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  1. Zarsky


    https://mordhau.com/forum/topic/15228/first-week-recap/ Seems like a lot of people have been recommending it.
  2. Zarsky


    Sad to see this happen. Apparently there's still a movie coming out based on this. I hope the devs at Ultra Ultra find new jobs quickly.
  3. Zarsky


    Looks cool, is there VR support planned? Would be a pretty nice fit. I guess.
  4. Zarsky

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    @deceiver Really excited to learn more of this game! From what I've gathered Respawn seemed to have been able to avoid all the Bioware & Forstbite hassle. Seems like this project has also been given a lengthy time in the owen. Recently also read that Chris Avellone has been involved with the writing, which gives more hope for a properly thought out story. Looking forward to E3, game shows promise!
  5. Zarsky

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I hope they convince me of it's potential at E3, as it was confirmed that they'll show more then.
  6. Zarsky

    Rage 2

    I guess it's an optional voice for the protagonist.
  7. Zarsky

    The Last Campfire (Hello Games)

    Pretty impressive for a two man project. I'm interested in seeing what the gameplay looks like.
  8. Zarsky

    Insomniac's Spiderman

    Played about 40% of the game so far and so far it's been a wonderful. Can easily see myself spend tens of hours more on just swinging around Manhattan. Insomianc has created a very detailed and immersive NYC to play around in. If you like Spiderman even remotely, get this game!
  9. I think both teams have to build new assets. I also think UE4 provides better results faster. Black Mesa guys have done massive engine overhauls to get more detail out of Source. I think they could even have progressed faster with UE4. Oh, and level streaming is one of the major advantages that UE4 has compared to Source. I'm also a sucker for nice visuals, so as long as the gameplay is solid, Alyph will be secondary to me. If it comes out way before Borealis, sure, I'll take it for a spin.
  10. Zarsky

    Cyberpunk 2077

    That was some immersive graphics.
  11. Zarsky

    Control (Remedy)

    Not really news about Control, but anyways: https://www.remedygames.com/vanguard/
  12. Zarsky

    Dying Light 2

    Played about half of the first one so far with my friend and it has been a blast. The gameplay is really solid. So nice to traverse on the rooftops and take zombie smashing breaks on the way to the next quest. The story and characters are one of the weak points, which tells me that the developers really know where to focus on this second iteration. I believe this game will be the one to watch next year.
  13. Zarsky

    God of War

    Also finished it just a couple days ago and I'd say it's one of the best games I've played in recent years. Story, art, level design and gameplay are definitely top notch. I do agree with what [HP] said about enemy variety, could have been a tad more. Got an impression that there's plenty more of this world to explore, so bring on the sequel with everything fine tuned to 2.0. Sony, I'll be waiting.