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  1. I had forgotten how silly things got in the pierce brosnan films. The submarine car was pretty cool, but even that was pushed too far with the underwater battle. Happy that they decided to reboot the series after things went too wild. Regarding car chases, I'd be happy to play a chase akin Uncharted 4.....that's the bar. Come to think of it, uncharted 4 with more advanced stealth mechanics would probably fit a modern Bond game pretty well!
  2. Yes, the creators of Hitman are switching agents for the next mission: https://007.ioi.dk/ Details are spares, but judging for their previous work of very agent heavy games.....this could be something special!
  3. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but 2K sure knows monetization. https://80.lv/articles/take-two-to-acquire-codemasters-for-usd900m/
  4. Adult diapers are a thing....just saying.
  5. Geeking out over this tech: So sick. After this, there should be no more excuses for shitty lip-sync in AAA productions. Looking at you ME: Andromeda.
  6. Some pretty nice details about Xbox Series S/X backwards compatibility: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-this-is-how-xbox-series-s-back-compat-really-works
  7. I'm pretty sure heat is the main reason why they've made it so large. Air needs room to flow through that big heat sink. PS4 Pro screams so loud that you need to crank up the volume or use headphones... That's what they try to avoid with this design.
  8. Good reference if you want to mod your PS5.
  9. Same here....Jeff scared me away. Really want to see how it ends.
  10. Rendering seems to have received a significant upgrades from Mafia III....judging by the comments, faces are not a part of that equation.
  11. Hard to believe that they stop. They don't have a portable gaming device and I doubt Nintendo makes Gamepass available on Switch even tho it should technically not be hard to pull of. They recently also added all their games to steam and it's just another way to get extra revenue for them. Everyone wins. Perhaps that changes once their own platform grows bigger...
  12. That was one sneaky uppercut, MS... I wouldn't be surprised if currently announced titles will roll out as planned, but further down the line everything becomes xbox/pc/xcloud exclusive.
  13. https://news.microsoft.com/2020/09/21/microsoft-to-acquire-zenimax-media-and-its-game-publisher-bethesda-softworks/ Damn!
  14. Damn, that's pretty much on par (or better) compared to Bethesda's own in house production. Modding FTW! I'd wish that they could get Bethesda's blessing and charge a little bit for this.
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