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  1. Looks good, glad to hear they are going for a supposedly darker, more mature take on things, cod has historically been rather silly though I've still enjoyed many of them (felt it all went off the rails a few years back with the future spin). I'm well up for some more traditional COD multiplayer especially
  2. "We need a way to reach high points in the world, let's brainstorm!" "....a fucking huge ladder?" "Great! Let's break for lunch" It looks decent. Setting is interesting and it's got some great talent attached. Looking forward to seeing more gameplay
  3. I just borrowed this from work. So i see there's no Rush mode (why not?)? Anyway, what's the best mode to play in this one? Rush was pretty much all I played in previous Battlfefields (sometimes gave Conquest a go)
  4. Reviews are out: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/days-gone?ref=hp
  5. It's a slightly strange inclusion as I suppose it only appeals to those in the UK who know who Danny Dyer is (are films like the Football Factory popular abroad?). Anyway, kind of amusing
  6. Actually looking forward to this one, will pick it up in a couple of months or so as am enjoying Apex still. I didn't get BFV originally but only because I had so much else to play and it seemed worth waiting for it to be patched.
  7. Apparently though, unfortunately for Bioware, this was actually in development for about a year and a half before Destiny even came out. I can imagine they probably took some inspiration from it anyway.
  8. I love Blackout (and still play it) but the fact that I now find it a bit clunky is a testament to how well designed and streamlined this game is. Simply having attachments added to weapons automatically (and switched when weapons are swapped) makes a huge difference (compared to sitting in the inventory in Blackout, removing attachments and re-attaching manually). Also picking things up while running past without having to hold a button (on console). The little things really do add up.
  9. I stopped playing with the radar off by the way, the game just doesn't properly accommodate for it. There's not enough direction given to the player to be able to tell where to go without it, and I got frustrated with going down the wrong paths at crossroads before the NPC with me would say "are you sure this is the right way?" and I'd have to turn around (which takes ages in a carriage). Also they constantly ask you to get behind "the rock" or "go to the vantage point" and there's literally no way to tell which rock or pillar you're supposed to hide behind without the map active. The game is just too rigidly scripted to make this more immersive than frustrating unfortunately.
  10. At the moment I'm playing with it all totally off. It's actually quite nice. I feel more rewarded for figuring things out and it's teaching me to pay more attention. I realise it makes things slow but it's a pretty slow game anyway so I thought why not double down
  11. I feel like this article summaries my thoughts on this game quite well actually: https://www.patreon.com/posts/thoughts-on-red-22570692. I wouldn't say I find it to be a disappointment at all, but I do feel like I was expecting something a bit more from it. I haven't finished it though, still a long way to go and have been enjoying it more now that I'm spending time outside of the quests (as with the guy in the article) and playing with the radar off as well, which can get a bit tricky but does help with world immersion.
  12. Great information, thanks mate. I think I've come up with a couple of ideas, I'll get the ball rolling on them and check back in should they become successful. The LD principles book is something I was thinking about previously actually as I've been digging into a lot of that at work recently and it definitely interests me, it's just a case of figuring out the right angle for it and knowing that there's enough of a market for it (level design is still relatively niche I guess). Might be fun to work on regardless though.
  13. I'm going to take this as a no then
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