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  1. I updated my artstation with Insurgency: Sandstorm materials recently: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L2RdLl Bonus sci-fi material: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/W2l5PJ
  2. Not always the case. New place will be my 6th appartement and first time i need to buy a kitchen. The new place is in excellent shape as far as i can tell. Have never seen a cockroach in Germany btw. Only ever had trouble with ants if anything and now mold. I blame the previous tenants to some degrees. They were pretty strange. The place looked like a third reich nazi museum. Was surprised that they showed it to me but otherwise they didnt seem to let any handymen in and kept the windows closed all the time i suppose because everything was full of swastika flags and such.
  3. Oh wow that sucks. And yea i'm not getting my deposit back but that's ok because i was supposed to pay for reburbishing my old appartement. Instead of paying for that bill directly i will tell him to keep the deposit so he can't fuck me over with the new apartement. What's annoying tho is that i have to pay for moving once again. New place i will also need to buy a new kitchen and a lot more furniture but the quality of life will be so much better. New place has two floors, a terrace and a proper bath with bathtub. I also ordered a mold test from amazon btw and it's growing some insteresting colonies right now...
  4. Just moved into a new place 3 weeks ago and in november i will move out again already because this new place stinks (literally)! Backstory: I lived in this house for 9 years with no problems. Last year i told my landlord that i'm interested in moving into a larger apartement. So happend that one got available this year. The deal was that the new place gets refurbished before i move in. But then 3 weeks before when i already made all the arrangements and packed my stuff the landlord told me a bullshit story that he couldn't find someone to take care of that. I should have cancelled there but was naive and desperate to get into a bigger place so i moved in with only the living room refurbished. First night i notice that the bedroom has a very strange smell. Havent slept there once yet. Also noticed that the hallway smells weird. First couple days i tried with getting lot of fresh air in and cleaning everything. Then i noticed that in the bath and in the windows someone hid mold under a thin layer of paint. Also in the living room some stains appeared from under the freshly painted wall. Then after about a week i confronted my landlord with everything and then things got sour between us. He refused to acknowledge the problems and made some snide remarks like "it's your word against mine". I told him he either fixes this apartement or i will move out again. I think he thought i'm bluffing and was very clear that he doesnt want to spent money even tho the bastard kept the deposit from the people who lived here before! So immediately i started looking for a new place and now i have found something very nice not far away. Tomorrow i will tell my landlord when i have signed the papers. Cant wait to see the look on his face.
  5. Not sure how to feel about it. If it's just a open ended multiplayer sandbox i will pass. If it's like Fallout 3/4 singleplayer but with other players in the game world i will be more interested.
  6. RIP I remember that he was positive and supportive about our game and that certainly helped us a bit. I often watched his videos. Don't know what that programmer was thinking would happen. People need to get of twitter if they have nothing good to say. One way to throw away a career because he certainly will be remembered for this.
  7. Something new for the space fans: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rQnDm
  8. Haven't shared something in a while. Here is a circuit board substance that i made for Polycount challenge: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nRAdE
  9. It's really fun. I'm already 50 hours in and still feels like i've only scratched the surface especially with all the mods out there that add new content. Haven't even bothered much with that yet. Will dive into that when i get bored of my (almost) vanilla game.
  10. I gave Kerbal Space Program a proper shot finaly and love it. It's ticking so many boxes for me. Science, engineering, economics, exploration, drama and excitement. My first succesful langing on the moon was a real thriller. My lander almost tipped over when i got out, little astronaut guy knocked himself out in the process. Then i struggled to get back in because i had no ladders installed, made it barely back with the last drop of fuel, reentry too steep, almost burned my precious experiments, had to manually roll the craft around at high speed to keep the temperatures on them low.
  11. I've been following the whole lootcrate fiasco a bit this week and was thinking about it a lot. I wonder where this corporate greed will lead our industry. For the time being this seems to be here to stay, maybe slowed down a bit, while publishers will continue to think of more schemes secretly. I think what must and will happen eventualy, could be a couple years from now, is is that the industry will have to agree on a code for ethical buisness practices. Otherwise it's only a question of time that some governments or maybe the EU will want to hop in and regulate. This can work. We've seen it in the past with the ESRB, USK etc. organizations for self regulation. Right now it's the wild west out there.
  12. I love the art but i'm not sure i will get it. It's in one of my least favourite genres unfortunately.
  13. This season is much better then the last couple seasons imo. The show started to feel stale and soap opera like/open ended. Finaly things are moving towards something.
  14. @MadsenFK I had to battle with panic attacks a lot in the past. It's not easy because it's all in your head and irrational. What helped me was to always double check what my last thought was before panic kicked in. Although it feels like a physical problem the panic always starts with a bad thought, like for instance a short flash where you have a picture in your head about something bad that could happen. Being aware of these thoughts helps not freaking out that something could be wrong with your health and can stop the panic atttack before it gets worse. The other thing that helped me get over the worst of it was that i stopped fearing the fear. At some point i got so upset with it that i developed a "fuck off" attitude towards the fear and in that moment clicked something for me that it had no power over me anymore.
  15. Reminder that Gwent - The Witcher Card game goes into open beta on wednesday. https://www.playgwent.com/en I've played it on closed beta for over a month already and love it. Also:
  16. Is anyone in the Gwent beta? I've never played any of the popular card collection games but i'm enjoying this quite a bit. Think i will sink a lot of time into this when it's public.
  17. Mhh yea i was mildly interested in this but just in time i feel off put again by Bioware. I loved the first ME and DA but completely lost interest when the sequels came out.
  18. It's so much fun to make gross substances. Experiment with different input:
  19. I don't have much hope for this. It looks like made for TV, some of the artistic choices are so weird to me. Why make a movie on a grey overcloud day and then further desaturate it in post process? it looks like ass. I can't believe this is directed by Ridley Scott, who used to have such a good hand at making visualy stunning artistic choices. Aside from Fassbender the cast does nothing for me, and the story seems to be as nonsensical as Prometheus.
  20. Just took a closer look into your opus pattern. It's quite complicated to set this up by hand so in order to make this work decently it would definitely take some scripting with fx maps and/or pixel processor. Someone made a opus pattern generator already. You can jus open the sbs to see how he did it https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/1962
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