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  1. Well now is your chance Only the gasmask marines use new lines which are just pitched down Tsarouhas recordings.
  2. Update time! https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/1711867920418803575 @Pampers I urge you to replay the earthbound maps with our new marine AI and combat space refinements. The AI is an incredible improvement imo. They have classes, bark all their voice lines loud and clear, and will flank the ever living crap out of you . We also implemented our improved vorts from the alien maps into all the earthbound chapters. The new vorts run around the combat spaces a ton more, actively dodge your attacks mid fight, and had a lot of their timings changed so they f
  3. Im glad you liked xen! The lack of marine chatter is a bug and will be fixed. Also youre in luck because our release coming out of early access will include a human grunt ai overhaul and a ton of small earthbound map refinements
  4. We just released an open technical beta if you would like to play the first three maps (out of 19 total) https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/1613893608676653038
  5. Im pretty sure this is a thing you can do with any source engine game so I am sure we will have the support for it as well. (on both points you brought up) Our workshop might be a bit in shambles (last I checked) atm but it takes a load of programming power to get working properly so its on our immediately to do list once we release xen. We want to support mods and mod makers as much as possible so any additional input people have in this realm will definitely be listened to.
  6. Obviously everyone on the team is in support for making the game as moddable and open as possible with sdk tools and documentation on all the new stuff. Youll be able to make anything you normally can on valve source engine games. I would love to do map pack related things (like csgo updates you mean right?) but stuff like that is still up in the air. We'll have to gauge the community interest somehow first. I personally want to continue to produce more SP content for the game post xen release so I am in support of any community that aims to do the same. Yo!
  7. Yes there are definitely plans to do a full pass on the earthbound maps with all this new stuff post xen release.
  8. Some Black Mesa news if you missed it: https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/1715207569423590279 New Features Screenspace Fog ("Xog") Using the GBuffer that we've developed for our new Dynamic Lights, we've added a dynamic, very flexible new fog system that replaces Source's legacy fog. The new "Xog" can be configured on the fly with instant results ingame, it can change over time with I/O, and it can vary in density and color based on height. Best of all, it's very inexpensive to render, costing about as much performance as a single dynamic light.
  9. We posted our xen trailer this morning if you havent seen it yet https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/2537111426405732058 Woot!
  10. @laminutederire Quote form our resident shader guy Chetan in response to your question:
  11. I am sure they would totally be down to help. I wouldnt be able to explain it in the slightest and I am sure it would require more than a forum post to get the ideas across. Im not sure how public or readily available their contact information is but if you need it just pm me.
  12. Black mesa update! http://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/1594703306631918308 Its an engine release so our future xen and interloper maps are as bug free and playable as possible. While this quote here doesnt include everything - its the main things I figured mapcore guys would be excited about. The new dynamic lighting stuff is really intense and honestly opens up source to a whole new realms and genres of level design. (our dlights work through alpha textures as well) If you havent seen an ingame example of image based ambient lighting I suggest you giv
  13. Dont forget about our pretty massive dynamic lighting update Whole post
  14. Hey you thought our work was Valve's, I take that as a compliment Its a lot of work dawg! I mean even getting the game from mod to steam release was an incredible amount of code. Almost disturbing how much actually. Our official statment for release atm is summer 2017. We are definitely pushing all out to keep it that timeframe.
  15. This pic is actually of a completely original location - we are saving the really organic and juicy strange shit for later Also dont worry we arent throwing the original completely out, there will be loads of visually recognizable parts. idk is it?!
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