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  1. I live in LA and I can say you captured the setting very nicely.
  2. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Made some adjustments to the pathing at A Main. Before: After: I replaced the cubby on the right with a more deepened space so Ts could push out and be rewarded with a position closer to the site. I also added some grassy elevation and replaced the cubby on the left with boost-able cover. Now if Ts get smoked out, they can boost up from the top of the hill and work parts of the site. ------ On the B site, I added some angled doors to the Crypt entrances to make positions in and around it more playable. I also extended the plant zone to the back wall so Ts have a safer plant position. ------ Inside the Cathedral, I closed up the mezzanine here with some boarded up archways. I initially had it opened up for quicker rotations, but decided to close it up to give Ts some more safety and reduce some of the unnecessary open space on the map. Updated Radar Feeling like this will be ready for a playtest really soon. Probably one more update or two. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2098558153
  3. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    I moved the CT spawns back a bit to adjust the timings for the A routes. This had the side effect of making the CT timings to mid too fast. Then it occurred to me: why not just completely remove the route from CT spawn to mid? I was already trying to think of ways to avoid the archetypal CT sniper window at mid after all. This allowed me to simplify the CT side of the map, improving rotation speeds and making mid less hectic. Current Layout Now CTs can only reach mid from B site and from the middle connector. Since mid ends in a T-juncture, CTs must coordinate effectively from either side to secure mid control. If Ts gain control, the T-juncture provides adequate safety to function as a staging area for B site, while also enabling fakes/rotations to A site through the connector at the center of the map. At least that's the idea. And with that, here's a first glimpse of Cusco! B site T Spawn A Main T-Side of Mid CT Spawn CT-Side of Mid A Site CT-Side of Mid Alt route to A CT Spawn to B Site Check it out in the workshop and let me know what you think! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2098558153
  4. Kokopelli

    De_Despot [WIP]

    Looking better by the day. I'm glad you added that E-box so players can boost onto A site. The thought occurred to me while I was running around the map but forgot to mention.
  5. @Interfearance @The_Virus Yeah, those steps look like they are 16 units high. 8 Units height is more true to size and plays better. Cool environment though.
  6. Kokopelli

    De_Despot [WIP]

