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  1. I've tried so many times to get into Deus Ex (the original), but I've never been able. I think it's one of those games you had to experience when it came out. I never played it as a kid, for whatever reason, so missed out Kinda reminds me of old movies that people say are great. You go to watch them, and are left feeling underwhelmed, sometimes. Probably because other movies have taken what made them great, and taken them in different directions, or to the next level, but either way you feel like you've already watched them you know? I think it's likely the same with Deus Ex. Other games took that formula and expanded on it. I might try it again sometime, and see if I can break through that barrier.
  2. TLOU2 is one of my favourite games of this year, easily. Love me some old fashioned shooters, but this is truly pushing the bar of what games can be, in my opinion.
  3. Finished it today. Thought it was fantastic. Slightly disappointed by the ending. Loved Abby as a character. Spoilers below. You've been warned.
  4. Yeah we've been getting absolutely owned the past few nights. I think I'm done with the game now. The maps feel awkward and cramped. Everyone just throws ice walls and smoke down and you're just sat like a lemon waiting for them to disappear. You can't really rotate very well either. I really enjoyed it at the start, and I'm pretty decent, but it's just making me angry now.
  5. Yeah that's the one thing I never liked about PS controllers. Always feels awkward holding both analogue sticks at the same time... But then I wonder if its just because I'm used to the Xbox configuration.
  6. Anyone else playing? Getting crazily good reviews on Steam. Anyone else kinda find it a bit... meh? It's so clunky and barebones. I know it's early access but apparently this has been in development for 8 years? There's barely any content. Combat is sorta fun but super clunky. Controlling your troops feels like a chore to me.
  7. Damn, sorry to hear it dude. At least you're still getting a bit of cash! How's everyone getting on with this coronavirus shiz? It's a weird time, even though I work from home anyway, it just feels.. different. A few months ago, me and my partner found out we're gonna struggle to have kids naturally, so were going to go through IVF treatment.. that has now been postponed so it will likely be a year before we can even start IVF treatment. Really sucks, because it now means we're going to be slightly older parents if we choose to go through with it. Fuck you Coronavirus, and fuck people going out and increasing the chances of spreading it to other people and prolonging the situation.
  8. ^ Enemy idea in the above thread, don't read if you havent finished. ^
  9. It's going to be very, very tough for people to avoid HL:A spoilers, unfortunately. That said, I wouldn't read too much into that tweet.
  10. I think I got roughly the same as you, but went for laser sights on both the SMG and Pistol. It made the game ridiculously easy haha.
  11. Yeah it felt like I was exploring everywhere but I didn't have enough resin for everything. Must have missed some. Tbh I used the pistol most of the game.. I didn't really find the combat particularly challenging. That's probably the one downside of this game, the combat was cool but never very taxing. I kinda wish they'd made it really tough towards the end.
  13. +1 to a lot of Oli's issues. I don't get all of those things myself, but the comfort with glasses definitely needs improving.
  14. For me, it's one of the most immersive games I've ever played. Just got to:
  15. Exciting! Escape from Tarkov scratches some STALKER vibes, but sometimes I wish it had a singleplayer aspect to it. Can't wait for this.
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