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  1. That's some sky, bex. /sunglasses
  2. If anyone wants to try the PS4 alpha, I've got a big ol' pile of North American codes + a handful of european codes. Drop me a PM! Servers are live through Sunday.
  3. My shirt should be arriving soon! Thrik, you really should call the mug the "Murg" on the site. Do it!
  4. Pinned this - here's to many more joining the club!
  5. Congrats, everyone! Do we have a list of the MapCore skins that have made it in? Looks like Pulse is back in this set?
  6. instead of "de_import" you should just call it "export" har har har. (eager to see where you take this!)
  7. Welcome! I moved this over to "Work Release" as it's a full release and not in-progress.
  8. That looks MUCH better, nicely done! You should get a clean thread up with fresh shots in the Work Release forum so I can tweet the hell out of it
  9. Groundhog Day + Source Code + Starship Troopers = sign me up.
  10. I dabbled with a bunch of Quake 1 maps - before I knew how to adjust the Worldcraft grid from 64, I made this map of "Hell" that was a big blocky metal mess with a 1-unit thick lava plane (since, you know, if you sized lower than the grid size it'd snap to 1). You'd fall through the lava into a huge open floor full of Zombies with no cover. It was amazing. My first playable map was a Half-Life DM map called "The Maze" in 1999. I made it for a LAN party; it's a silly map where you run around the bottom but then go up ramps on the side to try and jump the gluon gun at the ceiling. In hindsight I actually kind of almost started to know what I was doing, which is neat. My first released map was "Planet Half-Life HQ," a map I made for the PHL HL1 DM map challenge back in 2000/01. I didn't finish in time for the competition deadline, but that contest gave me the motivation I needed to finally FINISH a map instead of just messing around for months. The momentum from that led me to release a whole bunch of other HL1 DM maps that summer, leading to discovering a mod called Natural Selection that fall, and the rest is history.
  11. I've been plodding through the campaign while some of the dust settles on MP, and I have to say I'm really impressed. Yeah, sure, it's a bombastic military shooter but it's a really good one - this might be the finest one since Modern Warfare. The South China Sea mission is one of the greatest FPS levels I've played in recent memory. Congrats to everyone here who had a hand in this; I'm going to put a lot of time into this game.
  12. Speaking strictly PC, I'll take Diablo 2 over Diablo 3 any day. Buuuuuuut.... My wife and I just finished our couch co-op sessions of D3 on the 360 the other night, and holy shit that feels like the definitive version of Diablo III. So, so good. We had a blast, and will probably tear through it another time or two before we end up co-oping through D3+Reaper of Souls on PS4. High fives all around!
  13. How are you creating the terrain? Is this all noise generation, or are you using the polygon editor to seed the initial shapes? For the Canyon-themed levels on Starhawk, I had issues with steep slopes getting completely wiped out. I manually added a little lip around the edges where the erosion was wiping things out to sort of "collect" the flow and maintain the shapes below. You might also be able to do something similar using custom falloffs on polygon primitives.
  14. KungFuSquirrel


    hooooollllyyyy shit that was fantastic. Even worth seeing in 3D (though IMAX 3D is actually not terrible). Watch it!
  15. I love this! Welcome to the Core Would you mind if I added this to our Steam Workshop collection? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145309288 Trying to highlight all the badassery posted here.
  16. KungFuSquirrel

    [CS:GO] de_bermuda

    Looking good, sir! I've added this to the MapCore CS:GO collection on Steam
  17. Just a heads up, I have Chrome with cookies disabled by default and I get a blank page - not sure what's afoot; it might just be my computer.
  18. needs more as_oilrig remake. Seriously, though, I dig the hell out of oil rigs! I'd encourage you to look at more elevation changes from one side of the map to the other. The upper catwalks are nice, but I think you'd get a much more interesting structure with a few tiers of elevation, plus you could create some really interesting gameplay around the bomb sites with elevated firing or defensive positions.
  19. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/workspaces/18962/ It's the same type of desk Gearbox has/had. I also have the same shelves for my monitors + other stuff. I have the right-corner version of this: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19807432/ - the normal corner desk + the extension is HUGE. All the room in the world, and nice and sturdy. Has already survived two moves (one cross-town, one cross-country)!
  20. Just the way I sort the large collector's edition boxes; they don't fit well with the other box sizes. HL1 is the literal center of attention, though! Vivi, that's a nice screen, but tell me you don't actually sit right there to use the PC
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