    I dig it. The timings are really tight and the map has a nice flow overall. Well done. Here are a few things I noticed that could be improved. Seems like the earliest pick a CT can get on this site is by sprinting to this position (7-8 seconds). The problem is the T gets better visibility of the CT. I imagine the T would win the encounter more often than the CT. I feel like there's too much brick going on throughout these tunnels, which kinda gives this feeling of not progressing. Could use some more texture to break up the repetition. Are CTs suppose to be able to see the legs of Ts standing here? I feel like those planks should extend and cover the whole length of the train. Or there could be a 32+ unit high elevation against the brick wall so Ts can avoid being seen at the cost of losing some mobility. This upper spot on the scaffolding is clipped off. There should be some visual representation of that, as it seems like a playable spot. You should rotate some of the CT spawns so that they are facing bombsite B. Took me awhile to discover the route to B site. There's also something about this route that makes me always want to go straight to bombsite A. Doesn't feel as tempting to make a right to mid. I feel like people are going to complain about this angle. There's a T right there and you can barely see him. Maybe just board that up. Most, if not all, of the T spawns didn't allow me to go up this ramp naturally, but instead had me jumping up to it. I see there's a ladder there, but it just felt a bit frustrating to tease me with the ramp. Is there a way to make it shorter so I can run up it from the start? That would feel more natural. This is one of the longest angles on the map and it's the CT's main way of navigating their side of the map. Might be a bit rough for CTs to retake this site. CTs need to cross the mid entrance to rotate, which also feels rough. Dust 2 gets away with it because the sightline through the double doors is very narrow. Mirage avoids it altogether by making it really inconvenient for Ts to get access to the CT side of the map.
  7. Looks pretty cool so far. It already feels like a place, which is awesome for a greybox (or orange box ). Also love the baseketball court bombsite. Will check it out when I have time.
  8. I had never heard of Kowloon before. Now that I've seen some pictures, I see what you're going for. Sounds like some good changes! You may want to consider making it daytime instead of nighttime. I love the mood that nighttime and rain produces, but you know how it is with the competitive scene. Although, maybe with enough neon lights, or just effective lighting in general, you can avoid having too much of a gloomy feel. A night time map could see success if done just right.
  9. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Introducing my latest map set in Cusco, Peru. While my first map de_neighbors was born out of a desire to turn a real location into a playable map, I knew I wanted to take a different approach for my next project, specifically one that was born out of good gameplay--the one thing that truly matters. Now that I've experienced a full development cycle (with the exception of making custom assets) and have honed my process, I decided I wanted to do this right and start with an idea. I had a few ideas: A curved mid A connector that converges with a main entrance to a bombsite site A bombsite that Ts have a vice grip on, but if CTs were to gain control of it, they would put serious flanking pressure on the Ts. A bombsite that CTs could choose to hold proper or push out towards the main routes early to gain more map control before the first encounter. So I began with some simple pathway flows for the map. I finally landed on a flow that incorporated a number of these ideas. Throughout this process I wasn't concerned with figuring out the exact shape of the routes or specific angles. It was more about establishing the general relationship between the routes. Once that got ironed out, I built a general layout in hammer. I then took the simple routes I had and bent and twist them in thoughtful ways to create interesting angles and to adjust timings. I tested the map very frequently, so frequently that I would say I designed the map through playing. I ran around thinking through scenarios, where I wanted to move, where I wanted cover, etc.. I imagined attacks on bombsites, the approaches and how I would want to move throughout the bombsite if I were defending and trying to stay alive as long as possible. I crafted the map angle by angle with the guiding principle of creating as much complexity as I could with the fewest elements possible. CSGO players are really good at breaking new maps, which is why I try to break my map as I'm designing it. The best way I've found is to test it as much as possible. The slightest change could have a cascading effect across the entire map. A silly double boost could break your whole map if you don't catch it early. And you don't want to have to comprise your art later on. After dozens of iterations, my notebook doodle eventually turned into this: The map was built on gameplay, but I kept my theme in mind throughout. To convey Cusco properly, I knew the map had to have a lot of outdoor areas, some streets, and iconic architecture like the city's stunning cathedrals. This was all very loose in my mind as I was building the layout, but it help keep design decisions in check. Since i wanted to have streets, I knew certain routes had to be a certain size at minimum to be believable. I made sure any indoor areas could believably be shaped into a house or commercial building. Again, all very loose and vague. I didn't want the layout to be too compromised by theme so early. I was more willing to retrofit the architecture to the idea. I must admit it was scary at first, but as I continued and I started pulling some art references, I found things started to just fall in place. The deeper I searched, the more architecture I found that suited the geometry I had built. Over time the map began to separate into distinct areas. Mood Board It behooves you as a map designer to get as immersed in your theme as you can. I spent hours just traveling around google maps looking for inspiration. And each time I did, I would return to my greybox with new ideas, new angles and new architecture for what areas could be. It's still evolving. I particularly loved the variety of doors around Cusco. The greybox will be ready for playtesting very soon (with screenshots to come). Let me know your thoughts so far!
  10. This seems like a fresh take on the tried and true clover design. I like how each team has more immediate control of a connector (T's get easier access to B connector while CTs get easier access to A connector). The whole mid layout seems to encourage fights perpendicularly, which is interesting. Seems like it would be difficult for CTs to hold a push towards the CT controlled connector/sniper nest because their only options for escaping are up the stairs to the windows or jumping down the ladder, taking falling damage and being fully exposed at CT spawn. Seems like it would be extremely difficult to hold mid solo. You also can't jump out the windows very easily, so any CT trying to escape is better off just taking the engagements until he dies. Also curious how OP it is for the CT sniper player to be able to get a solid viewing angle of the T entrance to mid as well as the main entrance to A. On mirage, the sniper nest player can quickly get a view of A site, but I would say the view is more limited than the one on Rain. Also, if I'm trying to hold A from sniper nest, I'm only going to feel confident doing so if I know another CT is watching mid for me. Ideally this would be a CT player playing the A site connector, but the door prevents that from being a sensible option. So a supporting mid CT player would be better off playing the area at the top of the ladder, which isn''t inherently a problem, but kinda suggests the standard CT setup should be 1 A, 2 Mid, 2 B. If that's what you intended, great! It's just a matter of playtesting it. The timings seem pretty good all around, both encounter points and rotations seem viable. Angles are well thought out as well. For the most part, things feel very deliberate, which is great. One concern is that rotation through mid looks dangerous. Like if I want to rotate from B site through the sniper nest and then through mid, I have to clear a lot of angles of varying heights to do that safely. The CT side of the map seems safer to traverse. A Site: Interesting layout and there are some cool ideas here. I think one big problem is all the headshot angles that are possible. I like the idea of the site being in a trench, but when players stand closer to the backwall (where sniper nest is) you get headshot angles virtually across the entire site. That means when I peak from A main, I have to scan from left to right and up and down across various elevations to properly clear the site. RED = Potential Player Position GREEN = How I would peak the site, from left to right. Which brings me to another issue--i think there are too many elevations. As much as I love jumping puzzles, I think there are too many in this area. The one with the cables is really damn hard to nail. In its current state I don't think I would ever attempt it, especially when I can boost up there from that middle object. I would reduce the number of elevations and jumping puzzles across the site. You might be able to alleviate some of the headshot angles by opening up the trench here: and/or here: Although I wouldn't blame you if you want to preserve that trench-like feel, since that is sort of the main idea here. The routes leading out of CT spawn felt pretty intuitive but T side was a bit more overwhelming. This drop here was jarring the first time I played. I'm sure once there is a skybox and more background this will be less so, but maybe you could add an arrow pointing down or something to suggest I'm not going to die if I go that way. Another area kinda like that is this one: It feels like a route you can take but it leads you to your death. Maybe just add a railing here? Same here, but to a lesser degree. The gap to the right of the railing seems like it could be a route leading from below. I would just make sure it's clear where the boundaries are to reduce anxiety for new players. Love this whole route to B site. Looks like it would be fun to play. And the site itself seems pretty cool. I like the angles between the pillars and the staircase has some cool angles as well. I'm just wondering if there are too many angles to clear when Ts approach from main. The angles themselves seem good, just maybe too many. Is this whole map set on top of a single building structure? That's what it looks like when I zoom out but when I'm walking around the map it looks like i'm going across multiple buildings. Also, I see a garage door there, so now I'm really confused. Ha! Nice job overall. The map feels tight timing wise and design choices show clear intent. Just goes to show there's still plenty of room for fresh designs using the clover structure. This certainly doesn't feel like any other map in the game. Look forward to seeing the progress.
  11. Kokopelli


