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  1. IllFonic is looking to hire a talented level designer to work off-site on a project we have in the works codenamed Project Advena. The game is a very atmospheric adventure experience. The artwork in it is fantastic. We really need someone to help us implement the play by play moments. We have not announced too many details about this project, but it is a great opportunity for level designers who love scripting. This is all UE4 work, heavy knowledge of blueprint is required. Because the work is off-site, we request the candidate be able to work during the same time we are working here in the s
  2. RIP Thrik i will cry on your tombstone
  3. Hey everyone, IllFonic is looking to hire a contract based environment artist. This is for an Unreal Engine 4 project that focuses on urban post apocalyptic environments. Relocation is not required for this project. We are looking for someone who has enough time and has the ability to manage themselves remotely. We desire someone who can be working on the same schedule (same hours) as the rest of the studio at IllFonic. That means it would be grave yard shifts if you are in Europe! We pay competitively. You must have your own machine capable of running Unreal Engine 4. This is a co
  4. I wanna meet up Mino but I have a dinner at 6... can I sext you for the final location???
  5. I'm in the area.... naked
  6. I frequent Pascha when i go to Cologne. Take her there!!!!!!!!!!! 60 euros all you can drink... and other things!
  7. Hey guys we finally put up the Revival Website, right now were still developing the page and figuring out bugs/other improvements as more content comes online and gets live (its a 100% live dev environment from our game/social/web angles). I'd love it if any of you could help us test it and let me know if anything is messing up for you. http://revivalgame.com/ thanks!
  8. Job Description Create and manage a massive amount of weapons, items, armors and more. This job will require an intense amount of focus on gameplay, economic, and balance. The project being worked on will require a very high attention to detail and an obsession with gameplay balance. The system designer must create a system that allows for flexibility as the game adapts and changes over time. Project Description An announced and highly anticipated FPS game that will require a lot of objects released over time. This game is Sci-Fi and could be described as a hardcore PC game. About th
  9. Can we do a mapcore meet up at Jumbo's Clown Room :D :D
  10. i'm down for a mapcore skype group. add me on skype - Kedhrin - or if you're on there, let's start and invite our friends for all the lulz
  11. a client side on a website generally sucks you can even get a web-site built in IRC but its not the same. the ability to share images etc. is just so much better on an actual client. if someone is messaging me on a website based messaging system, i'll more than likely miss it. but thats just me.
  12. IRC room is pretty much dead. I haven't been in there in years.... i know some of you still go in there... but maybe we could start using something more 'cutting edge' and 'hip' to chat casually throughout the day. i'm sure someone has tried to do this before. but maybe we can have an official stance on it (like X place is the official room of Mapcore). personally - i fucking love Skype's chat rooms. It's the closest thing you can get to IRC and pretty much everyone has a skype account.... but i know some companies put blockers on Skype. thoughts? or am i just dumb?
  13. it cost me about 1 bill to get a mug and shirt, donation edition
  14. got a donation edition shirt and mug - --- glad to finally be able to help easily! now you guys are going to have to watch me post pictures of doing illegal activities wearing a mapcore.... mugshot too!
  15. Thrik where is female underwear??? i need to put on my mapcore thong....
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