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  1. So many awesome creations. Nice job everyone! Thanks for the article Radu!
  2. It has recently come to New World’s attention that map contest entry Kruppstahl used some art assets for which it did not have permission. As such, it has been withdrawn from the contest and will not receive any prizes. The contest rewards will be shifted up one placement for maps Tobruk, Bure, and Brest who placed fifth, fourth, and third respectively. These maps will receive prizes as though they scored one place higher in the top five. Kruppstahl will still remain in second place because the art in question does not affect judgment of the map. After an investigation we determined that the art in question, taken from Half-Life 2 mod Resistance & Liberation, was included accidentally by Kruppstahl’s creator JakHalz. While working on his previous map called Resistance for the Day of Infamy mod, he wanted to use Resistance & Liberation as inspiration. Due to issues launching the R&L level editor, he decided to import the models to his Day of Defeat: Source folder in order to view them. Six months later while creating Kruppstahl, he accidentally used these art assets thinking they were from Day of Defeat: Source even though they were not in the VPK file. We stated that the use of art from Day of Defeat: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the contest was permitted, and because he forgot the true origin of the assets, he believed that his submission for the contest was legitimate. The contest permitted the use of third party assets provided that relevant permissions were obtained prior to submission. However, permission to use these R&L assets was not sought because they were used unknowingly. Upon realizing where the assets came from when it was reported by members in our community, JakHalz voluntarily took his map off of the Steam Workshop and reached out to us to say he wanted to withdraw Kruppstahl from the contest. We appreciate his honesty and integrity in doing so. As with any of the five contest winners, the other submissions in the contest, or anything that is to our standard of quality from the Day of Infamy community now or in the future, we are still considering Kruppstahl’s inclusion in the official game. In the event that we do include Kruppstahl, we will ensure any unlicensed content is removed or replaced with original content or content used with explicit permission.
  3. I'm going, would be great to meet you guys.
  4. Superhot VR, freaking awesome. Also playing BF1 and Doom.
  5. @Vaya After judging is fine but you can update the workshop file if you want. We won't judge the map on air support mechanics. That wouldn't be fair. The ideal height for the world sky is 2500 units for air support. 3d sky variates a bit in size, but important is that you can't see the planes suddenly disappear when they fly off the map and when they come in, they don't suddenly pop-up in the skybox.
  6. @Andre Valera I understand, you can update the workshop file. Edit: We're releasing another hotfix today that includes a fall-back system for gloves when commonwealth is set as a team in a "worldiscold" map.
  7. @Andre Valera We will try to fix this asap on gamebanana. I think you can still update the workshop file yourself. Let me know please if you have any issues with updating it on the workshop.
  8. We don't have gloves yet for Commonwealth. But don't worry this an issue on our side. Will make a note and let you know if you need to recompile the map.
  9. For anyone using the sdk_liberation.vmf as reference for setting up liberation on their own maps. We found a small issue with it. Apparently, the ins_spawnpoints team Number (int) was set to Insurgents, this should be set to security (see image). Security = Americans/Commonwealth and Insurgents = Wehrmacht. Thanks @Vaya for messaging me.
  10. Can be left as is, we added that vmt on our end and all the other cubemap materials from csgo.
  11. Don't think it's a model issue. Most likely something in the vmt. Swaying effect is shader based
  12. The purple and black checkered textures on csgo props should be fixed in our next patch. @Lizard env_wind should work in Day of Infamy. Though env_wind can be a bit buggy sometimes, when switching from one map to another.
  13. Here's your feedback as promised. Normandy is visually a strong map but can use some improvements on the gameplay side. Liberation is using four objectives I noticed. It's better to make it three, to make sure it's compatible with our standard gamerules and to keep it consistent for the players. US Army start spawn could use some adjustments, Wehrmacht could easily spawn camp and target reinforcements from the US Army side. As a suggestion, I think it would be best to move objective A a bit further from the US Army spawn. Objective D was a bit difficult to capture, I think this is caused by the objective being on a higher ground. To make it more balanced you might want to consider adding a counter building with a direct line of sight to the second floor of the objective building. Overall the map was a lot of fun and especially the church area felt great in testing. If you can find the time I highly recommend to add support for the Offensive gamemode. I think it could be a fun map for this mode. Looking forward to the final version of your level. Keep up the great work!
  14. Hey everyone, We had another good test yesterday, thanks so much to all who came out. We played on Normandy, Dianville, Wolfschanze, and Mairie. That brings us to the end of testing all our contestants maps, a whopping 18 of them were submitted! This was the final testing session before the deadline of the contest, which is December 22nd. We will still be testing after the deadline both internally and with our community of course, but at that point, the maps will be final entries and not subject to change. We are looking forward to playing with all of you and will be announcing the details of this next stage of testing sometime after the deadline. So stay tuned.
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