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  1. Anyone else playing? Getting crazily good reviews on Steam. Anyone else kinda find it a bit... meh? It's so clunky and barebones. I know it's early access but apparently this has been in development for 8 years? There's barely any content. Combat is sorta fun but super clunky. Controlling your troops feels like a chore to me.
  2. Damn, sorry to hear it dude. At least you're still getting a bit of cash! How's everyone getting on with this coronavirus shiz? It's a weird time, even though I work from home anyway, it just feels.. different. A few months ago, me and my partner found out we're gonna struggle to have kids naturally, so were going to go through IVF treatment.. that has now been postponed so it will likely be a year before we can even start IVF treatment. Really sucks, because it now means we're going to be slightly older parents if we choose to go through with it. Fuck you Coronavirus, and fuck people going out and increasing the chances of spreading it to other people and prolonging the situation.
  3. ^ Enemy idea in the above thread, don't read if you havent finished. ^
  4. It's going to be very, very tough for people to avoid HL:A spoilers, unfortunately. That said, I wouldn't read too much into that tweet.
  5. I think I got roughly the same as you, but went for laser sights on both the SMG and Pistol. It made the game ridiculously easy haha.
  6. Yeah it felt like I was exploring everywhere but I didn't have enough resin for everything. Must have missed some. Tbh I used the pistol most of the game.. I didn't really find the combat particularly challenging. That's probably the one downside of this game, the combat was cool but never very taxing. I kinda wish they'd made it really tough towards the end.
  8. +1 to a lot of Oli's issues. I don't get all of those things myself, but the comfort with glasses definitely needs improving.
  9. For me, it's one of the most immersive games I've ever played. Just got to:
  10. Exciting! Escape from Tarkov scratches some STALKER vibes, but sometimes I wish it had a singleplayer aspect to it. Can't wait for this.
  11. Fucking hell this is such an awesome experience. The art is INCREDIBLE and such high fidelity too. This is setting a new bar for visuals in VR. The game itself is relatively simple, but so engrossing in VR. If you played this without VR, you'd be like.. whats the big fuss? But it just translates a first person shooter to VR so well. It's a bit clunky in places. Also, the narrative stuff is really cool. Bram, what did you work on in this game? Did you by any chance make the old school looking computer cases, keyboards and monitors? They seem like they were made by you haha, they have your style to em. Also, it's so cool to see some of the same elements I re-made in my City 17 UE4 test come back for this. I was obviously going off HL2 for reference as you guys were, but it's cool to see those same models again. I really studied some of those combine door locks lol.
  12. I am so excited. To be honest, I haven't been that hyped, but now... I can't fucking wait. 30 mins!
  13. The game definitely gets better after the snowy level. I turned the difficulty down a bit and I'm enjoying it more. On one of the harder difficulties, it's absolutely punishing and you're constantly on the edge of death. That would be cool but I'm old now and my reflexes aint what they used to be.
  14. This is a really disappointing sequel to 2016. It feels like they added in ALL of the stuff Doom 2016 did away with, for some reason? Because 'sequel'? I really loved Doom 2016 but this one is just a mess, in my opinion. I do love the combat and glory kill stuff, but the sheer amount of upgrades, weapon mods, buttons to learn (I remap my keys in every game to use arrow keys.. Don't ask), things to juggle.. Plus they show every damn encounter on the map, so all sense of suspense is lost, and you know exactly when an arena battle is coming up. It's really weird. I think games are great when they try to mask the gaminess of what you're playing, but this one feels like a designer just splurged all over it and didn't tidy it up afterwards. Like, the bar in the top right. I think that shows you how many encounters you've done? Jesus, talk about removing any sense of suspense. Am I near the end of the level? Oh I'll just check my magic meter in the top right. Maybe I'm wrong there? Seems weird. Also, the story, holy shit. Who gives a fuck? It's Doom. I know I'm gonna absolutely kick ass and destory everything I come across, so why are these demon masterminds acting like they've got the one up on me? They should be absolutely shit scared of me, not making speeches like they have the upper hand. Also, the cutscenes suck. Doomguy looks about 3 foot tall, he looks like an action figure lol. Put all the cutscenes completely in first person - put me in the action at all times. I think I just beat the 4th level, the snowy one? But I'm putting the game down now, I have no interest in continuing. I played Doom 2016 continuously and beat it in like 2 days. So I'm not just shitting on the series - something just isn't quite right with this sequel.
  15. I really enjoyed being back in Black Mesa, and I loved Xen.. At first. It soon got very tedious, unfortunately. Still, it's better than what Half-life did with Xen.
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