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  1. NikiOo

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Remember that ugly ass wall from two weeks ago? Decided to make a small environment out of it. Don't know if this classifies as Models or Levels. There's some more images on my ArtStation: https://nikio.artstation.com/
  2. NikiOo

    The random model thread!

    Started working on a modular tile set. Here's a random piece:
  3. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    It's updated on the workshop now :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297030515 Here's the new layout: So I chopped off some dead weight by squashing the entire middle horizon of the map and cutting some rotation timings, while making middle a much more short range of an engagement. The most incomplete areas are the open part of middle and the CT to A connector. Any feedback is appreciated. It'd be really helpful If I could get some feedback on the performance of the map right now, cause sometimes I can't tell if it's bad optimization that's dropping my frames or it's just my laptop struggling out of the ordinary. Next thing's I should probably give it some better looking grass and ground textures.
  4. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Yeah, there was an issue with a broken trigger, which made it crash. It's fixed now. I'll update the workshop version when It's ready for the playtest.
  5. NikiOo

    [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)

    The reflections look awesome and those are some really nice rocks. Are they photoscanned?
  6. NikiOo

    [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)

    Give it some ladders, add some smaller props like buckets, tools, etc. This really goes a long way to making it a believable place. Also why are there scaffoldings there? Is there some reconstruction going on? Make that more visible, for example you can make it look that they're applying/reapplying the purple paint on the bricks right now or something like that.
  7. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Ooops... I leaked a screenshot. Unlucko.
  8. NikiOo

    [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)

    It has the Canals syndrome of looking like a dead place where no one lives. Add some shop signs and glowing windows. And scaffoldings. You just don't have enough scaffoldings. I'm sorry, that's just the hard truth. Scaffoldings can make or break an environment.
  9. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Here's my second go at texturing the excavator: This is just raw base color with baked in AO multiplier. I'm probly gonna get back to it in the next couple of days and spend more time on individual pieces. Just wanted to leave this here in case you guys have any suggestions or If I'm doing something totally wrong. I think there are some parts that turned out really well and there are others that definitely need more work. The truck is also modelled and it's damn huge. I want to get the texture of the excavator to a point where I'm satisfied with it before I move on to that. These are actually the most complicated props I've ever made so It's a good learning process. Next update's gonna be a big step forward visually. I've updated the rocks texture and I've made a lot of thematic changes to different areas to make them more interesting and more fitting with the theme. BTW I'm still working on the other two maps as well, don't you worry.
  10. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Gonna make one of these: and one of these: The crates also got a nice retexture. The rocks got a new, more realistic looking texture. We got a 3D skybox with cliffs in the distance and a city on the other side of the bridge. Some of the areas are almost completely detailed. Gotta get some more work done on CT spawn and then do the clipping and I'll probably do another playtest to test the new changes. If the changes have the expected effect on the balance and if there aren't any big issues with the layout, then I'll go on to finish the detailing and get working on the statue. BTW I'm also working on the other two maps. Please don't judge me, I have a lot of free time.
  11. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    It's definitely not a third-world country and the 'broken highway pass' is actually a bridge to the statue that's under construction. I'm not sure that I'm gonna keep it or maybe I should make it a little smaller, but ideally I wanna have one of those huge bridge construction cranes like this one: The construction site is probably gonna be off to the side of a big city, but I haven't even decided if it's gonna be on an island or not yet, so I'm just throwing ideas off the top of my head at this point.
  12. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    I just love how this looks. I put a vent here as well which gives another option for Ts to approach B site and also makes mid cool AF. (mby more like the YELLOW-GREEN, YELLOW AND YELLOW ORANGE) I'm working more on selling the statue construction theme, trying to make it more believable. Also working on making the sites play uniquely from one another. Also working on giving more options to both teams. Also working on two other maps. Aight that's all you get. I'ma get back to work. btw it's starting to feel a little less corridory, thanks FMPONE for the tip.
  13. NikiOo

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I love the architecture, but I feel the old Dust assets are a little outdated for 2018, hope you're planning on refreshing the visuals as well.
  14. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Here's the concept for the statue: