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  1. NikiOo


    I really like the theme. It's not something you see very often. I believe you guys will know how to romanticize this cold industrial city. The layout looks a bit on the large side with a lot of narrow pathways, but you'll get a better sense for it when you build it in hammer. If you're still looking for references, there's this Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/SocModernism/ It was one of the sources of inspiration for a current project of mine with a similar theme. Good luck with the project and I'd love to see where you take it.
  2. I think there is a question worth discussing here. Imo, the problem is that no one knows what Valve wants from skin-creators and map-makers. Given the wide range of skin rarities in the game, from very plane and simplistic to excessively decorated, it's evident that effort is not the most important factor. So what is it then? I think there are a lot of skins on the workshop that look amazing, but don't fit stylistically within the game. For all those artists it's like they're applying for a job with a portfolio, without ever getting any feedback. They don't even know if their submission has been looked at. It may be true that this kind of system ultimately leads to a larger number of good skins, but also a larger amount of good skins that don't get in the game. Then again, I haven't published anything myself that's good enough to warrant Valve's attention so I don't really know the extent of Valve's communication with skin creators. Why didn't Junction or Import make it to an operation? I guess we'll never know. What if there was something like a "Valve Approved!", or "Valve Hates you!" badge that would be placed on every workshop submission that was reviewed by Valve. Wouldn't that be nice? They must review submissions when they're looking for new skins or maps to add to the game. Let me know if I'm absolutely delusional.
  3. The furniture has arrived! I wish I had more time to work on this, but it is what it is. I managed to get it to a state of half-finished. The rocks look horrendous. I was too cautious not to go overboard with the polygons cause I knew I wouldn't have much time for optimization so I quickly put together a set of basic rocks. They looks at least 20% better than the previous set, and I'm satisfied with that. Here's some more screenshost: Fun fact: Importing the custom assets took more time than actually making them. I had a lot of fun making custom textures for this map. Thanks to everyone who helped with playtesting! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2095685385 Now let's hope the moderator staff can approve this in the next 16 hours...
  4. NikiOo

    The random model thread!

    Ash Tray inspired by Matchstick Men.
  5. NikiOo

    Darina (Wingman)

    I think this is a major improvement on Victoria in many ways. Awesome work! The way you've put the in-game screenshots right next to the real images shows that you've made a really good use of those references. For things that could be improved, I'd say the water texture could look a bit more watery and the rock cliffs are a bit too flat. But perhaps it's fine in game, I'm too lazy to launch CSGO.
  6. NikiOo

    ZBrush Dragon

    Something feels off about the shape and size of that bottom jaw. I feel like it would look better if it connected to the neck and if the neck was thicker, or if the jaw was just smaller.
  7. NikiOo

    The random model thread!

