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  1. I still remember looking at this with my jaw at the ground while trying out the new Ati radeon 9800. Exciting times. Now it just makes me sad that there's still no sequel to this awesome game. Fuck you Gabe, as if you couldn't hire a huge additional team with a 5 year dev cycle to bring closure to all the fans.
  2. Woohoo! We get to enjoy the early access Alpha in 2020!
  3. Agreed, a more linear game with sanbox areas like eg. crysis is a prefect solution. I don't have time to roam around huge worlds.
  4. I believe this game deserves its own thread. Found some info regarding the QTE's: Rest of the article: Insomniac Answers Our 10 Biggest Questions
  5. Time to resurrect this thread with a nice remake: I guess it's time to finally play it...
  6. I can see myself playing this.
  7. Love it! H1 2018 is going to be a busy year! How am I supposed to find time for all these awesome games?
  8. A Way Out looks really interesting for sure! I expect to see some more of Battlefront 2 SP at another conference soon enough....
  9. Times of change bring sadness and layoffs. Let's hope the ones affected find new jobs of form cool new indie studios.
  10. SE plans to sell IO apparently:
  11. No, but I recommend that if you plan to play the game, don't watch any trailers. Many nice surprises to discover.
  12. Nah, you explore an empty house just like in Gone Home, but that about where the similarities end. You unlock the story of each family member by finding your way into their rooms.
  13. Giant Sparrow recently released their new "walking simulator" which tells some really beautiful stories about death. It's quite short, but just really really good imo. It's also way more interactive than e.g. Gone Home. Few games or movies stick in mind after the experience....this one did. Available on PS4 & PC
  14. Two people making a game really takes ages. Good news is that they're at least determined to finish what they started. Here's 13 min of gameplay: Gives me a The Swapper vibe, but still a bit different. Looks great! They promised more details regarding release next week.