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  1. My entry for the contest de_grotto, as you might expect, takes place in a grotto, one half is set in a cave portion of it, while the other is set out in the open with a surrounding structure related to the grotto. I first though of the theme/idea of this map a few months after the 2017 contest ended and see it as a chance to redeem myself for the failures in my 2017 contest entry de_vermeil, most notably the awful displacement mountain and rocks that were made improperly and looked awful as a result. The cave system will prove challenging but I believe I now have the skill required to take on such a large undertaking. The biggest failure however, with my previous map had to be bombsite A which was notably bland in both gameplay and theme, while cave theming will prominent in bombsite B of this map, bombsite A's theming has yet to finalized and a lot of placeholder blockwork is present. Im not yet ready to reveal the overall theme of de_grotto as it is still very early and I may find something I like better, but I think I currently have a concept that will set it apart from the other exotic maps in this competition. My current focus is on the greybox and making a competent layout that doesnt heavily rely on the dust2 formula (another failure of my previous map) Early Overview Bombsite A is in red while B is in Blue, the cts start at the bottom and Ts at the top right. Currently I feel as though the b portion of the map is pretty decent, but im not so sure about the a side, and I suspect it will be the area that sees the most change before the end of the greybox stage Bombsite A Bombsite B Early theme blockout
  2. Man I see zool fixed the SAS accent but still has the IDF accent as Arabic, also, again, the SAS use Black Hardknuckle gloves not blue PLS fix thx
  3. Also the SAS use the black hardknuckle and have Scottish accents
  4. This map is now banned in china
  5. The IDF have an Israeli accent on account of them being from Israel The jumpsuit player models dont appear have voice lines, at least not ones that function in game
  6. Oh im well aware of how much FMPONE "borrowed" from existing models to make his Arctic Avengers, im hoping one day we might see new player models that are made from scratch as opposed to being a patchwork of existing Valve models, but thats easier said then done.
  7. That player model in particular isnt that custom from the looks of it, pants and boots are from the separatists, the shirt and vest are from the new phoenix, the head is from FBI_model_variant_c, beret might be custom but it looks like the one from FMPONE's arctic avengers
  8. I believe exotic doesnt mean you have to set youre map somewhere jungley or out of the ordinary, I think its more a way of saying if you do de_dust/inferno/nuke/cobblestone or literally any stock map for a theme, you will lose points for that, so dont be making any Inferno theme spin offs or lame dust copys. I assume it also unfortunately means you cant have your map just be a grey warehouse full of crates either, oh wait no thats a good thing to.
  9. The new drone upgrade for Dangerzone is the funnest thing ive ever seen in DZ, the amount of times ive activated the self destruct on it and its forced people out of their camping spots is unreal, half the time people will run up to it thinking its a new crate and get burned by the fire explosion. I also ruined a final fight between 2 of the last squads by forcing one team out of their hiding spot then fire bombing the bridge next to them so they couldn't escape. I though this would be the lamest of the big upgrades but its the best.
  10. One would assume the VIP is randomly selected every round, would suck to be the gimped player every round.
  11. No shut up, now here is my great idea, COOP 4 person horde shooter set in the Predator/Alien Universe. The aliens run at you and melee you, the predators have guns that shoot perhaps? IDK ill leave that to the geeks in gave development. You and 3 friends walk up to highlighted objects and stop and press e for about 30 seconds and then something will happen, do that about 30 times and you win, well have unlockable skins for the guns, have new epic alien types, ill also see about digging Sigourney Weaver from her crypt so she can voice the mission giver and record about 30 lines of dialogue total. Nolan North voices Troy Baker doing his best Nathan Drake impression for Playable Character #1, Playable Character #2 is a person of African decent, those are hip with the kids these days, they should also be voiced by Nolan North, Playable Character #3 is a gruff old man aged 40, voiced by Troy Baker, he smokes, thats his whole character. Playable Character #4 is of course a new female character who looks likes a rip off of Ripley from Alien but isnt actually Ripley but dont tell anyone or else they wont buy the game, she is also voice by Nolan North. We are expecting to sell about 1 Billion units, if we dont, we will shut down this whole division and fire everyone, also you have 6 months to make this game.
  12. What happens to the VIP player in this situation, do they die and go to spectate or are they stuck not being able to move while they sit and get picked up?
  13. Hence the (pending) by Attorney
  14. Its like 2012 4k, 4 thousands pixels but not that great of a resolution, its also a triple hand-me down camera so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the picture quality was lost from wear and tear.
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