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  1. you had a spelling mistake there. corrected it for you.
  2. The Bible also works, doesn't it? Far better than it would have if it was released today. It was released in the peak of interest and when there wasn't much competition. That's not to say the literary and social theory of religion hasn't evolved since then. Back in the day there were no dating apps and no social media, so you just had to date people in your local community. There was far less choice, but that doesn't mean people were less happy. I feel like there's always going to be a misalignment between the interests of mappers and the interests of players. You gotta think about this like a drug dealer - you must know your audience, know what they're currently on and what kind of nerve it's scratching. You need to make them feel comfortable and safe in changing over to the new drug and convince them that it is a sufficient substitute. If you're a biochemist making designer drugs, you might take pride in making the *best* drug (some drug that stimulates your brain and makes you smarter, or some drug that turns you into a warewolf), but if you want to make big buck off of that drug, you gotta streamline it - you gotta make it easy to consume, make it scentless so police dogs can't track it, etc. That's why maps that stick to standard 4 square layout (flat map with few paths) are more accessible. Mappers think like mappers, players think like players. That drug which turns you into a werewolf might get a lot of praise from your fellow mappers, but it's not gonna be the new tobacco. Here's another analogy: There are games that liked by many - like Super Mario, and there are games that are loved by few, like Prison Architect for example. Imagine booting up Flappy Bird on your computer (Don't know why you would play flappy bird on your computer, but what do I know. You're the weird one, not me), and then you see a small button below Play that says "New Mode", so you press it and suddenly it boots up Dark Souls! You're not in the mood for Dark Souls, you're in the mood for Flappy Bird. It's 2 AM and you're lying in bed with your laptop. Hell, you don't even have a mouse. I'm probably overthinking this and layouts may well be a minor factor in getting players to play new maps. It may be the way the areas are designed, or the way the art is put together that makes something tick in peoples brains so they think to themselves, "ah this feels familiar, this feel like those other 5 maps I've played for hundreds of hours". I personally like making maps with crazy layout constrains like De_Graveyard, driven by some grand concept, because I know other mappers will appreciate the effort it takes to make such a layout work, and because some people are just gonna be fascinated by the all-round coolness of having a map set on a ship, or in a radio tower, or a large open train-yard, or around a giant fucking statue.
  3. Getting Valve to add a community map to the tournament pool is like asking your wife to have a kid after you've been married for 30 years. That ship has already sailed long ago. By this point even adoption isn't an option. If anyone was interested in playing new maps, they're either on Mapcore, or they're already playing other games. I bet for most people CSGO is just that old game which you can boot up at any time, always expecting the same thing, and always getting the same thing. The most recent update with the operators skins and the battle royale mode tells me that this game is just a cash cow for Valve. It's about time that cow get slaughtered. And not like in a nice and ethical farm, but in one of those farms from those vegan documentaries. The game is entering menopause already and this is our last bitch effort to give birth to something new. Also, Imagine all 6 tournament maps getting replaced by community maps. It wouldn't be a Valve game anymore. Why do you think they stopped adding maps in operations? Cause they don't want their profits going to some random community members. Remember what happened to that doctor who tried to introduce new treating methods to the hospital? He got fired! And then he died! In a car accident. So don't be him. Don't waste your talents. No one will remember you. Or I'm probably just butthurt because I suck at the game and dont play it anymore ... anyways, yeah Mutiny is really awesome. I remember playing it almost a year ago in it's earlier stages when it was still a greybox and I just now recognized where I remember it from. It's changed (shrinked) quite a lot.
  4. I give Graveyard a 35/25 on Visuals for having the biggest custom prop! The other 10 maps shouldn't even be in the top 11. If anyone disagrees with me, your logic is flawed! Your subjective opinions are an insult to my highly systematic methods of analysis.
  5. Awesome work everyone! The community once again proved that they can map better than Valve. P.S. James Bardolph viewed the maps on his stream:
  6. I always use that one cause it's the same resolution as the CT logo (when you download it from the source wiki) and it's so much easier to just slap it onto the radar in Photoshop, knowing that they're both the exact same size.
  7. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] Gust II

    Ayyyy cool new radar!
  8. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] Gust II

    I did some more testing on the map and I came to the conclusion that bombsite A was a bit too exposed to the upper entrances so I redesigned the layout of the site. It's now an arctic convoy: There is now a lot more cover to play around and several places to defend from around the outskirts of the bombsite. The way it was previously the only spot Ts could defend from in an after-plant was from CT spawn, unless they had someone covering them from upper. I checked the size of the map and right now the playable area takes up roughly as much as Nuke does. I don't know if it might still be a bit too small. I'll update the workshop asap.
  9. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] Gust II

    I've updated the workshop link. Here's the new radar image:
  10. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] Gust II

