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  1. No, you missed my point: the "imagine if it were the other way around" doesn't work, because people like me and women actually suffer for this in really real ways. Like, is someone going to recite Anita's rhetoric while attacking you on the street?
  2. As a gay man, I've never done this, because if I look at a dude the "wrong way" (or if they even think I am) then that dude or maybe even COMPLETE STRANGERS might beat me up or kill me for being gay. In fact, whenever I'm walking around on the street, I look over my shoulder every now and then because I'm afraid someone is going to hurt me for being gay. As straight men, do you ever do this? Do you ever occasionally live in mortal fear because you're a straight dude? Did you know that the women in your life have probably felt similar fears at some point? Men staring at them nonstop. Me
  3. working on an homage to "The Garden of Forking Paths"
  4. I think you need to sell that time travel transition a lot better, especially if that's your main conceit here... apply screen overlay, add a quick screen fade, etc. right now it's just a straight-up teleport that almost looks like a bug with how sudden it is... I'm not saying to make it into a 60 second Final Fantasy summon sequence, but, you know, at least make it juicier.
  5. Oh, hmm... one thing I try to stress really hard is pushing back vs. workaholic crunch culture. I mandate breaks every hour during class, and I tell them not to spend 8 hours a day on their games. To some extent, I suppose this makes them less "employable", but I think less-crunch is the way the game industry is moving (especially re: tech industry's concern over work/life balance), at least in the US where it's a big problem.
  6. Thanks everyone for feedback so far, seems like "learn how to talk and listen" is pretty high up there heh Technical or motivational? Either. Or both.
  7. hey everyone what up I teach undergrads in game development, and we're trying to make university-level games education into something that's (A) arts-oriented but "not-shite" and (B) not-mainly-industry-oriented (Guildhall, Digipen, etc. already exist and serve that role, to me) ... we're trying to make generalists, modder types more than hyper-specialized types... self-learning self-directed people who can design AND produce entire games themselves? like, we're happy if our students go into AAA, but we also want the other 90% of students (let's be honest) to be able to transfer their
  8. hey, if anyone is interested in this, let me know, I can try to put in a word for you... this is probably good more for people on the Producer / Consultant / PR sides of things... keep in mind it's part-time so you probably can't buy a house with this, but it might be a good step to help you shift careers or move to NYC or whatever POST IS HERE: http://gamecenter.nyu.edu/2014/03/seeking-an-industry-liaison The NYU Game Center seeks a dynamic and enterprising individual to consult with our team as an Industry Liaison. The Industry Liaison will spearhead our efforts to create partnersh
  10. I would consider making the dish (or bowl?) have less sides / more angular / more faceted, maybe 8 sides at most? so it catches light in a more interesting way, and so you can read the depth of it better? I think it works in tc_hydro because the bowl is so huge, but here it's like a small depression and its function isn't immediately apparent... actually, yeah, just make the dish like 10 times bigger
  11. What do you mean by this? The teal walls in C1A0 were 160 units tall, and I think the hallways were 192 units wide, and those proportions vs. player eye height, to me, felt really "right", but I don't know if it's intentional or just the result of the wall textures being 160 units tall? It's unclear why they had all these weird texture sizes for everything. Presumably to save texture memory, which they were really worried about? (That's why all the HL1 NPC models use like 15 different BMPs) I remember in mid HL1 mapping days there was a weird trick where you use 240x240 textures and then scal
  12. Glad LWM is useful to people. I usually just build off the grid sometimes... it's really not that big of a deal. I think it's the proportions that ruin everything, real-life human spaces rarely come in cubic volumes. I ran into this in BMS with doing Anomalous Materials. At first I did everything in 128 / 64 unit increments, but it felt really wrong. Valve had the right idea with 160 unit tall walls, it really adds something.
  13. Working on a small Porco Rosso flight sim game designed for VR... it's about looking around, so it had to be an open cockpit game, so... Porco Rosso. It's called "Nostrum." Currently a finalist in the Oculus VR jam, cross your knuckles for me!
