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  1. Why do you think a 3 lane layout is not interesting? Most defuse maps follow a very similar four square pattern. That doesn't prevent them from doing a lot of original things within individual areas. Also, I think you'll have better luck coming up with interesting ideas if you play around with it in the editor rather than on paper. Here's something you can do - take a cool real life location that you would like to make in the game (this will motivate you) and think about how you can design a wingman layout around this location. You will find yourself solving interesting architectural
  2. Well, it's actually quite simple. Ideally, you want to minimize the filler areas and maximize areas of type alpha and omega. You do this by learning how to think in 3 dimensions and how to generate interesting areas, while working within the constraints of nature and human architecture. Here is the formula for what makes a good area: Goodness of narrative comes down to story-telling, which is a very expansive topic in and of itself so I will focus on goodness of color and goodness of shape. So we'll use a simplified formula for goodness of area, shown below: Formu
  3. We finally have a challenger.
  4. Seeing this guy's channel, I'd say the funny is fully intentional.
  5. NikiOo

    ROOF [How to build?]

    I suggest that you align your geometry to the grid as much as you can, without compromising shape. In the example I show, I have roughly the same slope, but since it aligns with an exact point on the grid every six units. If you then reduce to a smaller grid, it would align every 3 units: You can then use the vertex tool to raise the left edge of the wall. Or alternatively, you can make the wall overlap with the roof and use the knife tool to cut it at the same angle, but I wouldn't advice it since making changes afterwards is gonna suck for you.
  6. Reading this feels odd to me since it's the exact same reaction I had going from blender to 3ds max :D. Imo blender is the most intuitive software to use as far as navigating the viewport goes, especially if you use the (Shift + F) mode to fly around the 3d space. It may just be because I've used it for much longer than any other 3d software. Anyways, it's a matter of personal preference. I find myself switching from one software to another if I don't like how they do a certain thing. Here's the first fully textured car I've made (at least one that's good enough for me to remember)
  7. Maybe you're not supposed to interact with the world, but rather just observe and admire the beautiful static pieces... Like those cactuses.
  8. The only game I've played that came out this year was Carrion. It was an interesting concept and felt good to play, but the levels felt short and linear, and very easy. It was more like a demo than a complete game. That being said, my game of the year for 2020 is Pathologic 1 Classic Edition HD.
  9. NikiOo


    I really like the theme. It's not something you see very often. I believe you guys will know how to romanticize this cold industrial city. The layout looks a bit on the large side with a lot of narrow pathways, but you'll get a better sense for it when you build it in hammer. If you're still looking for references, there's this Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/SocModernism/ It was one of the sources of inspiration for a current project of mine with a similar theme. Good luck with the project and I'd love to see where you take it.
  10. The furniture has arrived! I wish I had more time to work on this, but it is what it is. I managed to get it to a state of half-finished. The rocks look horrendous. I was too cautious not to go overboard with the polygons cause I knew I wouldn't have much time for optimization so I quickly put together a set of basic rocks. They looks at least 20% better than the previous set, and I'm satisfied with that. Here's some more screenshost: Fun fact: Importing the custom assets took more time than actually making them. I had a lot of fun making cus
  11. Ash Tray inspired by Matchstick Men.
  12. NikiOo

    Darina (Wingman)

    I think this is a major improvement on Victoria in many ways. Awesome work! The way you've put the in-game screenshots right next to the real images shows that you've made a really good use of those references. For things that could be improved, I'd say the water texture could look a bit more watery and the rock cliffs are a bit too flat. But perhaps it's fine in game, I'm too lazy to launch CSGO.
  13. NikiOo

    ZBrush Dragon

    Something feels off about the shape and size of that bottom jaw. I feel like it would look better if it connected to the neck and if the neck was thicker, or if the jaw was just smaller.
  14. I recently started learning how to model faces in Zbrush. I've always been afraid of organic modeling but it turns out it's not that hard. P.S. looks better when you squint.
  15. People told me to get rid of the benches, so I thought, why not add yoga mats instead? Don't worry, I'll add some more color variety. I'm still experimenting with the textures. The story of this building goes back hundreds of years (or at least dozens!). It was built a long time ago. Before it was closed, it was a working church, visited by people of all creeds and ages. The surrounding area was populated by tigers, which was quite stressful for the old ladies with their fickle minds. One day one of them got the brilliant idea to start feeding the tigers so they wouldn't bother her. So sh
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