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  1. With Blender 2.8 RC just out the door and this grant waiting to step in, there's no doubt Blender will gain more interest. So happy to see this happen.
  2. Everything else except the janky animation makes me very excited. We need more bizarre games like this.
  3. Looks really ambitious! Very smooth animations as well. Looking forward to more details about this one!
  4. Yeah, really like the style and atmosphere. But yeah, as blackdog mentioned, wouldn't hurt to know a little bit more about what kind of game it is. Intrigued.
  5. I'd argue that MS knows that they lost this round and are gearing up for the next round with a proper lineup. They're making the next Halo a launch title for the next console, and something tells me there is going to be a surprise from Playground games as well.
  6. Holy Fu**! Keanu Reeves! Release date 16th of April 2020! Best announcement ever.
  7. Read in a preview that it's inspired by Bloodbourne and Metroid. There's going to be places you can't access at first visit, so you have to come back later with new abilities. Also, there's no waypoints! Love that in-game holographic map that BD-1 projects. They'll show more at MS press conference, I'm interested to learn more.
  8. Nice. Seen many leaks regarding the London setting for awhile now. Let me guess, the game is not trying to make any political statements? Enjoyed WD2 surprisingly much, despite its story suffering heavily of narrative dissonance and being a bit too hipster for my taste. I hope that those things are better tuned in this new game.
  9. My most anticipated games this E3 just so happen to both come from Poland.
  10. https://mordhau.com/forum/topic/15228/first-week-recap/ Seems like a lot of people have been recommending it.
  11. Sad to see this happen. Apparently there's still a movie coming out based on this. I hope the devs at Ultra Ultra find new jobs quickly.
  12. Looks cool, is there VR support planned? Would be a pretty nice fit. I guess.
  13. @deceiver Really excited to learn more of this game! From what I've gathered Respawn seemed to have been able to avoid all the Bioware & Forstbite hassle. Seems like this project has also been given a lengthy time in the owen. Recently also read that Chris Avellone has been involved with the writing, which gives more hope for a properly thought out story. Looking forward to E3, game shows promise!
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