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  1. Zarsky

    Dying Light 2

    Played about half of the first one so far with my friend and it has been a blast. The gameplay is really solid. So nice to traverse on the rooftops and take zombie smashing breaks on the way to the next quest. The story and characters are one of the weak points, which tells me that the developers really know where to focus on this second iteration. I believe this game will be the one to watch next year.
  2. Zarsky

    God of War

    Also finished it just a couple days ago and I'd say it's one of the best games I've played in recent years. Story, art, level design and gameplay are definitely top notch. I do agree with what [HP] said about enemy variety, could have been a tad more. Got an impression that there's plenty more of this world to explore, so bring on the sequel with everything fine tuned to 2.0. Sony, I'll be waiting.
  3. Zarsky

    Metro: Exodus

    Looks pretty good to me.
  4. Zarsky

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    Something completely new...The zombie part somehow looks....very similar to Rebellion's The Strange Brigade. Astonishing creativity. Fell of the COD bandwagon a long time ago and highly doubt I'll touch one in the next decade.
  5. Zarsky

    God of War

  6. Zarsky

    Days Gone

  7. Zarsky

    God of War

    Yeah, I'll be roaming around Midgard with boy for the time being. Other titles have to wait for now while more beasts need to be chopped.
  8. Zarsky

    God of War

    Probably played about 20hrs and getting just more and more obsessed with this game. Playing on Give Me A Challenge which really does what it says. Combat is so satisfying, but can't say I'm relax after a session which results in an increased heart rate.
  9. I really hope this doesn't change anything else than give Campo Santo the financial backing to make the best product(s) possible. I also hope that maybe one day the Campo Santo team aided by some additional Valve staff decides to pickup and tackle one of Valves older IPs. One can wish right?
  10. Zarsky

    God of War

    Been eagerly waiting for this game, and I'm pleased to see it score astronomically high among the reviewers. I'll take vacation or call in sick to properly experience this one.
  11. Zarsky

    A Way Out

    Played through this yesterday in one sitting with my buddy. Highly recommend it, if cinematic story mixed with coop gameplay is appealing to you. Can't wait for what's next from Hazelight, this was a truly a excellent piece of entertainment. For a small production it was surprisingly high fidelity.
  12. Zarsky

    Far Cry 5

    Looks like FC5 Arcade map tools are already bearing fruit:
  13. Zarsky

    Far Cry 5

    - Small DLC campaigns in the same vein as Blood dragon? - Far Cry Arcade - a map editor which is stacked with assets form several different Ubisoft games and allows to create content for SP, COOP & MP missons? What? Is Ubisoft actually making a pretty decent move here?
  14. Zarsky

    Now playing - 2018

    Finished the Monthly free PS+ game Rime and currently playing through Deus Ex: MD. I also recently teamed up with a friend to beat Dying Light. It's tons of fun in coop! I look forward to playing SotC:remake, A way out and the new God Of War next.
  15. Thanks for the input folks! We'll look into all possible solutions, and more suggestions are always welcome. Let me give you a few examples of how Neural networks will change animation tools: Remedy has also been busy developing new solutions: There's also plenty more in other areas, which I'll post later. As you can see, at this very early stage, Deep learning can already do some pretty impressive stuff. Research in this department is rapidly growing and I've seen big game companies hiring bunch of researchers to make use of that potential.