    "We don't go to Arlington." Spooky Neighbors is now up on the steam workshop! Check it out and let me know what you think. Here's a preview.
  12. Kokopelli


    B Site has been expanded and reworked a bit to improve gameplay, specifically making it less T-sided. The connector door has been moved closer to garage entrance and has been reoriented towards the entrance, as it was in previous iterations of the map. Only now there is a lot more space to move around, and more cover. The door is now permanently open which allows CTs to more easily contest for control of connector. The curved design also helps slow down the approach for the Ts. Added an open storage by van to give players more options for cover if they get attacked from utility room or connector door. Mid stairs and driveway are now separated by a roadwork fence with tarp, greatly reducing mobility for terrorists on the road. They can no longer quickly swerve between driveway and mid stairs, but instead will have to commit to lanes and hold angles carefully. Players can't self-boost over any of the cover here, but can get over if they are boosted by another player. And finally on A Site, expanded the space at the back of dining room and added the dining room table back to have another height option when holding from this position.
  13. Your theme is shaping up nicely! Watch out for those long sight lines though. The area in your first image seems really long and fairly wide, and leads directly into another large open space which I’m guessing will be a Bombsite. If you weren’t planning on adding more geometry along that route, you’re probably going to want to add some additional cover of some sort. Just be careful not to try and force a solution. Many times the issue is inherent to the way you’ve designed a space and anything else you do to it is more of a bandaid than a solve. This especially applies to large open spaces. You run the risk of adding too much cover to compensate, which consequently creates more angles and adds complexity (in a non-deliberate way).
  14. Kokopelli


