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Our launch cinematic is up!

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Finished this game over the weekend finally, after completing every mission, side mission (except Gwent stuff), contract and treasure hunt, didn't explore every location though but found that the only things I left undiscovered were monster nests or abandoned villages, or extra treasure that I didn't need. Awesome game, and I'm glad I tried it even though I couldn't get into the first two. I found the story easy to follow and the characters were introduced well for a newcomer. Negatives would be the bugginess of the game in general, particularly when it came to missions - I had 3 side quests left in my inventory at the end which were complete but hadn't been accepted as being completed. I also got the Wolf Gear DLC and collected all the diagrams but the game 'lost' my 4th diagram somewhere so in the end I couldn't even build it. I also couldn't tell how long I played it for as that screen was broken, but I would think I probably put around 80 or 90 hours into it in total. These things didn't spoil the overall experience though, the world was one of the best realised ones I've ever played around in and the narrative was consistently engaging. Looking forward to seeing what CDPR come up with next :)

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When that chick in Novigrad asked for more fencing lessons I thought she was referring to Geralt's dick. But the quest ends rather abrupt. What a cocktease and what a weird unstatisfying quest :(

Yeah I was trying to fuck her (both of them tbh ^^ ) but, hell no it didn't happen...I was disappointed ! Ahaha


Well, I've finished the game this Sunday after 139h on it...and I'm waiting for the 13th of October now (that's fine, I can come back on Hammer xD aha)

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