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  1. Would be pretty cool if EA pulls a No Mans Sky stunt and make a proper revamp of Anthem: https://kotaku.com/sources-bioware-plans-a-complete-overhaul-for-anthem-1839892415
  2. @deceiver Congrats on a solid release! Reviews are claiming it's one of the best, if not the best Star Wars game to date. High praise. I'll definitely pick it up when I find time to play it. I hope to see a dismemberment mod for PC at some point.
  3. I'd pay 20 bucks for the SP Campaign, as it does look pretty cool. It's a pitty they don't sell it separately. The MP does not interest me at all, so maybe I try it once it goes on a deep sale.
  4. Bethesda already crashed the Fallout plane in the midde of the pacific ocean and all whom might have survived, have been ripped apart by sharks. You just have to let go. Anyhow, our happy fellow Jim sterling seem to actually really enjoy this game:
  5. Yeah, who knows. Maybe it's part of some elaborate plan to conquer our wallets.
  6. Yeah sure. But Ubi decided to delay 3 games at once. Good to see that all these projects recieve the additional time to make them great. Happy to see that long term brand quality is prioritised.
  7. https://www.marketscreener.com/UBISOFT-ENTERTAINMENT-4719/news/Ubisoft-Entertainment-UPDATES-FINANCIAL-TARGETS-AND-RELEASE-SCHEDULE-FOR-2019-20-29449914/ This gives me much more hope for WD3. I wish all big publishers had the guts to make these kinds of decisions.
  8. https://twitter.com/LaymenGaming/status/1182099451088760832?s=20
  9. Zarsky


    @MikeGon AFAIK you can only paint bump and then convert it to normals. In other news: With more studios and companies jumping aboard the dev fund, I’d imagine new features being implemented faster than ever before. Blender 2.81 is not far of and it will include a huge upgrade to sculpting tools and much more.
  10. Ubisoft could then make a super huge and tediously grindy open world game based in the planned "FCC" (Future Circular Collider) and its surroundings.
  11. Yeah, agreed. But I'm pretty sure that a squeal is in works as Spiderman has been the most successful superhero game to date selling 13 million copies. Wouldn't be surprised to someday see another Ratchet & Clank game as well.
  12. This system shows so much potential, if it really is as varied as the trailer makes it look, then it will be awesome. Looking forward to finding out.
  13. By far not a perfect game but it definitely pulls of "feels like you're Spiderman" pretty convincingly. Definitely worth playing if you like Spiderman / open world + parkour. They did a incredible job with the game, so I'm excited to see what they can pull of with they probable sequel on PS5.
  14. Insomniac Games is joining the Playstation family! https://twitter.com/insomniacgames/status/1163526894051921920?s=20
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