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  1. @esspho Thank you very much for checking it out and for your feedback. A new update I've been working on for a few days now will address all your issues. Hopefully I'll get the update online this coming week.
  2. cl0sur3

    [CS:GO] aim_CERBERON

    Looks fun. Perfect art direction for an aim map. Judging from the screenshots, I'd say it looks a bit too red'ish? I'm not sure, I'll check it out in game asap.
  3. Friday evening we had a first play test. The game ended with a 15-15 score and overall good vibes. People said they had fun and liked the map, which was more then I could ever expect. Of course I also received feedback. One of the main problems with the map was that once T's took a site, it was very hard for CT's to retake. The cover on the sites wasn't really valuable, making T's push out the sites as soon as they planted the bomb. Since rotation was also a bit slow on this map, this caused firefights in unexpected spots and CT's feeling like they didn't stand a chance to retake (even th
  4. Hi guys, As I wait for a first play test to happen, I make progress on the more "artistic" side of the mapmaking. This is very important to me, to explore what kind of atmosphere I want the map to have. While I've never been to Malta and I certainly wasn't around in the 60's, I daydream about life in Caligula, my fictitious place on the island. This doesn't involve any progress to the mapfile itself, I'm basically just shaping this place in my head. What was believable there, how was everyday life like? Even: what are the people like and what did they do? I try to use my imagination and w
  5. Hi all, I recently started working on Caligula, a classic 5v5 map for CS:GO. Caligula is set on the island of Malta in the 1960's. For this project I'm going for bright colors and great visibility. So far I worked on the main layout. I then slapped some textures on it, to define a mood and see how I can set this map apart from other maps with the usual "mediterranean" setting. I'm also playing around with my own dev textures this early, to spot any problems with visibility early on. The layout has not been playtested yet, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. This friday I'm d
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