  14. Yeah, don't over-think it, especially so early.
  15. hey, just want to shill for someone else's HL2 mod called "From Earth" -- it's a first person Mirror's Edge parkour-ish mod, with a crafting-puzzle system and a sci-fi narrative. it's not far from AAA tendencies, but it's also pretty fresh, which I think is where a lot of Mapcorians want to be. now: they need env artists / level designers, and I think especially TF2 / CS:GO designers who want to dip their toes into single player design should really jump onto this -- this team knows what they're doing. they're a really great team that is strong in coding, character modeling, and animatio
  16. hey, I don't normally shill for other projects, but it's seriously boggling my mind that this team is doing so many things right and they still need level designers -- FROM EARTH is a sci-fi Mirror's Edge-y parkour mod where you explore an alien world and solve puzzles with this cool crafting-system thing. The core team is already made of solid coders, character modelers, and animators -- the most difficult people to recruit for a mod, and they already have them. The team has made 2 large SP mods before (Human Error, Water) and they know what they're doing. If you are interested in th
  17. It's not my job to convince you that you're possibly intimidating women by saying "this woman talking about representation of women in games has nothing of value to say and she's a crook and she's wrong and she's a hack" -- intellectualism can come off as sexist too. So, okay, I'm just going to stop visiting Gaming Discussion. Sorry to bother you.
  18. When the straight white men of MapCore unite to talk about how sexism / homophobia / racism isn't real and isn't worth talking about, especially in the game industry, you're all sending a message to other MapCore community members -- don't post, don't participate, your feelings aren't valid. I think that's okay in EOT because that's the special space for it; I avoid EOT and I'm fine with it. But if you do it out here, in public, keep in mind that people are going to see this, and you're making someone like me feel less welcome here. What, so I'm going to have to start avoiding the "Gamin
  19. Rob: unofficial calendar, dunno how updated it is -- https://www.google.com/calendar/[email protected]
  20. I'll be around. Only firm plans are the Wednesday night indie party + I'll be an IGF booth babe for a little while
  21. You'd have to re-write them. Mainly because those articles (I flipped through them) are solely about your level, and I haven't played your level, so I don't care about reading them? Go back to your essay writing lessons in school. You need to have a main argument that you develop and support. What's interesting about your work or design thinking? I think one possible format for this kind of article would be: 1) State general design idea / design structure that you'll talk about 2) Talk about 2-3 examples of that idea in other games, where that idea came from, pros / cons, BE SPECIFIC
  22. yes, agreed, that's why I'd try to get your theory articles published somewhere -- if it's some random article on your blog, who cares -- but if this is on a big website that someone respects or visits a lot, they're a lot more likely to read it and think highly of it... "oh, it was featured in game developer magazine // oh, it was a GDC presentation // maybe this is worth reading"
  23. suggestion: submit / pitch these theory pieces to Kotaku or Destructoid or The Escapist or RPS or your favorite games blog thing that'll pay you - players like learning about craft - you want to write something that's "generally interesting" / readable by anyone anyway - if the writing is good, then these sites are likely to publish it - if you have industry affiliation or credentials, then they're even more likely to publish (assuming that's okay with your employer) - you'll get some money for your trouble -- I mean, very little, but congrats, you're officially a published freelance writ
  24. - invest in a domain name - I look at your nexuiz levels and think, "okay blocky arena thing" -- you have all these additional buttons and JS animations that are unnecessary... just do something simple and straightforward like this: http://magnarj.net/ the work should speak for itself - no one's arguing you have to be a great environment artist, but I think you do have to be a decent one, or know how to arrange props in a pleasing way, if only just to sell your map concepts further than "blocky arena thing" or "random low LoD farcry3 props arranged on a flat terrain"... I don't know if t
  25. Also, learn to write and write a lot about games. Writing makes you practice thinking.
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