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  1. Let's hope they won't settle for September.
  2. I really appreciate Hugo's transparency regarding gameplay demos and development. Sounds like they have another winner on their hands. Bethesda needs to be extremely incompetent if they're going to botch this launch.
  3. Very tempted to spoil it, as I haven't yet had the time to play it. I'm trying to save this game for later when I can afford to enjoy it with all the Ray tracing bells and whistles. Really intrigued with the overall design of the game. Recently tried to play through Quantum Break and I've been very disappointed by several things. I believe this game will remedy QB's shortcomings.
  4. Ohoy! Steam let's you try a demo of System Shock and many other upcoming (indie) titles during the Game Awards. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/thesteamgamefestival You'll have until the 14th.
  5. Any idea if Source 2 has improved in this regard?
  6. Really nice to see MS pushing their portfolio to the PC. Gamepass looks like a excellent deal, I'll get it as soon as I find the time to properly play.
  7. Zarsky


    Blender 2.81 released! Many great new features and quality of life improvements. https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-81/
  8. As an Valve Index or Knuckles owner you’ll get HL: Alyx for free. Nice. Source 2 Hammer editor has also been updated to support mods for VR. https://www.half-life.com/en/alyx/
  9. Bought a Oculus Quest and I've had a blast playing with it. They just launched Oculus Link which gave Quest the ability to connect to PC and essentially become a Rift. I'll probably be playing this game on it if Valve doesn't give me a good enough reason to get the Index.
  10. Would be pretty cool if EA pulls a No Mans Sky stunt and make a proper revamp of Anthem: https://kotaku.com/sources-bioware-plans-a-complete-overhaul-for-anthem-1839892415
  11. @deceiver Congrats on a solid release! Reviews are claiming it's one of the best, if not the best Star Wars game to date. High praise. I'll definitely pick it up when I find time to play it. I hope to see a dismemberment mod for PC at some point.
  12. I'd pay 20 bucks for the SP Campaign, as it does look pretty cool. It's a pitty they don't sell it separately. The MP does not interest me at all, so maybe I try it once it goes on a deep sale.
  13. Bethesda already crashed the Fallout plane in the midde of the pacific ocean and all whom might have survived, have been ripped apart by sharks. You just have to let go. Anyhow, our happy fellow Jim sterling seem to actually really enjoy this game:
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