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  1. I loved Halo, played it soooo much at uni. Got together with the same bunch of mates to play Reach the other night and... Damn, it doesn't feel the same. I guess older games will never feel exactly the same, but we were actually pretty bored. Dunno why!
  2. Looks amazing. So good to see a modern take on Half life. Won't be buying a VR headset just to play this one game though.
  3. Mandalorian is surprisingly awesome.
  4. Fuckin VR? Get out. Before anyone jumps in to defend VR, I just wanna say that I worked on VR games for just over a year and I couldn't stand it. Made me feel sick and gave me huge headaches. It was always awkward with my glasses on underneath too... I'm interested to see what Valve have done with VR though. Hopefully it's more of a success than Artifact
  5. Glad you're enjoying it HP! I'm very tempted to try it but I'm turned off by some reviews saying it feels very fetch questy... Might wait for it to drop in price a bit and get hold of it. Also, have you encountered this? A friend of mine said that due to the coop stuff in the game, half of the shit you're meant to build has already been built on his playthrough. He said he's really disappointed because he was looking forward to doing that, but that the world feels really populated with roads and outposts or whatever. He was taking out ladders, getting ready to explore this huge barren landscape, and he didn't have to place many at all because there were shitloads already in the world.
  6. Oh man, totally agree. His music was incredible. I can't even remember one track from D3. Have you ever listened to the Burning Crusade soundtrack? It's as memorable as the D2 soundtrack to me, definitely has that Uelmen feel.
  7. Love the fact that D4 is going back to the roots a bit more. That looked great, if maybe slightly tooooo desaturated? Still way more up my street than D3 Nice work all. New Overwatch patch looks good
  8. #freehongkong. Excited to see what Blizz are up to Can't wait to see them get trolled though lol.
  9. I'm currently playing Squad with my mates, which is a really interesting game to me due to the nature of working in squads, coordinating attacks and cooperating with others - its a type of game I've not played before and feels fresh and unique. Sure, its like Arma, but I never really played that. I was a huge fan of PUBG but we've moved on from that now... Tried Apex but couldnt really get into it, it felt really frantic. I think as time goes on, I much prefer slower paced games, which is probably why I didn't enjoy the CoD beta. I'm sure this CoD is a good game, but I just have no interest in playing the same game again. I know exactly how it's going to play out. I'm not hating on it, I'm glad some people are enjoying it. It's just not for me. Maybe I'll try it when it's 20 quid or something, but I'm quite time limited these days too. Maybe that plays a part in it as well.
  10. Agreed with Dux. I tried the multiplayer beta, its the same stuff we've seen before. Not exciting at all to me. I have literally played that game before. I enjoyed it when it was fresh years ago, but I've moved on from the franchise now. I don't even expect it to innovate, it is a very good formula. But no way I'm spending £50 to play the same game I've played before.
  11. PogoP

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Congrats on the release guys. Looks cool and different to the 20,000 Italy based maps everyone seems to make for this game. Ignore these miserable, pedantic fuckers. This is why I don't check Mapcore very often any more lol
  12. Wow, I know Blizzard is just a company, but I thought they might have more balls than this. Im letting my wow classic subscription run out to show a bit of support.
  13. PogoP

    M4A1 Rifle

    Great rendering! Nice work.
  14. Oh cool another shooty shooty bang bang game!
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