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  1. AtsEst

    Games W.I.P Thread

    Not a game per se, but I think some people might appreciate it: Posing a character in VR using UE. Rigging and all the hard lifting is handled by http://alexallright.com/allrightrig/
  2. AtsEst

    Games W.I.P Thread

    At that sate yes, but there are enemies in there now so it is more like a bullet hell now, planning to play around wit rogue like elements.
  3. The first Dishonored is one of my favorite games, really looking forward to this!
  4. The freaking watch face works....
  5. The new build of Mythos is now live on the Oculus Store! (it is under concepts so it is free) https://www2.oculus.com/experiences/app/1221236131237268/
  6. ... Ok, how many of you have actually tried the Vive or the Rift with Touch?
  7. Because that would get in the way of your hands which would be worse (unless it was an active robotic solution or a person moving it around all the time). It is much easier to just step over/around the wire than dealing with it in the air. They made it sound more of a problem than I have seen it to be in practice, though yes this varies fro person to person also be skeptical about anything technical that the GB guys say. The Lab is awesome though. And once more, seeing anything on screen does not give you any idea how it is actually to be inside the environment.
  8. AtsEst

    Games W.I.P Thread

    I ma testing a bunch of VR stuff and this is a excerpt from that (expect more info if it works out). Thus the sky actually has to be volumetric, but very performant. It is made using a subdived plane mesh with an unlit material with a perlin noise function for colors and displacement with an ad hoc translucency and lighting solution. Engine is UE4. And a build is up:
  9. Being able to stand up and "touch" things is pretty freaking incredible in VR I do not want to oversell it, but
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