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ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.


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New thread idea. Thought this would be fun. Post screens of abandoned/rejected/unfinished maps and a little background story.

I'll start with a TS map that started as just a beauty scene but then I tried to turn it into a full map and realized how shitty the layout was.




This is one of the first insurgency maps I worked on. It had a hospital which was pretty cool:




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"High Noon." Source, 2008.


Currently trying to revamp it and make an actual level out of it. EVERYTHING MUST BE IN ONE BSP.


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Hello, hello. :B

So, I've finally decided to stop lurking and start contributing! I created and posted dm_moil a couple of years ago (as 'SKULLHOZER'), you can download the source .vmf for that map here: http://www.mediafire.com/?lq6n61f3hap3gpk Please feel free to create remixes (hey, that sounds like a good competition idea!) or whatever, or just rip it apart and have fun with it... err, yeah :crazy:


This was going to be a CSS map, de_ascension or something like that, but I just never got around to finishing it:





I also created a tiny Portal map for some friends on IRC. I wanted to expand it into something worthwhile but, again, stuff got in the way (damn stuff!). Anyway, check it out if you want to (.vmf included): http://www.mediafire.com/?psv06v67qyoswd6

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Great idea for a thread, sadly I don't have that much to contribute, I have a tendency to see most projects I start to the end. Plus the stuff that I started and didn't get anywhere with has probably been lost on an old hard drive somewhere. One of the few ones that spring to mind was a CS (defusion) level set in an and around a alpine resort, very terrain based, but it was just around the time where 3D_Mike did de_survivor, which kinda made doing a snow based level less appealing.

Closest I can do is a level that was finished but I never bothered releasing, Crytech.

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i have so many of these, but no screenshots. i did find some for two maps though:

pl_metropolis, a tf2 map based on 1930s architecture renders by hugh ferriss:



ctf_europa. i started this for the tf2maps ctf contest. it was way too cramped for tf2 so i started opening it up after the contest finished but forgot about it:




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