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  1. What I really want to know is why, in the year 2020, are map makers still using that T-Logo on their overviews. That one was in the CSGO beta for all of 5 minutes before they replaced it with the current one. They made that change about 8 years ago so you would think this wouldnt keep happening.
  2. 1. Artifact isnt a mobile game, they thought they might try and port it, but didnt after it declined. 2. Underlords had a pretty significant and enthusiastic player-base that rapidly declined when Valve didnt update the game quick enough, thought it still has 10,000 players who seem to really like the game. We saw this exact same downer attitude when Valve announced L4D2, people on this very forum claimed they wouldnt release an SDK for it because they just wanted money. They announced portal 2, "oh they wont release an sdk because they love money". CSGO, same thing "oh they are trying to compete with COD and Battlefield, no SDK for us Valve is dead". Chances are, just like with left 4 dead 2, the SDK isnt ready for a public release. They have to work on a consumer version and make sure it runs well before they release it. People said the golden age of Valve was over when they release Ricochet, they said it was over when they released TF2, people thought Valve releasing another counter strike game was a cash grab and indicated the golden age was finally over. They are going to release HLA, they are going to make a few more VR games, then when they try to do something else you will see people claiming the golden age of valve is over. If they ever release HL3 people will claim its a cash grab and Valve is no longer the golden company. Assuming things you dont know just so you can be upset isnt a good way to live life. They wouldnt be adding steam workshop support if they didnt have an sdk planned.
  3. Hey I just played it and was wondering a couple things -Are the different voice lines indicative of different classes, I noted most of the shotgun soldiers have the deeper pitch and play more aggressive soundbytes. But at the same time some regular soldier used the pitched down voice lines? -Are the new voice lines just pitch down versions of the old ones or are they new in some way and were they also voiced by Mike Tsarouhas?
  4. Thats the whole point, nobody will play your map outside of maybe the faceit hub. You also get payed for youre work. The days where people would join random CSS servers and play anything are long over, the only way people are going to play your map is if it gets in the game.
  5. They usually do that once the contest is completely over
  6. Is the skeleton supposed to be a real skeleton? If so why is it in a giant metal container and why is twice as tall as players.
  7. Ok so I have 6 of them already, but should they extend across the entire map or can they be any size and still work?
  8. Change B to E. Agent lady is variant B where as previously that had been a default. All the defaults got pushed back so now you need an E instead of a B
  9. Yes, the skybox is as sealed as it can be without interfering with grenades. Ive got visclusters and area portals, hint and skip, the works. Alot of the props dont currently have fade distances which is what im working on now. Below ive posted some screenshots of the map with just its solids followed by that same area with displacements turned on. Is there something im missing here?
  10. Ive released a pretty large update today to improve performance and fix a lot of the shadow'd props. Ive also gotten some screenshots together among other things. Feedback of all kinds is much appreciated Overview Select Screenshots LINKS Workshop screenshots
  11. If you still had your test version up and linked on your topic it would technically count as entered, so if you updated that version you should "Theoretically" be fine but its up to the judges.
  12. Alright all I have for now is the entry link, screenshots and other things will come in a few days. (it may take a while for the latest version to approve https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1985282354 im aware of the dark props and other bugs, I just had to get this version out for the entry.
  13. ehhh, I wouldnt lose all hope. last time Serious made it to top 10 despite being nothing but grey box and text infos. If the judges think you have an interesting theme int he making and fun gameplay they might be inclined to put it in the top ten to see what you can do in a month.
  14. I just realized while playing around on it that even though you have the custom SAS models, you seem to have not set the T-side models since its just the same 1 phoenix variant over and over again.
  15. I didnt say it was, Its just chlorine evokes a certain feel that I dont think is presented in the map, dont get me wrong the ascetic is cool I just think it could be cooler with more Chlorine related things. I just think the theme overall could use some more definition. Its way more Aztec then theme park and its very confusing to look at because of that.
  16. This map doesnt even feel very theme park ish, its like he was going for Aztec then at the last secant decided it should also be a theme park so its not just an Aztec theme. The out of bounds areas and lighting make it seem like its just an aztec temple with random slides and deflated floaties tossed around. Despite being called Chlorine I find very little in the map that goes along with this, theres like 2 yellow tarps and 1 chlorine tank at each bombsite. One of which isnt even in the plant area. There are no signs saying what the park is, theres no trinket stores or food stands. Its just Aztec temple with some water slides and trash thrown on it. Honestly if you threw players into the map without any context I wouldnt be surprised if it took them a few rounds to figure it was actually a theme park.
  17. You really want to go there? People here want to have a discussion about HL Alyx and of course the one and only you have to say ruins the discussion for a while. Happens every time because you always seem to post over-dramatic stuff that completely derails whats going on. You could be a lot more neutral and a lot more sensible with your concerns about the SDK. Instead you decided Valve is a lying shadow corporation that for some reason despises its users and wants to mess with them. The reality with the SDK is, they need to test it first to make sure it works well before they fully release. Same thing has happened with every new game that uses a new version of source.
  18. I think they want to avoid people being able to say "my map is better then that map" Hence why they dont release the ratings. Though I to found it hard to get feedback from the judges last time. out of the 4, 2 responded to me, one with in depth feedback and the other with a few sentences. Another Read my message and never responded at all while the final one got around to sending me pretty in depth feedback when his schedule cleared up. While obviously it would be more work, a small document showing how your map scored according to each judge and some feed-back would be nice (maybe a pros and cons section), you could request it for your own map and choose to share it with others if you want.
  19. You say that as if this forum has 200+ posts a day and most of them are people complaining they have to crunch. In reality mapcore gets pretty dead late into competitions since everyone is doing testing on their entrant and not posting other projects.
  20. You forgot to include a kv file for the map, you may think that is insignificant but as it stands the default ST6 CT player models are camo green and dark grey which blends in with a lot of your map.
  21. Thank you, the graffiti is just a place holder for a currently unfinished mosaic.
  22. Ive updated the beta version today, there will hopefully be a playtest soon. B side is lagging behind visually but other then that I think its come a long way in a short time span. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1915402320 B site A site Middle CT spawn T Spawn Current Overview
  23. id argue condition zero is the worst, considering its just worse 1.6, more bugs and less polish
  24. fewseb

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Is that not just the same theme as the original CSGO dust2, there's only so far you can go with the war torn middle eastern city theme.
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