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    As someone who started 3d modelling in blender and only 2 years later went on to learn maya, I'm baffled at the amount of people calling Blender unintuitive. I find it the exact opposite. The navigation in the viewport is incredibly smooth and easy to get used to, especially the shift F feature which I use all the time to fly around and save a lot of time of panning and rotating. The vertex editing tools are 5 times faster than maya and it loads 50 times quicker. The rest of the interface is considerably well organized imo. In fact I think you can learn most of the stuff through trial and error relatively quickly. Of course the experience is gonna be very different for people who have been using maya or 3ds max or 4d or any other software before trying blender and have to adapt to the different UI and controls. This is just my personal experience. And I love blender. Only thing I've ever had to use another program for was 3d modelling, where of course nothing can beat zbrush.
  2. I'm just very proud of the way this turned out: This doesn't look very abandoned, does it? And for some reason I wanted to have green lighting in the lake, so here's a bunch of weird ghastly lanterns. I'm also changing to the other rocks, from the other deathzone map, these look a lot better with my bamboo trees. This is bombsite B. Beware! Big W.I.P. layout wise, it's gonna be very similar to the first version, I'm just trying out some weird quirky stuff. And here's middle. I think I've managed to make the areas look quite distinct visually, and I still have a lot of unused balcony and windows props. So far I think I'm doing a really good job at making this look like a fishing village as little as possible. I could just keep people in the dark and reveal the art when it's all ready and that would probably have a much better effect on people who have been following the development, but I don't like keeping things in my closet, if something looks good, I wanna share it. Besides, now I'll have to look at these screenshots every time I open up my thread and I'll start to see why it looks bad. All feedback is welcome! bye
  3. I think I've decided on the lighting. So apparently bamboo trees do grow on red soil. Here's my little bamboo tree: And here's my super dope, duper exotic 4-way blend texture: I still haven't made up my mind on whether the village is gonna be abandoned or not, but I am starting to lean more and more towards the latter, for nothing else but my laziness to make things look old. Either way, there's gonna be a bit of moss over the buildings, otherwise they just won't fit in the color scheme and that's bad. And because of how much I like to document my development process, here's a screenshot from the lake: It's gonna have lanterns like these: floating in the water, unless of course someone can confront me with a flash of cultural wisdom about how inadequate it would be to place them there. P.S. I realized the wood textures on the houses was too dark and I've tried several different ones, but none seem to just Whoa me, maybe because of the messy blend of greybox visuals and prototype art that surrounds the buildings. Or maybe I just need to find an actually realistic looking wood texture that's not super dark. bye
  4. That's the old layout. Mid has changed quite a lot since then. Now you're gonna need to increase your brightness for this one, cause I'm too lazy to recompile. Here's some screenshots of mid house: Lighting is bad and I still haven't imported my custom brick textures, but so far I'd say it looks fine. I think I might scrap the night idea, though and just make it daytime with clouds, my textures are too dark and it's hard to see anything. I imagine when I add some mossy brick textures, place some vines coming up the walls and roofs and a lot of grass, it would be much better looking. Here's one with better lighting: I was also looking for a giant fish skeleton prop to hang somewhere, and I think I've found a suitable one. I just need to make it look like a zombie.
  5. Alright, so my theme clearly wasn't exotic enough, so I'm changing it to an Old Fictional Chinese Fishing Village (maybe Abandoned, maybe there is still a terrible old man lurking in the shadows). I started making a rooftops tileset: The pierced fish is gonna be the emblem of the map and there's gonna be a lot of fish hanging around, I can also imagine making flies around the spoiled fish, but then again it's just my imagination and I might find it too hard and give up. I decided to put more effort into the textures than the models (quite frankly I was just being lazy), but still, it's gonna be hanging high in the skies so no one should have anything to complain about. Other than that, I think I got the colors pretty much right, the fish might have to change to a more metallic color, though. I'm thinking of a relatively dark weather to fit with the gloomy mood, maybe early morning or late evening, or I could just make it a stormy day with rain and dark clouds.
  6. There is so much pink, man. I'd change at least half of all those lights you have laying around to sky color blue, and leave most of the spotlights pink. I think the interiors, especially should rather be 100% blue, instead of 100% pink. Also I think it would benefit from a bit of simplifying. Especially the T routes to A are super convoluted and confusing.
  7. Notice in your reference how the pink colors are coming from lights illuminating select walls, the sky is still blue, and some back walls are lit by blue street lights and it doesn't hurt your eyes. Your pink lights are spreading too much imo, tinting almost everything. If I was you, I would try adding some blue spotlights to replicate that look of the first photo, and keep the sky relatively close to white, or slight blue.
  8. Check out this AAA level lead up to the bomb site: You come out of the cave and you see a tower, kind of hidden behind a tree, which enforces your curiousity, so you ask yourself, why would that tower be hidden behind a tree? I better check it out... You take the closest path to the tower (which is currently super dark, but will be well lit when it's done), and you enter a cave. You remember the tower was really tall, so even though you are in a cave, which is supposed to have a roof, you look up and guess what you see? The tower again... ...so you are drawn further down the cave, lead by the light, to an opening, but then you stop dumbfound, wondering where the tower went? You don't see the tower, but you do see a bunch of CTs. You kill them with your Bear Grills' Jungle Explorer Machete, and then you go on... After the long fight, you are exhausted, covered in blood from the fight and dirt from the rain, lost orientation, as well as your map, you check your compass, but it's disrupted by some inexplicable magnetic force, as if an alien rock of unknown substance had fallen somewhere around here (presumably on the other bomb site), and so you go outside and look around, and then suddenly...BAM there's the tower again! Are you getting Deja Vu? No, you are simply experiencing great map design P.S. I know I have the tendency to completely rework areas, instead of making small changes to perfect what I have, but I had an excuse this time, mid was really bad and had to be reworked, so after tossing away the junk, I had to reiterate on A to make it fit the new mid design, and it had to have only one entrance, so this is what came to my mind, plus Vaya said it looks fine, so I'm alright with it. I'm using some aztec props as placeholders at the moment, but I might end up changing the theme to something more overgrown anyway.
