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  1. Oculus Quest already does this, but at the expense of compute power. I can see the next gen version of it becoming a real game changer. I wonder if Valve would support it tho, as it cuts steam completely out of the equation.
  2. You might be able to, but Oculus uses insideout tracking, which means you need to buy the base stations to track the Index controllers.
  3. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/news/epic-games-publishing-announcement I got to hand it to Epic, this is a pretty cool move on their part (again).
  4. I actually bought from Amazon a 3rd party 3m cable (which is a bit too short tbh) for 1/6th on the price, because I'm a cheap ass. That cable has been great quality wise. Runs PC VR without a problem. The Oculus Link cable is a USB-C 3.0 spec custom optical fiber cable. I'm thinking about getting the official Oculus Link cable or a similar 5m cable so I can stumble around more freely when the Headcrabs jump at me. Another option would be to buy an active USB3 extender and plug the 3m cable to that one, which could give more than 5m of range.
  5. I got the Oculus Quest headset and Link cable. The benefit of Quest is that it's a standalone headset that is able to play games without a PC, but because of the android based hardware, it won't run all games tetherless. With the addition of the Link-cable you're able to attach it to a PC and utilize all the power your PC has to offer. Then you'll have access to Oculus PC and Steam VR titles. It costs about 500$/570€ (64GB with the Link-cable). In my experience it has been great, but I might have a different opinion if I've tried the Index.
  6. Played at least 4 hours straight. Excellent. Don't remember being so excited for a game in years.
  7. I steer away for those spec comparison pages as there's bunch of self claimed experts arguing about things they don't understand. It will all come down to how devs utilize the hardware, and it's evident that there's a huge amount of potential avenues to explore for nextgen. Can't wait to see them games.
  8. Pre-loading begins tomorrow! Is this really happening?
  9. This thread explains the impact of the fast storage very well: They'll be able to basically use the SSD as some sort of RAM pool to stream high LODs on demand. Say goodbye to cramming through a narrow crack/corridor or having to run mazes to get to your destination. I remember Horizon Zero Dawn couldn't have a lot of different robots roaming around the same area because of this as well. Oh, and that was also the reason you can't mount a flying machine in that game.
  10. Definitely play the DLC! Had a blast with it. Fleshes out the world and lore nicely.
  11. I took the cheaper route with oculus quest + link.
  12. It's been awhile since I've bought a game pre release or even at launch. Today was one of those rare times.
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