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  1. fewseb

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Ah okay, that makes sense now, I thought the "highway" looked a little narrow but that explains it,
  2. fewseb

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    What country / region is this map supposed to be set in, I ask because weird things like the crashed helicopter and seemingly broken highway overpass, seem to indicated that it would be somewhere in a third-world country, which would really make me question why people in a war-torn land would build a big ass statue in the middle of a desert.
  3. fewseb

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Nit-picky thing, but that T-logo on your radar image hasnt been used since 2012
  4. fewseb

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Dude just because your map had bad design decisions that most beginners make, doesn't mean you have to harass this guy for pointing out the obvious, id also argue you cant rightfully say the layout doesn't allow for teamwork when as far I can tell, you've never play tested the map.
  5. fewseb

    [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    Hey Grapen, I noticed you didn't include a kv file with Chalice, so it just defaults to a single seal team 6 and phoenix model. Im not sure if you had one made and forgot to include it or if you forgot to make it.
  6. fewseb

    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Are the crate on the bombsite place holder or final? It seems strange to me that a map set in a trailer park that there would be weapon shells and large crate of something flammable just sitting around on some planks. Given that there a number of propane tanks in the game, I think they would be a more appropriate target for this map.
  7. fewseb

    The random model thread!

    Yeah, I just thought it would be fun to try and make a convincing model with only editor tools, I know you can get way more detailed with real software, but this is more of a fun challenge for myself.
  8. fewseb

    The random model thread!

    Im currently working on a firetruck for an work in progress CSGO map, the fire truck itself is being modeled using basic geometry and will eventually be converted into a prop using propper. I think it has turned out well for being made in a just the editor In game In editor
  9. fewseb

    de_Balta (WIP)

    De_Balta is a csgo map ive been working on since November, while its pretty far into detailing, ive become creatively blocked with some of the remaining areas and think that the map could use some community feedback. Right now the map feels small to me, that was one of the main criticisms for my previous map and as such im trying to avoid that being a negative to this map. The theme, which I will not reveal quite yet, is going to very unique in my opinion, however I need to know if I have conveyed it well enough at this early stage before moving on to the large detailing in outside areas. Im mainly wondering 1. Is the theme confusing or uninteresting? 2. Does the map seem to small or not that fun 3. Does the map feel too open or too enclosed in certain areas? If anyone has an ideas on how this map might be improve this map, please let me know. Overview Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/9Dj9q Workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1296601753
  10. fewseb


    To be fair, if went off the real life inspirations for the separatists, they could operate in Greece, they certainly match the theme as well.
  11. fewseb


    So this map is set in Greece, but both Italian and English police barriers are present at ct spawn, along with an American style police car, then the police on this map are supposed to be the British SAS? Granted the SAS work for this map, its just that they wouldn't be the police force Also, some of the stairs are really big, like too big. I dont know if this is inspired from real life, buts it odd when you just glide up huge stairs.
  12. fewseb


    I just walked from a site, to around the back entrance by the edge of the map around through the t-doors area and the counter-terrorists wins sound played, it might have been a game bug or something, but im just reporting it in case it is a map bug. There were still some T-bots alive and the bomb was planted right after the sound played.
  13. I asked this before but didn't get a response, is the judging process going to record/streamed so mappers can see all the criticisms that judges have or will it just be small write ups?
  14. fewseb

    de_vermeil [RELEASED]

    Last minute adjustment rush update -Optimization Overall -Added some more extra details -Added grenade markers to one way door and cave -Signs adjusted -Swat van in ct spawn adjusted to be more authentic Swat van comparison One way door comparison
  15. fewseb


    When I was playing Abbey, I walked from a-site to the wall next to the outside of the map to where Ts come from, into the double doors area and the Counter-terrorists wins sound played, im not sure if it is an odd bug or if its intentional.