  9. So I decided to rebuild middle from the ground up, turning it from a convoluted mess of twisted and inconvenient connectors and ladders, to a more nice-looking, a bit less convoluted mess of convenient and quick connectors with half as many ladders. Here's a few screenies, just for the sake of it: So, the wallbang is still there, but it is will be made in such way that it is much less unfair for Ts. I've gotten rid of the big open bath and moved it here, where it is more secluded by the tall walls and protected from the wind. Now that same (mid 1) pathway is visible through the arch on the left in the last image, which allows me to more comfortably allow Ts to have access to CT spawn, that in turn would play in a very interesting way with bomb site A, which you will see in future update. The rotation times have decreased drastically down to about 14-16 from plant zone to plant zone. I've gotten rid of the 15 second door, which was frankly very funny, but I would not miss out on a chance to swap it out for a more convenient path. (I am planning a 20 second door, though at a different spot) Likely to remove the 270 degrees turn that CTs have to make at spawn to get to A. So now I'm trying to focus a lot of the action towards this middle area, which is difficult to access for Ts, but will inevitably give them a lot of options. The connector to B leads to a very powerful elevated spot through a bridge that can be destroyed both by CTs and Ts.
  10. I like wacky gimmicky stuff, it's exotic contest after all. It does seem very big and complicated though.
  11. So the playtest just finished, and there was a lot of negative feedback, mostly on the size of the map and the rotations, but also on the verticality and some other quirky features. It felt to me like it was fun, but maybe because I was only spectating . I am very positive, though because the main features, which I was skeptical about turned out pretty much the way I wanted them to. I feared people wouldn't get the right timings on the wallbang, but there was a lot of wallbanging. I was worried they wouldn't use the door cause it's too slow, but they sat there and waited for it to open. I understand where most of this criticism is coming from and I have some plans for addressing the biggest issues. There are some things I can't address, though, without turning this into a generic three lane layout, which go against my initial conception for the map, involving fast gameplay and a lot of high risk high reward decisions for both teams. First thing to get rid of would be the pool in the middle. It was an aesthetic decision that severely limited my architecture and forced me to have this large height differential. Verticality is going to be decreased, but I won't get rid of the roof area on B will most likely remain as it is. I will make some changes to simplify the cover and make angles more clear and fair. I might also consider partially merging the two middles to simplify rotate paths and shorten rotates. I'm gonna rewatch the VOD tomorrow and take some notes, It's late at night and I might not be thinking straight. Just wanted to update you all that your eagerness to turn this into Dust2 is not gonna crush my dreams.
  12. Here's the layout: Gonna have a playtest tonight. I didn't add the permaclose door, but I did make one that takes 15 seconds to open, so that should be an interesting feature to test, should I say EXOTIC. Rotation time between the sites is now reasonable.
  13. Yeah, It will be ready for a playtest by the end of the week at latest. Also the 'two mids' aren't really mids, I mean they don't act as a mid in the traditional sense, it's more of a mid in a way cobblestone's mid is a mid, also the many one way drops (which have officially been reduced to 5) remove the danger of over complication, unpredictability and utter chaos that two mids would pose. Also the rotation time between the two bomb sites is roughly 18-19 seconds, which is relatively long, compared to other maps. I haven't tested other maps rotation timings myself, only looked at online metrics, but it does feel about 2-3 seconds too slow, and I don't know how much of an issue that is gonna be. On a more serious note, though, I was thinking of making this door be close-able, but not toggle-able (this is where the choke point is), meaning that if the Ts allow CTs close to the door, they can just press 'E' and close it forever, permanently preventing Ts from taking this route to the bomb site till the end of the round. I think this would really contribute to the Exoticâ„¢ nature of the map:
  14. So I've pretty much blocked it all out, just need to close off all the edges and It'll be ready for some tests with bots. Here's A site, inspired by some Quake map: bad. very blocky. plywood Here's what you'd call middle, with it's weird gimmicky shit: There's also a ladder on the right up to that gap in the wall, but it's invisible. And here's B site, where nothing has changed cause I haven't tested it and it seems fine to me: Oh, and there's also a 3 way underground area bellow the big pool of water, which acts as a sewer or something: There's gonna be somewhere between 4 and 7 one ways on the map. Heavy negotiations might take it down to three, but most likely not. It's a very teamwork-y work-y map, so there's gonna be a lot of boosting your teammates. Here's the radar: And here's the rush choke points in green: And yeah, the rocks are from the deathzone map, hr_massive or something, there's a lot of variety of shapes, so if you're comfortable with rotating and scaling props and placing them around, you can replicate pretty much any rock formation you're looking to make.
  15. At the moment you can only plant the bomb on the ground, since the upper level is only accessible with a boost from this side.
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