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  1. The "holo" sight on the BAR is actually a Nydar sight, which were a real thing and can be found here and there today. And being able to manually eject and reload the M1 Garand clip has always been possible, by holding down the button on the left of the bolt and pulling the operating rod back. Now one thing I noticed is the kar98 with "extended magazine", showing what looks like a trench magazine, which were a thing since World War 1. However they were not detachable as depicted in the game, but rather mounted in the triggerguard where the floorplate had been removed, allowing the soldier to load up to 20 rounds into the weapon rather than 5 with stripper clips. In the video, after a reload, the weapon shows holding 7 rounds. I know, I know: MUH BALANCE! But come on. And Lewis machine gun without the barrel shroud... what the actual fuck.
  2. I have done nothing but play Path of Exile since the middle of December. That is all. Now excuse me, I am about to get face raped by mobs yet again and see my XP bar disappear.
  3. Can't wait for The Hunter: Call of the Wild release, and I hope I get picked for the beta ... considering I wasted so much cash on The Hunter, I should get picked!
  4. Noice, might as well post the pastebin that is being tossed around on the reddits and elsewhere : http://pastebin.com/MRYABYZA But I see no mention of the grenade crossbow that we assume is a new Support gadget. However, it's there in the video, so we can safely say that yes, it's in.
  5. I pray that DICE have an update up their sleeves for Operations, as it's a nightmare for attackers on most of the maps. Especially with 64 players. And here's what I think about the Operations: Kaiserslacht The best of the bunch. St. Quentin Scar plays well, and has a good chance that it is fully captured by attackers after the ticket increase, but the B flag in the last sector could maybe use a wee bit more cover as attackers often don't have much choice but to bunch up in the windmill, which by now is definitely ruined, or perhaps a slight extension of the capture zone. And the second map, Amiens, is not bad either. Not much to complain about. Conquer Hell I rate this second best, as I actually get to see the second map fairly often. For Ballroom Blitz, the first map in this operation, I think that in the second sector, attackers should have an additional spawnpoint in the south where the B flag used to be in the first sector. This goes with the flow of the map, and gives more incentive to capture B flag and not just spawn in front of A like it wants you to make a beeline for it. The second map however, which is Argonne Forest (or better known as: Shotgunne Forest), is very difficult for attackers. Chokepoints and few caps never go well together, making it a struggle for attackers to get anywhere, unless everyone hops onto mortars. Advancing through chokepoints into open areas where there's at least ten enemies laying in wait to gun you down sure is fun. Iron Walls Monte Grappa ... the bunkers. Oh god, the bunkers. Please do something about this, they are so easy to defend it's ridiculous. Sure, you can try and tell your team to get on top of the bunkers to capture them, but keep it mind; you are in the open, there is no anti-air, and defending airplanes just laugh as they wipe out all attackers on the bunker capture zones with bombs. It's now not uncommon to see airchavs going 100-something on this map. Lots of people wish that the bunker turrets leave a hole behind when destroyed so one can actually take out the defenders camping inside. If not, a larger capture zone is needed, as people really like to hang around the entrances chucking nades, and the capture zone doesn't extend that far. The only "tactic" people have found so far to get the bunkers reliably, is to have the blimp crash down onto it, killing everyone inside. Having to sacrifice a powerful team asset just to capture a flag is nuts. And the last flag, inside the fortress, is such a clusterfuck and attackers often feel like spiders in a bathtub having firecrackers thrown at them. I can't say much about Empire's Edge, because you don't get to it very often because Monte Grappa is an almost garaunteed victory for defenders. Oil of Empires
  6. And here it is, with its official name: Nintendo Switch
  7. Less than 24 hours to go, taken Tuesday and Wednesday off for this
  8. By the way, the trial version (10 hour play limit) of Battlefield 1 is now up on Origin Access. Go pew pew, lads.
  9. What the fuck, I thought I already had Battlefield Insider but apparently not... what am I supposed to do now until tomorrow other than smell my own fingers? gib key pls
  10. Yes. Or he is up there at least, with him (Sean Murray) being extremely vague or straight up talking bullshit about features in the game. Like being asked about if you could meet other players, and the one of the answers was "you shouldn't think of this game as multiplayer". So all the people caught in the black hole generated by the hype machine interpreted this as you could indeed see other players but the chance being unlikely, when a simple "No" would have sufficed. Hell, stores had to put stickers on the retail copies in the last minute to clarify the game isn't multiplayer. That's how vague Sean was about it!
  11. So at 0:08 seconds in that video, there is one interesting frame. Turns out it's a base64 encoded string with a salted hash, so now the hunt begins to find it!
  12. Now that this gateway to heavy drugs and fistfights over imaginary monsters is out in Sweden, I have already noticed lots of people coming by where I work (usually only tourists come here) to farm/refill at the many pokestops in the area (we have many landmarks here) and eventually try to take over the gym which happens to be here too. Already we have cars making laps around the area rotating through the pokestops here, and even dropping lures, holy hell. And you can tell, as yesterday it was a parked Volvo here with like 4-5 people in it playing Pokemon Go, and I could hear the cheering when someone caught something good.
  13. MEANWHILE http://www.dice.se/news/paramount-television-anonymous-content-option-rights-battlefield-tv-series/
  14. Welp, the NDA has been lifted, people are streaming it (the lucky few/youtubers that got in), pictures and videos being posted, etc. Just so you know. So whose willy do I have to tingle to get in? I am a great candidate for the alpha, graduated top of my class, 300 confirmed kills, and so on.
  15. Were you on TeamSpeak? If not, that might be why it was so quiet. Tisky loves whiskey, it seems.
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