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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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That'd be pretty cool. please do.

I have started work on a couple of tutorials on how to create the smooth corners. We have a Wiki type setup over on our site. So I just popped up a basic tutorial and an intermediate one.

The basic tutorial creates a flat 90 degree corner where the intermediate tutorial creates a 90 degrees corner but gives a bit of an angle.

I plan on also writing up an advanced tutorial to highlight all the other little things I have learnt, like making a cliff right on the side of the road etc

Anyway here is the link


any feeback would be much appreciated, I have really written any tutorials before

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Wow nice work with the vertexes. Too bad it's hl1/cs or something though, but of course, that makes it even better to have done all that without the displacement function for source!

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I was iffy about the lighting. I'll still throw in props as I make them. Maybe some support beam structure in the middle of the room. I need some ideas on how to improve the architecture of the room. Also, those light beams against the wall have recessed lighting sources. I modeled a light fixture that go into the ceiling.

I think the stalls are a bit too chunky, I used to work in a really new office complex and architecture there was very similar to yours, except it was more open plan, and had quite a few large pillars (or supports) because the floor-space was so large and open, to the support for the floors above. The pillars were used for all sorts of things though, storing key-boxes, notice boards, poster placement etc.

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