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  1. You can expect it to (maybe) release on PC right before PS6 launch. Stay tuned!
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean.... Regarding reviews: Looks like everything I hoped it would be. I believe this could very well become a goty contender for me once I get time to play it.
  3. Yeah that’s how I’ve felt for a long time already. As a Viking simulator it might be decent. No time or interest.
  4. https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/07/12/everything-we-know-about-far-cry-6 - Fictional island in the Caribbean inspiration taken from Cuba. - You’re not playing as the boy, but the the main character is somehow tied to the dictator and his son.
  5. Yeah that got me pretty hyped. There's something appealing about close combat gun ballet. Great looking animations, I hope it's dynamic enough to not become repetitive too fast. This and FC6 has me most interested of Ubi's upcoming lineup.
  6. Yeah, traversal and fight mechanics kept me playing all the way through. Story was good too for a Spiderman game. Side missions tho, they were definitely filler. I hope they make some compelling story content for this expansion.
  7. "Gus" as the main villain has me curious. I hope they've given him a worthy script. Please make it a more focused experience. Open worlds are great but I don't have time to commit over 50hrs on a game anymore. 25hrs is already pushing it. Quality > quantity
  8. Devolver Direct 2020 showcase is live now:
  9. The VR version is wonderful. Every time some of my friends have tried it they’ve nearly thrown themselves on the ground max payne style during shootouts. I hope this releases on VR too.
  10. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/new-live-link-face-ios-app-now-available-for-real-time-facial-capture-with-unreal-engine If you have an expensive enough phone, you also have face mocap as a bonus.
  11. I hope i can avoid spoiling too much until I have time to properly experience it. Just baffling seeing the shitshow on twitter regarding this game. Should probably block anything related to it just incase...
  12. Looks like a solid PC port is on the way.
  13. I see distinguishing janky from non janky ain’t that hard. @blackdog Recent Fallout titles have mostly pushed the bar of animation in the wrong direction regarding what should be expected in an AAA production. Afaik they're upgrading their tech and tools for Starfield, so I expect them to at least reach Cyberpunk 2077 level of animation once that releases.
  14. Just look at that fluidity: This is where the bar has been raised.
  15. This seems to be a step in the right direction to rectify that weight problem: https://research.fb.com/blog/2020/06/holographic-optics-for-thin-and-lightweight-virtual-reality/
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