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  1. Congratulations to all the finalists, really hope all these maps can make it into the game. Had a lot of fun testing them, and they were all really unique and brought something new to the game
  2. They did say during the stream when this was asked that they will consider adding more than one of the entries. They also said that those outside the top 5 can keep working on them and if they're good enough, they might add them to the game too. More official maps and variety can only be a good thing.
  3. Looking forward to playing whichever one(s) of these makes it into the game, had a lot of fun testing them and they're a nice change from the default rotation. One suggestion I do have is that from what I've seen, custom maps get almost no play-time. Dod was great for the huge number of customs and this kind of game could be the same. I think it's partly due to any custom maps being in their own separate sever browser - they'd get more visibility if the default server browser included customs with a check box for official maps only defaulted to off.
  4. It was a fake band I made with a friend when I was about 15 that we made artwork and impossible guitar tabs for, and I had the domain for 10 years so I went with that I've gone with Pampers' suggestion for now though, didn't know a site like that existed so it'll do for somewhere to host screens.
  5. I have a sort of relevant question - I haven't looked for a games design job for a couple of years but one has come up almost literally down the road from me. The problem is that even though my domain was registered until later this year, somehow it was bought last March and replaced with a placeholder site, probably waiting for me to ask to buy it back, because there can't be much demand for scorchingcraniums.com So at the minute I have no portfolio. There's a slow version up on webarchive - how bad would it look if I linked to that, or said I can provide a portfolio on request?
  6. Thanks for the feedback @Bevielis. I definitely agree that the map feels pretty small - the original, unfinished Ham and Jam version was designed for 24 players and although I made it bigger, while still trying to keep it tighter than the stock maps, it could turn out that it's still too small. Depending on further feedback, I already have ideas for changes, and opening up more buildings to help disperse the players more. Also, I haven't touched Hammer in about 2 years, so I actually really enjoyed just mapping again. Even if this map didn't get a single download, I loved making this little world and putting all the details and life into it. I got really sick of mapping after finishing my L4D2 campaign but now I have tons of ideas again for DOI.
  7. Finished and uploaded: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803177826 Gamebanana: http://gamebanana.com/maps/193401 Currently supports the 3 main game modes, but is optimised for Offensive. Credits: Neil 'Jed' Jedrzejewski Everyone at Ham and Jam Mapcore CGTextures
  8. Does this need fixing or will it be considered in judging? I'm pretty sure it's because those props are using a CSGO env_map called "metal_railing_cube" which isn't in DOI, and which seems corrupt if I try to export from CSGO. I was going to include edited VMTs with my map but don't want to cause file conflicts if it can be left as-is.
  9. I've modelled the windows for the church in my map since the 2d ones didn't look too good, but is there any way of making different surfaces for bullet holes? I can't really make a concave collision mesh for them since they're too complex, but is there a VMT parameter or a way of using a mask so I can glass bullet holes on the windows but not the frame? This is the actual model (there's a lod to a 2d plane, so they're really cheap outside close range), to show why a fitting collision mesh wouldn't really work: Also, loads of content copied from CSGO has purple and black reflections, with or without bumpmaps. I've checked the VMTs and there are no missing textures/spec maps etc, so I don't know what's causing this, but it happens on loads of textures and props.
  10. Finished up the map a few days ago, 3d skybox completed and done some more optimisation, FPS seems a lot more stable now. I'm working on replacing the Bedford truck from Ham and Jam which Jed let me use, couldn't contact the texture artist so I thought I'd just make my own truck since I had a week spare. Hopefully I can get it textured in the next 2 days and get everything uploaded a few days early. 3d sky: AEC Matador:
  11. Thanks for the feedback @Xanthi. I found it hard to get an idea of how A and B played, since people were new to the map and didn't have time to learn the flanks, defensive positions etc. I'd already removed the yellow building from the apartment capzone, but I've changed it to just the top floor now too, to see how that plays, as well as changing the doors around and giving Allies a stairway up into the point. I've also moved the First Axis spawn on Offensive back behind the barn to give Allies a few more seconds to set up defences. On B, I thought Allies were at a disadvantage so I've swapped the little side door for a whole new flank. On C, I've taken out the route from the Axis advanced spawn directly to the fort, so they now need to take the main road (past the fountain). The area is still there, you just have to go the long way round. And finally, a texture for the Ju52:
  12. This map has a proper old school dod custom feel to it, I really like the part up to B with the traditional architecture. Couple of bugs I noticed though, first is that I spawned......somewhere. Everything was grey (presumably the fog colour), and the only way out was to prone and crawl about 30m until I could finally drop down to the floor and move normally. A similar thing happened in one of the cliff areas (top left?) where there's an invisible ceiling and you can only get through by crawling. Not sure if that was meant to be clipped all the way to the floor, or not at all. 2nd bug, I don't know if this is a problem with your map or a general bug that only came up when this map was playing, but the animated tree leaves were going crazy, stretching about 50ft in the wind, even worse than in this example: Also, some of the cap zones need to be adjusted. They're generally pretty small, and some of them end halfway across a room, which is really confusing since there's no defined boundary. They should probably either fill the building, or one particular room/floor so you know where they end.
  13. I was a little worried it was too small, it was originally a Ham and Jam map which had a 24 player limit. I started from scratch and made a lot of areas bigger, but I did still consciously try to make it less wide-open than most official maps while keeping some longer sight lines. The timing between each point is the same as Comacchio so if I have to, I can easily expand the side routes.
  14. This should be fixed now. I didn't know how to upload the soundscapes or map script as separate files (which didn't work when packed into the bsp), but apparently they upload with the bsp automatically. Tested it out and the map loads fine now, missed the playtest deadline though so I'll have to wait till next week.
  15. Uploaded to the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803177826 Haven't had a chance to fully test that everything's working but I wont have time today so hopefully all the files are included and working properly.
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