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  1. That was precisely my inspiration for the map! So cool you picked up on that. People keep thinking it's an oil rig (understandably), but it's actually an ocean decontamination facility. One of the objectives with the new art will be to better communicate this theme. The plant rate has been pretty decent, but I'd like to improve it even more . The fear of the long flank outside seems to encourage CTs to spread out and get early intel, which leads to pretty dynamic rounds with a lot of push and pull. CTs rarely play on the plant-zone proper (as intended), but the fear that they could be
  2. Kokopelli


    This map looks like straight fire. Absolutely brilliant work! It has SO much character and all the environments feel so fresh.
  3. New Horizons Offshore will be getting a makeover with fresh textures and models to further realize the theme and set it apart from other maps in CS:GO (ahemNUKEahem). I'll be running playtests in tandem and going through the layout with a fine tooth comb to make sure gameplay is as polished as can be. Here's a look at the current state of gameplay. Timings (Fastest timings from spawn shown above.) Design Intent One of the most common criticisms of the wingman mode is that planting the bomb doesn't matter enough. My attempt at a solution was to creat
  4. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] aim_temple

    Nice! Congrats on finishing your first project. I checked it out and it looks nice—has a very pleasant mood. Gameplay looks perfectly fine too. I honestly wouldn't change much at all. Like some of the textures are low res / stretched out but it's disguised fairly well and pretty unnoticeable while playing. The stone walls could use some broken bits around the edges to give it a more natural look, but I don't know if you even want that for an aim map. I kinda like the 1.6 crispness of the angles :D.
  5. The crawl space under the bus is really cool. Love the whole vibe of the map. It has a lot of character. Nice job!
  6. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    UPDATE PREVIEW BALANCING CT SIDE After last week's playtest I've been working hard on refining the A site and the pathing around it. CTs were feeling overwhelmed and so the focus has been on improving defense for the CTs. What seemed to be causing the most issues for CTs was the A mid/mid connector area. For Ts, although the angles could be cleared one by one, it proved to be too impractical. But for the CTs it was even worse because they could be so easily overrun by T rushes and were punished for extending. So I closed off the entrance to connector from A mid.
  7. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Thanks all for your input. Made some gameplay improvements to the map based on reviewing demos and playtester feedback. Feeling good about these changes. I think they address the core issues and improve the logic of the map. Let's see how the next playtest goes this week. CHANGE NOTES [A SITE] Moved plant zone to truck Reworked truck shape to eliminate headshot angles when a player is on top Moved boostable propane cannisters to side of truck to eliminate headshot angle Widened A main and added boostable crates near warehouse entrance
  8. Just ran around this and I have to say this is very well done. The visuals are superb and I love the serene mood the lighting produces. I also like how there is just enough detail to make the environment look nice, but not cluttered. And despite having such moody lighting, visibility is great. There really is a lot of good craftsmanship on display here. In regard to the layout, it's quite unique and has good logic. The only thing that seemed a bit iffy is the area with all the stairs—seems like there are some angles were you can spot someone's feet first and that could potentially be frus
  9. Just released the official trailer for Offshore. Check it out!
  10. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Offshore

    Offshore is my entry to the 2020 Source Engine Wingman Mapping Contest. This map takes place on an offshore decontamination facility. Play It Now I began this project with the idea of creating a map that would support multiple games modes in which each game mode would be played on a different floor/area of the map. Eventually I scrapped that layout and decided to take the theme and build out a wingman map instead. Since a few months had already gone by since the contest was announced, my goal for this project was to leverage existing assets to create a fresh ex
  11. If a map isn't intuitive, it's bad design. If by the end of a match players still haven't figured out where the encounters points are, it's bad design. If players need to watch a video to understand how to properly play it, it's bad design. Mark Rosewater, the lead designer of MTG coined a game design philosophy that I think applies to all types of competitive games: lenticular design. It's the idea of creating something that on the surface is seemingly simple but as players understand it more they become more complex. This approach produces designs that have depth while also creating an
  12. You really hit the nail on the head, @csWaldo . My initial impressions of the map are that it's extremely open and has too much height variance for players to manage. It all looks way too unpredictable. I imagine players will die to AWPs in really frustrating ways because they will be exposed from so many directions and at varying distances, many of which appear to be really long. The window that goes out onto the rooftop in particular seems dangerous as it exposes the player to so many angles around the entire map. Overall, there are too many angles—you're giving players a lot of freedom
  13. Kokopelli


    Looking spicy my dude. I like the unique take on the underground areas—offers something different from the other DZ maps and folds into the theme nicely rather than being an afterthought.
  14. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Yamaha

    Looks really nice and I love the mood. Even with the dark time of day it has a very pleasant feel to it. Nice work! You should get it playtested sooner rather than later, even if you don't have all the architecture thought out. At a glance, the map seems very open with a lot of long sight lines. It reminds me of Ruby in that regard and that was one of the map's biggest problems. The road that leads to B in particular seems like a daunting approach with little cover. It's also not clear to me how utility would be used to take the site. Maybe I'm not getting the full picture but that's my i
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