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  1. Hah that looks wicked. Hope it's not as boring as Zombie Army Trilogy tho
  2. Ah yes.. Starship Troopers is really fresh in people's minds these days. Glad to see they're cashing in on all the hype.
  3. Increase the saturation on the roof tiles too to give it a bit more colour. Overall it looks like it's got some kind of desaturation filter on top of everything. It'd be nicer if the sun was a bit brighter, the sky were bluer, and the grass/foliage much greener. Nice work
  4. Hehe I was amazed at how much that little scene took off. It was really just an easier way of me learning Substance Designer and thinking about integrating it into my workflow. I hope they're cooking up something amazing for HL3!
  5. Nice man! The cards ont he right tree look a little odd though. Have you tried averaging the normals across the mesh?
  6. Really loved this game, completed it the other day. Got a bit bored of all the running backwards and forwards though, it got a bit convoluted towards the end. Still, really great experience. Did anyone use any of the Mimic powers? I focused all my Neuromods on the 'normal' skills instead.
  7. I just found this area and I swear one of those fuckers was a mimic. This game is incredible.
  8. Disclaimer - I work for UWE, but haven't worked on Subnautica. So glad you're enjoying it Saiodin, they've really nailed it. I played it for the first time a few months ago and I was blown away by it. It's so atmospheric! I can't wait to play the final product.
  9. Cool! Hope this is good. I loved Darksiders 1. Wasn't a huge fan of the second. I felt that the character felt a bit weedy.. and tbh Im not a huge fan of this character. She looks a bit naff imo.
  10. Cool stuff, is that for a Source map or what? I have no idea what Junction is Carrying on with that random space shiz I was doing a few months back. Wanted to get back into hard surface in preparation for getting back to making lots more art soon. Made a Spacex inspired manned capsule/lander thing. Just a quick Marmoset render, I want to make a proper environment for this thing to set in. Need to do another pass on the decals too, they're a bit all over the place.
  11. Yeah man. One way of constantly getting pay rises/more experience
  12. Yeah, we've finished up development of HW2 now. Been there for over 2 years, I fancy a change of pace, and a bit more of a challenge! I'm working with Unknown Worlds on their next project and maybe a bit of Subnautica too
  13. Haha! Hope you're enjoying yourself over there man. Can't wait to try this!
  14. Sweet! Got my free copy with my Sega code, on my last day working at Sega
  15. Great news, congrats!