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  1. After some more testing and a few fairly major layout changes, I'm finally going to allow myself to split time 50/50 layout and detailing. A site was rightfully described as 'uninspired' in earlier versions, so the entire area so has been completely overhauled, taking reference from the Makupa Fruit and Vegetable market in Mombassa, Kenya: I've branched out to include other locations from sub-saharan Africa in my references, but the primary influence still comes from my initial theme locations, the cities of Freetown and Bo in Sierra Leone: Lazy Man No Chop has some new nei
  2. Still needs a lot of polishing, but finally have an updated version pending on the workshop. Rough walkthrough video below: Once I remember to fix all my visible nodraws and other obvious mistakes, I'd like to do some more testing in the coming weeks in order to hopefully, finally, call it a wrap on the layout and move on to detailing. I do realize I'm saying that pretty much every update, but, something something you have to believe it yourself first before you can achieve it.
  3. Thanks for having a look! I don't know how much more work I'll put into the cs_ version as I've invested so much in the de_ map now. I'd love to get custom player models at some point, but at the moment that's way above my technical knowledge. I remember awhile back someone linking a hostage map *Edit: cs_ivory by @Quotingmc and @Quadratic* set in South Africa that had custom CT models as local police. I think something like that would really fit well. I'm working on some pretty dramatic changes after being rather humbled in a playtest last week. Graveyard area has been simplified and sig
  4. After running a few playtests last week, I've made corrections in response to all the feedback. Thanks again to everyone who joined the test. A big complaint was about the openness of Graveyard and a lot of the wide weird angles that had to be covered. I've tried to address this by smoothing out the excavator angle, covering up the ditch ramp, adding a high-lo route to the T entrance, which really narrowed down the entire area. The faster interior areas have also been adjusted to (hopefully) remove that OP hold point for CTs. Alternate angle: B site has also gotte
  5. Haven't updated this thread but there has been progress in the last two months. Turns out I was a little optimistic about 'fine tuning and detailing'. After struggling with the routing on the cs_ version after the second playtest, I've started working on a de_ version of sapper that feels like it's coming along a lot more naturally. All of the brushing is extremely rough at the moment, but I've uploaded a test version to the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2377882072 Graveyard to A site: B Site: Radar and flyover:
  6. cs_sapper is the third project I've put serious effort in since picking up Hammer as a coronamapper this past spring. Since July, it's gone through a good handful of iterations, but I think it's now at a stage where the layout is mostly finalized and I can move onto fine-tuning and detailing: Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029 I wanted to make a hostage map since the majority of the focus seems to be on de_ maps. That said, the original idea did start as a defuse, but the only surviving features of those early designs is the l
  7. Since the wingman contest has ended I've been working on a new greybox of cs_sapper, a hostage map loosely based around the city of Bo, Sierra Leone. This is now the 9th iteration of the map layout since July. I've learned my lessons from the judge's feedback on de_dozen and from previous attempts at brushing out this map, so the focus is on layout and gameplay this time around. I don't expect any of this to remain exactly as it is, but here's where it's at currently: Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/TNKtgTH This version is way too rough to consider playtesting a
  8. wazeecha

    [CS:GO] Coverup

    I miss the giant tentacles But seriously looks great, looking forward to testing it out.
  9. wazeecha

    Maginot [Wingman]

    Cool theme I like the whole WWII revisited aesthetic. As far as detailing, I find it easier to stay motivated by jumping around between different areas as I get ideas. On the other hand, I think this also led me to go a bit overboard in some places while overlooking more practical optimization/gameplay work that needed to be done. There's still almost two full months, and if you've got all that done in 3 weeks, seems like you should be on track to finish in time working at your current pace.
  10. Since finishing Dozen I started blocking out a new project, for now called 'Sapper'. I originally drew this as a 5v5 defuse but as I blocked out the first two versions I started to gravitate towards a hostage map. cs_ doesn't get much love anyway, so why not. I'm still pretty far away from having anything to playtest on, but can you see any glaring issues with the direction it's headed so far? Rough timings are indicated based on the shortest route (Except for the CT time in I-1, that came following the low route on the far right side). T timings are likely a second too fast as I didn't h
  11. Finished up some clipping adjustments and other final tweaks. Dozen is now in full release! Thanks to the playtesting group for feedback and for everyone else following along. This will be my last update in this thread. I've got some ideas floating around for a new project, so new a thread is likely coming in the future. de_Dozen (Rel v1.0)
  12. Playtesting on Sunday revealed some pretty serious clipping and collision issues I had totally overlooked to this point, so the past few days have been spent checking through all of my props, sending about 1/4 of them to the trash bin, and removing physics from another half of them. That, along with other changes made based on feedback from the playtest, seemed like enough major changes to bump the beta version to 3.0, and allowed me to write one of the more entertaining changelogs I've done so far: v3.0 Beta: -Major clipping and collision improvements -Added skylights and removed exc
  13. Took a break from hammer this morning in order to make a hype video. Because 80% of making a map is marketing, right?
  14. Completely ignoring what I said two days ago about not posting more updates until the final version is ready--- Kind of a major change here. Blocked off the top of machine and mostly hid the refrigeration unit. When testing this myself, I always felt that it was a super awkward location. I'm hoping that fencing it off will steer gameplay towards the big jump coming from long, or more rotations through the loading dock double doors.
  15. The remaining work has turned into testing, fixing, detailing, repeat. So updates are coming a bit more quicker now but with a little less content each time. I'm on beta v2.3 at the moment, and I'm hoping to have a full release by version 3.0. I don't expect any more major changes to the map, so this will likely be my last post here until the final release. A few minor improvements this time around but I think everything is starting to look a lot more put together. The most noticeable improvement is the interior lighting in Village (chicken cages) and Office. Now you can actually s
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