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  1. Hey all. Sorry I've not been around very much recently! Had a lot going on IRL and with work. Hope you are all doing well! Been working on this scene for a while now but finally finished it up. You can check it out on Artstation. This has been a really fun project and I've learned a lot about UE4 and environment art in general. Really wanted to push myself to learn some new software. Speedtree is amazing! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/bK8EPn
  2. Im looking forward to the day when we're not allowed to open our refrigerators until we've logged into Facebook.
  3. I hope you boys are being compensated well! Just saw this.... Oof.
  4. Blackdog. Stay strong bud!
  5. The first one was great when it came out on Xbox. Up there with Goldeneye imo in terms of how innovative it was for console FPS. Halo 2/3 were pretty decent too, but definitely from 4 onwards it felt supppper generic.
  6. PogoP

    Corona Virus

    Careful dude, with that kinda attitude, you're gonna get cancelled by the internet! How dare you have a difference of opinion?! YOU MUST CONFORM
  7. I'm not sure. I played it a good couple of years after it came out, and I did enjoy it, but I just didn't find it as mindblowing as everyone was saying it was. I found the gameplay to be a bit... Average. But then, games move on so quickly, that maybe I'd already played a game that was inspired from The Last Of Us. Also I think I had overhead the ending and some other bits too, just through the grapevine kinda thing over the years. That's probably my main reason. There wasn't a lot of suspense for me, knowing some big plot points. I knew nothing about TLOU2, so everything came as a huge surprise.
  8. Fuck yeah, Rick. Agreed. You guys should not judge this game until you've played it through fully. I went in with no pre-formed opinions before playing the game (didnt look at any user reviews etc), and came out absolutely loving it. I am SO fucking confused by the reaction to this game, I really am. Personally, I think it's one of the best games of this generation. Maybe even one of the best stories in videogames, in terms of how it makes you re-frame the entire plot of the first game. Really powerful stuff. And for the record, I actually was saying to my friends before we all played that I was not particularly excited about this game, either. I was bordering on feeling negative towards TLOU2. I really don't enjoy Uncharted, and I thought the first TLOU was only alright. This one blew me away. Completely unexpected.
  9. Watched the most recent gameplay vid and it looks... kinda ropey. Kinda reminded me of Skyrim in a way, janky animations and shit. Anyone else think that?
  10. I've tried so many times to get into Deus Ex (the original), but I've never been able. I think it's one of those games you had to experience when it came out. I never played it as a kid, for whatever reason, so missed out Kinda reminds me of old movies that people say are great. You go to watch them, and are left feeling underwhelmed, sometimes. Probably because other movies have taken what made them great, and taken them in different directions, or to the next level, but either way you feel like you've already watched them you know? I think it's likely the same with Deus Ex. Other games took that formula and expanded on it. I might try it again sometime, and see if I can break through that barrier.
  11. TLOU2 is one of my favourite games of this year, easily. Love me some old fashioned shooters, but this is truly pushing the bar of what games can be, in my opinion.
  12. Finished it today. Thought it was fantastic. Slightly disappointed by the ending. Loved Abby as a character. Spoilers below. You've been warned.
  13. Yeah we've been getting absolutely owned the past few nights. I think I'm done with the game now. The maps feel awkward and cramped. Everyone just throws ice walls and smoke down and you're just sat like a lemon waiting for them to disappear. You can't really rotate very well either. I really enjoyed it at the start, and I'm pretty decent, but it's just making me angry now.
  14. Yeah that's the one thing I never liked about PS controllers. Always feels awkward holding both analogue sticks at the same time... But then I wonder if its just because I'm used to the Xbox configuration.
  15. Anyone else playing? Getting crazily good reviews on Steam. Anyone else kinda find it a bit... meh? It's so clunky and barebones. I know it's early access but apparently this has been in development for 8 years? There's barely any content. Combat is sorta fun but super clunky. Controlling your troops feels like a chore to me.
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