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  1. In the Valley of Gods - Campo Santo

    I only care if the game is good or not. Won't allow one dev to deny a great experience from me. Firewatch was a solid game, so I'll look forward to experiencing this too.
  2. Looks so weird and cool at the same time! Can't wait!
  3. Witchfire - The Astronauts

    More information about the game in their newest blog post: http://www.theastronauts.com/2017/12/new-game-witchfire/ Excited to see more. Apparently it's still far from done.
  4. It's been awhile since the last skateboarding game, so I find it exciting to see the small indie studio called Crea-ture Studios make Session. They recently launched a Kickstarter-campaign which seems to be funded very soon. They also have a PC-demo available right now. (You'll find it on the Kickstarter page) Anyone care for skateboarding games?
  5. So I have some spare keys...

    Thanks for the goo Bastion! Also...Spec Ops, been meaning to play this gem, much appreciated El_Exodus!
  6. Hitman - World Of Assassination

    Looks like with the GOTY-edition there's a good time to jump on board. No revenue to Square-Enix.
  7. Battlefront 2

    I believe the devs are those wonderful people that work their asses of to create all the beautiful art should have none of that shit. Suits make the calls on those ugly stains that come prepacked with these AAA-games. Sucks that voting with the wallet, which is the only way to grab the execs attention, also hurts the devs. :/
  8. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Damn, that's some sweet rig action. Imo this kind of tech should be standard already. Good animation stands out, always.
  9. The Witcher 3

    Makes me sad, but not really surprised.
  10. EA just killed Visceral

    Disgusted by EA's milking strategy, could potentially have moved above Uncharted quantities in sales.....not enough for EA! Sight, was so looking forward to seeing more of it. Sucks that all hard work is scrapped along with jobs. Hmm...I wonder if Amy Henning jumps back to ND now.
  11. Battlefront 2

    What do you know...complaining helps. I'll keep following for more exciting plot twists.
  12. Battlefront 2

    Forza 7 NBA 2K18 Shadow of War Probably missed several more.... Sadly it looks like Battlefront 2 will be joining the group. I believe that most big publishers are just viciously greedy wallet devouring souless corporate machines. They focus more on filling the shareholders pockets than retaining great customer satisfaction. The game looks incredible, but I wouldn't be shocked to find that the epic final scene of the SP campaign was split into DLC or something similar. At this rate I'll stop buying AAA-games all together. Suits came and fucked it up for everyone. :/
  13. Battlefront 2

    The only question is....how concerned should I be?
  14. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Are they trying to show half the game as promotional material?! I really hope they keep the best parts out, and don't do what some movie trailers do, spoil the best moments in the damn trailer.
  15. Uncharted 4

    Fully agree regarding the open world segment. I love stealth tactics, and this game gave me so much more options how to engage with the enemies. It's noticeable that this is only a year long side project, but the way they've been able to expand upon the Madagascar level's foundation is really exciting. I'm already drooling over the possibilities they have while building TLoU 2.