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  1. Completed it the other day. Love the art style, but the game is so easy. It's very repetitive, so you quickly learn that you can actually just run around, grab everything, and escape quite easily. It never gets particularly difficult, and then the ending comes out of nowhere just as you THINK it could potentially start to get difficult. Shame.
  2. If its anything like MGSV it's a big ol' nope from me. That was some really cheesy storytelling, and the gameplay was.. I dunno, just couldn't get into it. For some reason, the bit where he's awkwardly running through the field at 3m in that trailer made me laugh out loud.. Not sure that was their intended emotion. Dunno why it made me laugh. I think its when that cheesy music kicks in hahaha, and the baby flailing about everywhere Poor thing's gonna have a constant concussion. Graphics look very realistic though. Nice moss.
  3. Show us some screenshots, maybe we can help if we can see what you're making. One thing that took me a long time to get over, is that your level will look crap for a long time. It only really comes together in the end. All maps look really crappy at the start! Personally when I start an environment (in your case, a new map), I do a very basic blockout of the rough layout to get a feel for it. Even if it ends up changing later, it's a good start and you can iterate on it. I then take one little section and make a little 'beautiful corner' of the map, that is quite highly detailed, to see what the final result could look like. Then, do what Minos said, and start applying what you learn there to the rest of the environment, bit by bit, working in large passes. One other thing - lighting makes such a huge difference. It can make or break an environment. Look at what other maps do and try and replicate what they're doing.
  4. Have you tried playing it on PC? Controls are obviously intended for mobile, unless I'm mistaken somehow? Might wanna work on that. Edit - I'm an idiot. Just didn't work in training mode You might wanna just make the left click button to shoot. Feels a bit weird hitting ctrl.
  5. PogoP

    A Game of Thrones

    I quite enjoyed the last ep. You can tell Martin had more of a hand in it. It was rushed as fuck though, which was a shame. I wish this entire season was cut into 2 separate seasons. One season about the NK, the other about Dany and the siege of King's Landing + wrapping up.
  6. Might dabble for a bit, but I think what made it special was that it was so new and mysterious at the time it came out. Everyone knows how everything works now, there's no more unknowns.
  7. I'm hoping for some stuff from Nintendo! I know they don't tend to do a conference thing, but they usually show off their new games there. Maybe a new Zelda? That'd be cool. Hopefully they expand on BotW's open world a bit and make it a little more engaging. Other than that, not sure really. Intrigued by Star Wars!
  8. Can anyone explain how this is different to Chivalry? If you showed me that trailer and said it was Chivalry, I wouldn't know any different.
  9. Right? Loved that game as a kid. Kinda sucks now IMO. Didn't find it enjoyable at all.
  10. Yeah it's honestly not too much like Dark Souls.. It seems to be much more boss/mini-boss oriented. Obviously DS/BB had big boss fights, but nowhere near the amount and density that Sekiro has. It's really good fun. I think the combat is better tbh, it's more about parrying than dodging/blocking.
  11. It's sooo good. Getting pretty far through and I feel like I'm slowly mastering the combat. MAJOR spoilers below, please do not read if you haven't played much of the game.
  12. who is this guy lol. that fucking avatar lmao
  13. Forget what I said, I'm addicted to this game. And I'm apparently really good at it too, I dunno how. Got 3 wins the other night with 8+ kills average. RIP PUBG.
  14. Very arcadey gameplay. It's polished, but I don't think it's gonna tear me away from PUBG
  15. I was addicted to the first one back in my teens. It was really great. I'm sorta tempted by this but I hear that it's very cutscene heavy? Hmm.
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