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  1. PogoP

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Congrats on the release guys. Looks cool and different to the 20,000 Italy based maps everyone seems to make for this game. Ignore these miserable, pedantic fuckers. This is why I don't check Mapcore very often any more lol
  2. Wow, I know Blizzard is just a company, but I thought they might have more balls than this. Im letting my wow classic subscription run out to show a bit of support.
  3. PogoP

    M4A1 Rifle

    Great rendering! Nice work.
  4. Oh cool another shooty shooty bang bang game!
  5. The writing in this game is so cringey. I love the idea of the game but it just boils down to sub-par, boring gunplay and combat. Physics is cool but that's about it. The environments get a bit boring too, as cool as some of them are.... I can only walk past so many desks before I get bored. Maybe it opens up a bit later? I just can't bring myself to play it any more right now. For the guys who made 'Max Payne' they sure seem to have lost the knack for fun gun combat... I find it so dull and unsatisfying This actually seems like the perfect game to have Max Payne's jumps, dives and slow mo combat. Again, maybe you unlock those things later, but if people have stopped playing before you get to the fun stuff... Then you dun fucked up your onboarding/intro.
  6. PogoP

    The random model thread!

    In Max? You can just press flip in editable poly.
  7. PogoP

    The random model thread!

    UV'ing is really odd in Blender, that's my main issue with it. I just love planar mapping from 3ds max
  8. Yeah I'm enjoying it, thanks all. Had an awful game with some hackers earlier though which made us wanna uninstall There's something about the Source engine which is so great. The lighting and texture work on De_Nuke is some of the best I've ever seen. It's just so nice. Is it Source's lighting that makes it so nice? Would love to know if there's been any 'making of' videos, articles etc, on that map re-work.
  9. PogoP

    The random model thread!

    Learning Blender in my spare time. Really cool piece of software with a bunch of weird quirks. Still, gonna hopefully make all my personal stuff in Blender from now on.
  10. Yeah, see this is why I'm finding CSGO so tough lol: Thanks for all the tips everyone. I'm definitely improving, I'm pretty consistently top of the leaderboard in my placement matches, so I just need to keep on playing!
  11. Cool thanks for the tips Dux! I think throwing out the PUBG muscle memory is going to be the biggest hurdle. Need to practice spraying with the M4. Also, I really hate the feel of the AK. Any other good gun recommendations or should I just get good with that?
  12. Me and some friends have been trying to get into CSGO the past week or so, and I just don't understand the appeal of it any more. You guys got any tips on how to.. I dunno, enjoy it more? We're trying competitive because casual has way too many people, but it's putting us up against people that can 360 noscope you as soon as you go round a corner. I know the maps and chokepoints well, but I just don't understand how you can beat these people? Also the matchmaking is taking like 6 mins each time... And people complain about a 20 sec wait on PUBG lol. Any good vids online to learn how to git gud? For example I'm not really sure how I should be spraying either. The gunplay feels really weird in this game coming from PUBG which has really awesome feeling, controllable, realistic weapon recoil.
  13. Completed it the other day. Love the art style, but the game is so easy. It's very repetitive, so you quickly learn that you can actually just run around, grab everything, and escape quite easily. It never gets particularly difficult, and then the ending comes out of nowhere just as you THINK it could potentially start to get difficult. Shame.
  14. If its anything like MGSV it's a big ol' nope from me. That was some really cheesy storytelling, and the gameplay was.. I dunno, just couldn't get into it. For some reason, the bit where he's awkwardly running through the field at 3m in that trailer made me laugh out loud.. Not sure that was their intended emotion. Dunno why it made me laugh. I think its when that cheesy music kicks in hahaha, and the baby flailing about everywhere Poor thing's gonna have a constant concussion. Graphics look very realistic though. Nice moss.
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