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  1. Was great to finally be able to officially announce the development of Fable during the showcase Stalker 2, The Medium and Avowed all piqued my interest, exciting times ahead!
  2. I'm 36 Maybe it's dementia then
  3. No one likes the design? I think it looks pretty smart, though I agree it seems too big.
  4. Love the theme for this, my wife and I had a wedding ceremony in Istanbul wedding last year and we went to Cappadocia for a few days after, lovely place. Looks like you're doing it justice!
  5. This was a cool level, it was a shame they attached such terrible music to it though
  6. Hey guys, more Level Design positions available on our RPG project! Looking for people of all experience levels. Here's the summary, let me know if you have any questions, or apply here! Playground Games is looking for a Level Designer to join our RPG team. As a member of the design team on a AAA title, you’ll take responsibility for large sections of the game's level design. You will be a part of the level design team on our open-world action RPG AAA title. You will work closely with narrative, environment art and quest design to develop the vision of open-world environments. You will be responsible for designing and implementing level designs using 3DS Max to build and iterate them into high-quality console environments. Skills summary: Experience working in a Level Design position on at least one published title An ability to develop lasting and productive relationships in a collaborative team with diverse perspectives Experience with at least one 3D software package or level design tool A track record of quality in your previous work demonstrable with portfolio materials Knowledge of key level design concepts Excellent written and verbal communication skills Proactively seeks to resolve issues A genuine passion for games This is a fantastic opportunity to join one of the world’s most exciting games studios, using the latest technology to create world class games, within a successful, highly talented and collaborative team.
  7. I don't disagree with you. I was just pointing out that learning 3D Max can still be beneficial and not a complete waste of time, from the perspective of a level designer working in the industry, on an open-world game, and using it professionally. When it comes to learning level design there's definitely many ways to approach it and many tools that are valid.
  8. Sure, it's still by no means a requirement for many places of work I would think, but definitely doesn't hurt to have working knowledge of it. Your original question is of interest to me too. When I was learning I too used Hammer/Worldcraft and early versions of Unreal to create levels for things like HL2, Unreal Tournament and the SWAT series, but I found myself wondering recently what games people use to learn nowadays. Seems like CSGO is still an option, but what else...
  9. Not currently no. Our level design job role description specifies that the user will be working with Max so we expect applicants to have knowledge of modelling programs.
  10. Not entirely true HP! I started working in the industry making racing games, and purely using 3DS Max to design /whitebox the tracks (this is still the case at both Codemasters and Playground Games on their racing projects). At Crytek I was using CryEngine to make multiplayer maps, but it helped to know 3DS Max to add my own models to some of my whiteboxes (granted, it wasn't as beneficial during some of the projects in this period). Same thing when it came to whiteboxing in Unreal for the projects I was involved in before moving to Playground Games. Here at PG, I again currently use 3DS Max as my primary tool for whiteboxing content, and our level design test is currently based in Max as well. So I'd say having the ability to whitebox in such a program would be beneficial, not least because the tools within a lot of contemporary game editors are similar to what you'd find in Max anyway, when it comes to manipulating blockout geometry.
  11. It's still a 20-30 hour game depending on how much time you want to invest in side content. But more manageable than some other RPG's sure
  12. There's no voting this time round, so the maps are just based on server rotation, which unfortunately seems a bit broken. Though saying that I am aware about the removal of the night-time maps so I understand why I'm not seeing those, it's just the few others that hardly ever come up that's strange. In my experience it's a common issue with COD titles at launch, though not understandable why it continues to be a problem. I read the night maps will be introduced (or maybe already have been) as a separate playlist, due to them requiring bespoke equipment. Though why they can't exist along the other maps and require the player to have a ready-made class especially for them I'm not sure.
  13. I have to say that I agree with quite a few of the points raised in Blackdog's video. The maps don't seem to support my typical play-style (run and gun) and I've found myself having to revert to camping just to get some kills, mostly because it's what everyone else is doing. Also it's entirely possible for your team to get trapped in their own spawn area on a number of the maps. It's a difference between the Infinity Ward and Treyarch approaches to map design that I've noticed over the years, and always found myself favouring the more expansive environments that the Black Ops series provided. As a disclaimer, my opinion is only based on the 6 or so TDM maps I've played, as none of the others are coming up in the rotation currently (only Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard, Gun Runner, Piccadily, Rammaza and St Petrograd come up regularly. The Palace one has appeared once in the last few days. I have yet to play any of the night time maps, or any other mode outside of TDM).
  14. Totally get that, think as we get older we're all in the same boat. Most of my game time is limited to my lunch breaks at work nowadays!
  15. I don't think comparing COD to FIFA is accurate or fair. Sure, mechanically it's similar to many games you've played before (in the series and out of it), but then what games aren't these days? You might not end up playing any game if you feel that way. I take it you guys have zero interest in The Outer Worlds because it's similar to Fallout? This COD has an interesting and well made single player component, and if you like first person shooters in general you should enjoy this. The multiplayer is also something I'm having fun with, probably because it's similar to the call of duties that were out around 10 years ago which I used to spend a lot of time on. Plus it's a decent game to play with my friends, as was Apex before this. I get it though, COD is a game people love to hate for some reason.
  16. Well you're missing out But hey have fun with the stapler
  17. Anyone playing this? I thought the single player campaign was the best it's been for many years. Nothing too 'out there' within it but back to basics in a good way, and the visuals and effects are outstanding on PS4 Pro. Multiplayer is good fun so far as well, if a bit orientated towards camping, and the map rotation seems broken (with only 4 or 5 of the maps ever coming up in TDM, there's a fair few I've yet to play)
  18. Hey guys, level design positions are now open on the open world RPG project, apply below! http://jobs.jobvite.com/careers/playground-games/job/o16gbfwi?__jvst=Employee&__jvsd=s0jiPhwc&__jvsc=LinkedIn&bid=nNfQ2Mwb
  19. Played about an hour or so as well, got to the first boss fight (little bit of a difficulty spike). It's all very intriguing and I'm interested in playing more, and seeing if the Oldest House can sustain a full playthrough without becoming a little one-note (will be interesting to see if/how they mix it up later on).
  20. One of the best perks of this job - free games! My copy landed on my desk this morning, can't wait to check it out
  21. Unfortunately I couldn't get past the first 30 minutes of this on console. Even with the sensitivity on max the aiming was sluggish, which I guess is supposed to be "realistic" but then why does your character start spinning faster the longer you move the sticks? It makes things very disorientating and combat a bit of a chore. Also it froze and completely locked up my PS4 during an early cutscene. I restarted and sat through a loading screen for a few minutes and it put me at a point where an enemy was on top of me attacking me in a quick-time event, in which I died and then had to sit through another loading screen to come back. Not a good first impression so I took it back into work and moved onto Rage 2 (not tried it yet). Which is a shame as I thought this looked decent enough.
  22. I watched "When They See Us" on Netflix over the weekend. Brilliant, highly recommended
  23. Hey guys Plenty of positions available on the website for our open world project still, including new vacancies for mission and game designers (18 month experience required minimum) and many more. Check them out, and as before PM me for any more details! https://www.playground-games.com/careers/ (Filter by 'Project 2' for the open-world RPG project) Cheers
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