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Our launch cinematic is up!

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After several days of searching I've found an MSI 960 GTX for 117 euro. That's 100 euro cheaper than in the stores. Plus, it's only 4 months old and I get the receipt with it for warranty. ETA Wednesday. Ciri, here I come!!!!

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I feel a bit cheap, I keep finding guarded treasure and managing to sneak in and grab the treasure without fighting the monster, especially the fucking great big cyclops south of the map at the destroyed castle.

I'm spending too much time wandering around so I can't kill anything too far south :( So, now I'm going back to complete the baron/witch quests so I can actually get some levels!

in other news:


aka get rekt! i fucking love the fighting!!

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Really enjoying this game so far but fuck me, the movement stuff is annoying. Feels like you're controlling a tank; I just wish Geralt was a little easier to control. And the swimming controls are even worse, what a nightmare! But... It looks flippin amazing and I'm really enjoying it. Honestly, it looks at times like some sort of Romantic-era landscape painting. The foliage in particular is blowing me away, it all feels so natural. This kinda game makes me excited about the future of games :)

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The size of this game is just crazy. I'm getting completely lost in sidequests, Gwent and exploration. 74 hours in and only level 16. Tons of question markers left everywhere, open quests and contracts and if i can believe the internet then i'm not even at the half point of the main quest. And the best thing is i still don't feel bored or inclined to rush to finish.

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