    Here's a quick update with some changes... I've added a second pathway for Ts to go towards B, which connects to the other side of the main one, so they don't have to expose themselves to the long sightline through the two bomb sites if they don't want to: The height difference in bombsite A has been decreased to 320 (as much as nuke upper rafters on A). Also one of the entries from CT spawn has been raised to give the CTs a higher vantage point towards upper T entrance, and at the same time provide more cover in the site for afterplant: I've also added a flying sign in both spawns spelling "Breakable Ice!" to indicate to players that the ice is breakable. There is also a floating block of ice beneath the sign, but it is...well broken: Don't mind the darkness, this is another one of the unique features of the map. Both teams have equal access to it so it's fair. If you've noticed the new crate I've added in the screenshot above then congratulations! You really are quite perceptive. You are set to succeed in this map. Not everyone is. This map is not for the faint-hearted. Some people expressed disconcern with the bombsites being so close: I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with that. It just isn't seen very often. I believe that if done correctly, it can make for an interesting fast-paced map with a lot of flanking and wide range of possible strategies. Another big change is the closing of the T entrance to middle, which was previously open to CT spawn: I realized that I couldn't make it work the way I wanted it to as it was before, so I just closed it off. I also added a crate so it can remind people of playing Cashe's A main as a T, which will inevitably make them feel comfortable and 'safe'. This is very much necessary since the rest of the map is ridiculously stupid. I am planning on having cracks in the ice floor in T spawn (like the ones in de_survivor) where you can fall and die if you are not perceptive enough (but you found that crate in the dark screenshot so you don't have to worry about that). Now onto B site... Did I say quick update? Forget it. I just like to write, okay! Here's the new B site: I didn't really like the T entrance to B the way it was before so I completely reworked the angles. This time around I've flattened the ground across the entire bomb site so players can feel safe and secure and confident that they won't have to move their lazy arm vertically. Or at least they can rest the muscles required for vertical aiming so they'll be more prepared for the extreme height variations around A. See this is what I call good map design. You need to have balance. If you are taking risks with one area of the map, you need to make the other one play like a generic aim map. You can't suddenly introduce height variation in all areas of your map. That would be like taking a dog out of it's natural habitat and putting it out in the streets expecting it won't get lime disease. Or like taking a hunter gatherer and sitting him down on a computer to make CS:GO maps while you deliver him the same food he'd otherwise go hunting for, and expect him not to get fat. Of course he will get fat. The CS:GO player's wrist is the product of decades of evolution through random mutation and natural selection. You need to respect that process of evolution and treat your patients with caution. Speaking of caution, I've elevated the pathway to the ladder and given it a nice tall wall to protect it from CT sightline from B site: The map is gonna be set in a glacier by the way, next to some rock hills perhaps. I'll update the workshop link tomorrow.
  11. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] Gust II

    Oh and there's a workshop link as well: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1991120072
  12. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] Gust II

    Three days after the news of the meteor, a research team had already been sent on location to sample the alien rock. The samples were loaded into the truck. All they had to do was wait out the storm. But then came the Cthulhu lunatics proclaiming that the rock belonged to them. They had heard about the great rock that fell out of the sky and bedded itself in the cave within the snowy mountain, leaving a gaping hole in the vertical cliff side. A spec ops team was sent to the location of the crash-site to protect the rock and the van with the scientists. They were trapped in there, surrounded by the storm, while the cultists were closing in on them from the south. It was a dire situation. Some would say unreasonable. But the only way out was the way of the gun. For their assailants were about to break through the thin veil of ice, concealing the fragile scientific equipment, and bring the storm with them. What will happen to our Bastir, Fallace and Dr. Muege? Will the spec ops team manage to fight their way out in this terrible storm? Find out in the next issue of Gust - The Graphic Novel. This issue contains a special poster - an overview of the surroundings of the crash-site, which can be found below:
  13. I don't think the swamp water slows you down that much. It's an interesting mechanic (quite exotic ). I wonder how it's going to affect gameplay, especially in the T rotation route between the two sties. There's also this cool section where you can pull out your knife and do some platforming. Pretend you're playing a fun game, that's not CS:GO (it doesn't get any more exotic than this). But at the same time it's risky, cause you're more exposed and you can't throw knives in CS:GO. I don't think anyone b-hops in CS:GO. At least I wouldn't do it when someone is watching. It's morally reprehensible. You know what would be really cool? If you added a feature where if you stood long enough in the swamp water (say 10 seconds) an alligator pops out and devours you, taking half your HP. You can also play some horror music with building tension to let the players know when it's coming.
  14. Really awesome art! My only pet peeve is that some of the interiors look a bit empty, especially the indoors area in the back of A. The layout looked a bit redundant from the radar image, but now that I ran around it, it's actually quite nice. I'm intrigued to see how mid is gonna play, especially with that see-through, not-go-through room. Besides that, I really like the bombsites, a lot of interesting angles everyone, especially with all the elevated areas around B. I also have to give props for not clipping the cliffs. Great choice there, I'm sure you've spared a lot of players the annoyance of bumping into invisible walls, by providing them the liberty of plunging to their death, should they decide that life isn't worth living anymore. And those trees are
  15. This definitely has to be my favorite entry in terms of visuals. I can't tell precisely which assets are custom but the overall choice of high quality textures and models makes for an almost photo-realistic aesthetic. The shadows also contribute to that by adding quite a lot of contrast, but I agree with RadimaX that they might be a bit too dark, relative to the sky. Perhaps it's just me, but I feel like in general picking photo-realistic textures and high quality models really opens up more opportunities for all sorts of color combinations, because such textures have a natural harmony. In terms of the layout, I think it's pretty solid from the experience I had playing with bots. The only thing that felt a bit off was that some of the connectors were a bit too zigzaggy, but I guess it might make for more interesting angles.
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