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  1. Trying out a new layout: *Green cross marks the meeting points Working on: - Improving middle - Fun factor - Risk/Reward factor - Improving the connectors - Art direction
  2. That's some shiny grass
  3. V7 is out on the workshop and it will be playtested in 2 days. Here is the overview with a non-distracting background: Before/After gif: And some screenshots: - T path to B now has a boost to middle: - Long B: - B site bomb plant zone is now only underneath the warehouse roof: - CT path to B: - New B connector, now featuring Skylights™: - B plat: - Middle: - Top mid: - Top mid, the tower has been moved: - Second mid/A connector: - A connector: - The bomb plant zone on A has been moved back, it now starts from where the crane starts, so playing outside the ship is more viable for CTs and Ts don't have an easy safe plant. Also the small box in the middle of the prow has been removed and two new boxes have been added to block the view towards CT garage: - The ladder has been moved behind this box: - Another screenshot of Second mid: - New T spawn, extremely simplistic:
  4. The size of the current workshop version [v6] is ~4250x4700, while on [v7], which I'm currently working on, it is ~4350x4350. By the way here is V2 of 'GLACEDOORFRAME' : And the concept art for this: Compared to the old one: Thankfully this one fits in the gap perfectly so I don't have to cut little triangles for the corners. Basically I added some more detail and a roll up thingy on the top. And yes, I will texture it.
  5. This is one of the biggest problems of V6, that's why I tried moving the connector deeper towards CT.
  6. This is what I made in the last 2 days: I don't know what I think about it. Not very positive about how it turned out. I wanted to move the B connector closer to the CT side of middle, so I decided to move the whole site, which might not be that bad of an idea, then I connected the connector room/old squeak to the old vent room and got rid of the vent. And also I wanted to make it so the Ts have to fight for control of that sidewalk area next to the ship and then get access to the inside of the ship, but then that curvy path is giving me nightmares. What do you think about this new ****ty a** layout?
  7. Thanks to everyone who took part in the last playtest. It finished with something like 16/3 score and despite the teams being a little unbalanced, it was actually very T-sided. But good thing is, I got a lot of feedback and I have some ideas on how I can fix the biggest issues. I am already working on the next update so here are some screenshots just for the sake of it: Try guessing where this is: And some skylights: And a truck prop I am still working on, decided to try it out in-engine:
  8. Here is the new radar: With some callouts: Had some problems with aligning the radar but it should be fixed and uploaded to the workshop by tomorrow.
  9. V6 coming to the workshop tomorrow with the new middle, removed underpass and other small changes: - Moved upper B box forward - Added crates on A to fix weird angles - Upper container on the Ship has been cut and there is an invisible ladder - Fixed clipping problems - A crate under the vents - Fixed clipping issues Here are some screenshots: The goals of this update are: - Make mid easier to take for Terrorists - Give CTs more options to play A - Concentrate the action to 3-4 choke points CTs arrive to middle around 3 seconds earlier than Ts so they can take pretty much any position they want. While Ts can now more easily take control of Squaky/B short, it is still difficult to work off that control and take the site. I'll make a new layout with updated callouts after I recompile this version (because of that stupid ladder that does not want to render).
  10. I thought middle was too open and boring so I decided to rework it: I added a central building that divides it in half: Second middle: What this does is, it makes it easier for Ts to take control of middle and quickly reach the B connector and support their teammates on the B site, which is difficult to take only from B Long. Also there are more positions for CTs to play, but they are not hard to check camping spots, like it was before behind the crates and right next to the T entrance. CTs can play from the central front facing door, they can play from vent room, they can play from Second middle, or they can push Squeaky from B. Mid window also connects to a walkway inside the building separating middle. There is also a boost spot between the central building and the Radio tower. It certainly needs some tweaking. I want to make it so the cross can't be blocked off with only one smoke. I have also removed the connector from Outside B Long to Middle that goes into Vent Room. I hope you've made middle more interesting. Please tell me what you think about it. I'll playtest it and if it does not work I will try something else.
  11. Here are some screenshots from the next update. Still not on the workshop: - I added these crates to block off the long sightline from inside the bombsite to the T bridge: - Ladder decal has been added here: - Squeaky door is bigger now: - B site aesthetic changes: - Now this is something I am not entirely sure if it's a good idea but there you go: It's a new entrance for Ts to middle. I have connected outside B Long to the little vent room on middle, which before was a very common position for CTs to defend middle from but now it will be more contested. This ladder is like Pop Dog on Train or the ladder on Overpass, it is an option for CTs to push it but they are very unlikely to do so early in the round, because they would be in a significant disadvantage if they end up facing an enemy Terrorist on the other side. - So now in order to make it easier for CTs to defend middle and to prevent Ts from easily invading CT spawn and window room, I decided to remove the box below the vents so now Ts need a teammate to boost them: Also if a CT decides to drop down, he is committed to defending that position. - And I added this Radio Tower, which is pretty tall and can be seen from most parts of the map: It also contrasts with the back wall and it is easy for CTs to tell exactly where Ts are coming from.
  12. Just finished the playtest. Got a lot of feedback and I am already working on the next version of the map focusing on fixing shitty angles and improving middle. Here are some heatmaps that were generated from the playtest: Player paths: Although I have made a lot of changes to middle and the connectors to the bombsites, in order to make it more viable for Ts, it was still dominated by CTs because of the close camping positions and bad timings. Shots fired:
  13. Mapcore playtest in 1 hour.
  14. The map looks awesome. Had a lot of fun playing it on the servers. BTW is that a custom truck?
  15. Good stuff!