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  1. Including that we are hiring a Lead Level Designer as my replacement, please apply through the website if interested! http://www.dsdambuster.com/careers Cheers
  2. PaulH


    This game is decent, am having a good time with it. I've mainly stuck with the Soldier 76 guy as he's basically the Call of Duty type with the medium range assault rifle and the ability to sprint (not sure why sprint has to be a perk in this game though!). I've tried a couple of the others, I think I want to stick to one guy to get used to it and then branch out when I'm feeling a bit more confident. I did try the Widowmaker for a game or two as well and she was pretty good, and also Bastion is ok on some of the defensive games. Who else would you guys recommend? Is there a character out there that tends to be the most popular for any reason?
  3. PaulH


    Cool, will pick up a copy tomorrow and give it a go, thanks
  4. PaulH


    Yeah I don't doubt there's a big community for it still
  5. PaulH


    So, shame on me I've never played this, but I've seen that it's going relatively cheap now and was considering picking it up...am wondering if I've left it too late? Am I going to get properly owned by everyone who's had it since last year?
  6. PaulH

    Life is Strange

    Just finished playing through the original episodes, really good! Could've easily continued playing, is one of those games where it seems a bit of a shame when it's over
  7. PaulH

    Life is Strange

    For those that don't know, this is free on PS Plus this month along with Killing Floor 2. I'll grab a copy as i've not played it
  8. PaulH

    Sniper Elite 4

    I watched a bit of this the other night before I left work by the way Beck, good job Have been meaning to pick this game up at some point, always a decent series to play in co-op. Are the x-ray kills available in co-op this time around? Not a deal breaker, just always felt like I was missing out a bit by not playing it SP
  9. PaulH

    Far Cry 5

    I also think this looks and sounds interesting in terms of the setting. I do like the Far Cry games (couldn't finish Primal either though Sprony) - I hope there's a bit of a Leftovers/cult vibe mixed in with all the American redneck-ery
  10. Wonder what happened with IO then? I thought the latest game was great once I got around to playing it.
  11. PaulH


    Just finished playing through this. I wanted to enjoy it as much as you guys seem to have but just couldn't, it was just ok overall I thought. The combat never really crossed the line from annoying to fun for me, you never end up feeling like a typhon smashing badass - maybe that's the point and the odds are always stacked against you to make things scarier, but then being scary wasn't something it was good at either (even with the mimics, which seemed to spawn out of my view cone most of the time rather than presenting any jump scare moments). The space sections were frustrating and disorientating, the little alien pods that race up to you and explode were the worst. There was a point in the midsection of the game where I also spent the last few hours of the game simply sprinting between airlocked sections to progress the story, which was normally a case of running for about a minute and then waiting for a two minute loading screen to disappear (on PS4) then running to the next loading screen and repeating. Really the segmentation of the world in this sense took away from the immersion a bit. I could've hung around in those areas to fight the aliens of course but the game never gave me a reason to do so, maybe if the combat was more fun and there was a levelling mechanic of sorts I might have. At the end I also reached a point where the game wiped the option for every to complete a bunch of side quests without warning me that progressing with the main quest would force this, which was a bit annoying though I probably wasn't going to attempt them all anyway. On the plus side I thought they had some interesting ideas such as the recycling technology, fabrication and the mimics, and I liked the fact that you could find everyone on board the ship if you wanted to and see what happened to them and the looking glass stuff was cool. I still found it interesting to play through in the end despite the general frustrations above.
  12. PaulH

    Homefront: The Revolution

    So we carried on creating content for this game after release, and just released our third and final DLC pack. Thought it worth sharing as we did something a bit different with it, taking the action away from the Philly city streets and out into the rural countryside. Now we can draw a line under this project and move onto the next one Some of the art work below:
  13. PaulH

    Nintendo Switch

    I've heard that actually the game is very similar on Wii U, if not a little bit nicer visually (?)
  14. PaulH

    Nintendo Switch

    Think I might need to borrow someone's Wii U and play it on that
  15. PaulH

    Nintendo Switch

    I do actually really want Zelda. I just don't want this console, or to spend ~£350 for the privilege of playing it. First world problems.