    I recently started learning how to model faces in Zbrush. I've always been afraid of organic modeling but it turns out it's not that hard. P.S. looks better when you squint.
  8. People told me to get rid of the benches, so I thought, why not add yoga mats instead? Don't worry, I'll add some more color variety. I'm still experimenting with the textures. The story of this building goes back hundreds of years (or at least dozens!). It was built a long time ago. Before it was closed, it was a working church, visited by people of all creeds and ages. The surrounding area was populated by tigers, which was quite stressful for the old ladies with their fickle minds. One day one of them got the brilliant idea to start feeding the tigers so they wouldn't bother her. So she bought a pack of beef from the grocery store and took it with her the following Sunday. The day after she was found dead. No, a month later! They only found her hand. So yeah... she was eaten alive. Poor thing. Anyways, the old ladies got together and protested to the mayor, requesting the tigers to be slaughtered. The mayor, whose name is Harold Pleski, decided to close the church instead, to discourage people from visiting the desert. Some say he hates old ladies. After that people stopped visiting and churching took place in the pastors house temporarily. Fast forward a couple decades, a group of hipsters found the church and decided to settle in. They painted the walls and started practicing eastern spirituality. Today this place still stands as a home to a moderately large yoga cult. Joshua, one of the founding fathers wears the mask of a tiger all the time. He even sleeps with it... Speaking of textures, you might have noticed I've changed the wooden walls with my own custom white painted wood. I just got Substance Alchemist and I've been experimenting with it during the limited time I have before my laptop shuts down to let its internal organs return to solid state. Here goes: I'm still working on it, but the basic premise is that the walls have been repainted many a time. I want the age of the building to show through the layers of paint. My plan is to make a two texture blend, one with the white paint only, and one with the same white paint but a lot more worn, and then blend between the two. And then I'll use overlays to add the second layer of paint (blue or some other color) like Valve did on mirage with the broken walls. So that's it for now. I'll run some more tests on the source engine discord once my exams are over.
  9. CS_Joshua is the remake of CS_Erect, sporting a new theme with greater elevation changes. It's a wingman hostage map set in a semi-desert biome. Here's the backstory from the Steam workshop: Joshua is a wingman map set around the church of a good samaritan community, led by the loving and generous mister Joshua. An anonymous source has informed the local police that a religious sacrifice is about to go down. Has Joshua lost his wit, turning to the dark side? Or is this yet another disgruntled atheist trying to throw shade at our wholesome community? The sheriff sent two cops to check out what's really going down there. His gut tells him that this might be linked to the missing high-school teacher. Not many crimes happen in this small town. Starring Sam Sante and Corelle Lalil as the hard-boiled cops, Mutah Schickre and Raffael Mike as the occultists, and John Pain as the abducted high school teacher. More screenshots: I changed the location from the Negev Desert to Joshua Tree Park because I found some cool photos on r/EarthPorn. This is what it was gonna look like before I had a change of heart: When I pictured it in my head it sounded like a pretty dope idea. I was gonna have these sharp rocks sticking out of the dunes, surrounding the church entirely, and then these two rock hands sticking out above the rest, as if they're holding an invisible halo above the church. But then I made it and the rocks ended up looking like utter shite. I don't know if it's the lighting. Or if my models are too low poly. Perhaps I should have used more references. Or maybe it's the basic ground that's not doing enough to complement the cliffs. Either way, I thought I'd be better off changing to less deserty desert. So my current reference looks like this: ...with some tall cliffs like this one: ...to round off the boundaries of the playable area. You might say, but Nikio, if you keep changing the theme of your map, you'll never finish anything. You might be right. But the success of the visuals is very much dependent on how good the surrounding rocks are gonna look. And this is not the first time I've remade a major set of props. I remade the props for my first map, De_BigAssStatue two times, and in my eyes they got better and better with each iteration. And that's what this is - an iterative approach. Sometimes when you set your goals too high and you fail, you then have to try something else to get your confidence back. Here's the radar: There are three lanes: 1. Roof: If CTs take control of roof, they'll have an easier time taking the hostage. 2. Outside: If CTs kill the outside player, they'll have a clear path for the rescue, knowing the the other T is on the other side of the map. 3. Middle: Middle provides a quick rush route to the hostage. Since the previous release version, I've increased the height changes in order to limit movement. I think this is a good way to balance small maps, making them less chaotic without oversimplifying the routes. I've uploaded it on the workshop. It's gonna take a couple hours for the mods to approve the update. Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2095685385 Let me know what you think!
  10. Thank you all for participating in my Piss off the Mapcore moderators speedrun! Totally stomped it! P.S. seriously, why is this in off-topic? P.S.#2 I've put all the jokes in spoiler.
  11. watch out! below lies a contextual joke, building up the suspense for the below screenshot. you might feel uncomfortable.. and now...a series of tasteless jokes with some facts sprinkled here and there:
  12. beware! doubling down on the previous joke
  13. off topic joke alert! I've added a barn in the new version. Scarecrows are a must!
  14. Erect is a wingman map set around a secluded church inside a desert cliff, ran by a murderous cult leader. The cops have been informed that yet another religious sacrifice is about to go down and so they've rolled down the desert in their heavy swat vehicle and jammed it straight through the main entrance. The occultists at the back have been alerted by the loud crash. The guns are out and the hunt is on! More screenshots: Radar: I saw the announcement for the Wingman contest and I put together this map in a couple of hours. I've always wanted to make a map with a church and this seems like a perfect occasion to do so. Yes, it is a hostage map. I don't even know if Valve supports hostage maps for Wingman, but the rules of the contest allowed it so I thought, why not. I've never made a hostage map. One thing I've noticed about Wingman maps is that the objective is rarely fulfilled, because either the fights happen way too quickly, or players would much rather lurk to get the jump on their opponent, than give away their position by trying to plant a bomb. So I thought why not give the attacking team, the CTs in the case of hostage, a headstart by putting them at arms reach from the hostages. This way the winning strategy is not so evident. You can either make a run and get the hostage quickly, or you can hold the breaks and wait for your opponents to make a mistake and frag them out. Either way, I've only had time to playtest this with bots so I can't tell how it's gonna play. The CTs spawn inside the church, at the main entrance, from where they have two options. They can either walk out and wrap around the church through Long where they can take a long range engagement, or flank the Ts, or they can push forward towards the hostage, where they'll be vulnerable from three attacking points. The Ts have one entrance from beneath the hostage, one side entrance, and a roof area, with one window opening to the church hall. The roof on the left side of the church is accessible through a ladder. It's not meant to be a very competitive map. I just want to make a fun map with lots of cool things that you can do. Most of the areas that seem accessible are. I've just uploaded it to the workshop so it should be accessible in a couple of hours, as soon as it gets approved. Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2095685385 Let me know what you think! Visuals inspired by Dusk.
  15. Looks very green. The lighting doesn't really match the sky. I suggest that you copy the light_env and sun entities from the original dust2.
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