    Major Update Sliding Door is now functional and begins open each round. CTs can now hold angles that don't require shooting through the glass. A Site has been cleaned up quite a bit. I removed a lot of the furniture for better mobility and additional playable positions. Also expanded the bomb plant zone. Expanded the hallways so things feel less claustrophobic. Added a door between Bedroom and Kids Room to provide another route for retakes. Also allows you to clear angles in Bathroom and Front Door. CTs defending from Backhill can more safely fall back and re-enter the site through the window because of the new protruding wall. During retakes, they can clear several angles of Bedroom through the window. Widened Lobby and parts of Mainhall for better holds and approaches. The extra space in Lobby makes it more contentious. Redesigned Frontstairs to be wider and have more cover. Replaced Fronthill with a walled-off pool area to block off a ton of sight lines and create more separation between areas. With Farside gone, there is a heavier focus on Mid so that called for a little more complexity. I also clipped off all the hedges to put an end to silly boosts. Added stacks of plywood onto Pickup Truck to block even more sight lines and provide more substantial cover for Ts defending a push from Frontstairs or Driveway. Ts can hold T Garage more safely with all the additional fencing. Widened the entry to Utility Room from Pit and made it angled so you can clear a common spot on B Site. Expanded B Site and added more cover to create more playable positions. +Dumpster + Concrete Pallet +Luggages Added a Ladder that leads from Driveway to the top of B Hill. This gives CTs a way to fight for control of B Hill but makes it risky for them to play aggressive. If Ts gain control of Mid/Frontstairs, they gain this vantage point into B site and can also watch a push up Ladder. Closed off Construction to reduce the number of angles Ts could be playing, bringing the focus more towards Driveway. Also to prevent unfair angles towards A Long/Yard. Moved T Spawns back to slow down timings towards B Site. Hoping all the changes improve the flow of the map. Let's see how it goes! Thanks again to @Interfearance and the playtesters at Raidboss.org for all the feedback.
  15. Kokopelli


    Big thanks to the playtesters from the Raidboss community for running Neighbors during their Sunday 10-mans! Also thanks to @Interfearance for a lot of very solid feedback. After taking all that into consideration and reviewing demos, several issues became clear. The map has long suffered from openness and long sight lines. I'm slowly but surely going through the process of creating better separation between areas to alleviate that. Here is the first of many changes in that direction. Added a fence above T garage to cut off long sight lines towards road. It also makes this side of backyard more room-like so players can push for control and hold it. The cool boost from the hedge below is no longer possible, but I feel like blocking visibility here does way more good. There are also more ways to use smokes and molotovs with this setup. Replaced my janky func_detail ventilation domes here with some models i didn't know existed and added a platform below. One of the main issues of the A Site approach was how many entrances it had. Even though three of them were non-standard (windows), it still proved to be too overwhelming for players and made it virtually impossible to hold the site solo. So I've closed the windows to living room and bedroom, leaving only the window to kids room open. This changes a lot. For one thing, CTs can peak backyard and then retreat behind the building much more safely. I've even added a protruding wall to give CTs additional cover when defending a push towards backhill. I also moved part of this fence forward and added a porta potty for more cover at the top of the hill. And I replaced the planks of wood against the tree with bags. The net result of these changes is an area that's a bit tighter with more deliberate angles and a better progression for cover. Now this one is huge. I completely blocked off farside (the eastern outdoor side of the map) to effectively reduce the map to 4 lanes instead of 5. It was too easy for Ts to abuse that route and flank the hell out of CTs. It also drew focus away from the driveway and basement hallway approaches to B Site. I've known all along one of these routes needed to go, I just needed to see the map meta develop a bit to make the right call. With farside gone, I didn't see much reason to keep the grating and planks at the top of pit so I removed them completely. Now players can drop in smoother and feel less claustrophobic while playing this position. I'll get into the changes on A Site in my next post. I gotta get the hell to bed! To be continued...
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