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  1. Man, this is really horrible news. I remember first clocking him when he posted his sci-fi doors to Polycount, which flawed me at the time. After that, the inspiration just kept coming, until now. Rest in peace, Paul.
  2. Finally got some more personal work to show off after a bit of a dry spell The Allegorithmic guys invited me to give the new Substance Designer 6 a test drive, so I made a new substance using the new nodes. Mostly the curve node which allows you to precisely control gradients.
  3. Thanks guys <3 And yeah, I kinda agree Pampers but like Steppenwolf said, if I didn't post it someone would ask for it. It's as much insurance to the claim it was made in SD as it is breakdown of the graph. That said if anyone wanted any specific shots I'd be happy to share. I wish Allegorithmic would add some function to quickly output a high-resolution shot of your graph. Thanks It's 4 textures I exported from the one graph with vertex blending done in UE4 using tessellation. These are the individual ones I used:
  4. This threads been a little quite lately. I've been plugging away at another substance. Got all inspired by various horror things recently, so I made a body horror type meat tunnel. The graph got a little out of hand along the way.
  5. Cheers dude. Plants are tricky because they have so much randomness in them at every level and you're right that substance stuff comes out looking a little more artificial than other things. Same bend in a leaf, same number of leaves on every plant etc are tricky things to avoid in designer without going crazy with multiple generators for plants per substance I found this tutorial a big help getting me started. Then I just expanded on this and developed my stuff from there. Loads of variety helps, I've got 4.5(two share a leaf shape) separate plant shapes building up the foliage in my cliff.
  6. Oh man, it's good to see other people here playing with substance. I finally caved and started getting into it a bit over 2 months ago, after eyeing it cautiously from a distance for a while. I think I've developed some kind of addiction now. This is the first one I've finished that I really feel is worth showing off though, everything generated inside Substance Designer. It's got a pretty hefty graph. I guess it is essentially 2 substances combined though between the rock and the foliage.
  7. Glad you're enjoying it dude! I know there's a few other guys working on some shots, we're all perfectionists though so it can take some time You might find them a bit spoilerish but I've added some shots of my work for this expansion to my page this morning and Aleksey Ivanov put some shots from BaW up yesterday.
  8. I got the same thing, add this to launch options in steam Clicking before you see the splash screen can still crash it, but it'll get there quicker this way. I'm really enjoying the beta so far. Static Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Siphon Grenade seems to be the load out of choice I've slipped into playing. I prefer having the range of the Rocket Launcher over the close quarter advantages of the shotgun. Hit someone with a charged static shot and then finish them off with the launcher usually does the trick, the Siphon Grenade is handy for making people panic. The Demon spawn does bother me, if you get it it's just easy points for you/your team, somewhat takes the skill out. I do think It'd be more fun and balanced without having that raandomised frustration. I like being able to customise the wear and tear on my armour and gear, that's a nice touch. Would really love to get the chance to test it out with some extra settings. Having the FOV locked so low is really bothersome for example. Of the two maps the Hell themed one is my favorite. I much prefer the tighter spaces and the verticality that map offer. You get the height advantage with my loadout, and you can very quickly put people in their place. I also found it much quicker to learn the layout as the various sections are all a bit more distinct from each other. Though I feel both maps in general suffer from being rather too even in their style/theme/lighting/whatever, all the rooms somewhat blur together which doesn't help navigation. Oh and the music is awesome.
  9. The full trailer is now out! Just a week to go.
  10. Time to start showing off what we've been up to since launch .
  11. So hype, you've got my greenlight vote when the time is right!
  12. Our earlier cinematics were indeed handled by Platige, however this latest one was done by the guys at Digic http://www.digicpictures.com/news/2015/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-launch-cinematic/
  13. Oh yes! This looks like it's going to really close the gap between the prequels and Deus Ex. I'd guess we are going to see the rise of UNATCO.
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