and play round with having the heavy assault suit be item be randomly spawn on the player who is selected to be the vip, through the same methods as the selection process.
  8. fewseb

    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    Im not really seeing anything different between the one in the picture and an in game version, Im not really sure how bad their posing couldbe either, considering they use the exact same animations et as the rest of the t-models, clipping issues are not great either, but almost every faction has them somewhere. Basically I need red circles and arrows along with a 5 page explanation of what I should be looking for.
  9. fewseb

    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    How different? I ask because there are 2 different sets of models for each faction, one set is a legacy set left over from before the 2015 animation and hitbox update. the older legacy set is under models\player\tm_professional.mdl The new set currently used for old an updated models is models\player\custom_player\legacy\tm_professional.mdl
  10. fewseb

    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    The solution for above 100 armor would be to use heavy armor, just without the speed reduction and hud filter. Valve made it possible to dynamically change heavy armor when they released coop_cementplant on the workshop. Also, while editing the heavy ct model with a t-face is a good place holder, if you wanted to have the VIP look similar to the old cs game id recommend editing one of the professional models. Add on the bullet proof vest from the danger zone jump suit models, maybe the helmet as well. Alternately if you want to maintain the heavy armor look to explain the VIPs higher health and armor, editing down the extra padding on the heavy armor and changing some colors would do better to distinguish it from the regular heavy ct model.
  11. fewseb

    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Trailers a big eeehhhh, for me dog
  12. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    First of all, holy shit could you not with all the the spaces. Second, CT faction is literally the easiest one to choose, What country if your map set in? In or around France? GIGN In or around Germany? GSG-9. Israel, IDF, The British Isles or the EU? SAS South America, Japan, Canada or Military bases in America? Seal Team 6 If it set in America is it meant to be a fast response? If so use the swat team, is it crime related or a hostage situation, use the FBI. You should know where your map is set way before you start detailing it, so that you know which factions your going to be using so that you can detail around their color palettes and visibility.
  13. fewseb

    Love,Death & Robots (Netflix)

    We stand here, we die here! It has been a honor! Secret War best short, dont @ me.
  14. fewseb

    Yard {remake of cpl_mill}

    I bet its nice when half of the responses on reddit were telling you that the visuals weren't good enough (despite you saying multiple times its a work in progress) and that it would never make into the faceit hub looking like it is (despite already being in the faceit hub) Aside from that, good work on the map so far, I hope you'll retain the orange-yellow in the color scheme when you get around to the art pass. May the best map win
  15. fewseb

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I dont think mm games would be very fun if people could just surrender as soon as they start losing, ive personally never experienced the gun reset bug on DM can you explain?. Also while I agree on clipping, I dont really expect much considering even after they updated Office and clipped the main stairs, most of the side stairs and crawl areas are still unclipped, its bizarre they dont have an eye for that sutff yet. Also, nice to see HLTV and Reddit are already having a meltdown about the -Cache +Vertigo change. Best part alot of the players are using the 1.6 version of Vertigo as their reason for why the map shouldnt be in the active duty.