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  1. RD

    de_abbottabad (wip)

    There be no need to have such a huge exterior. Or are they going to fly over it with the choppers. So you could cut it off after some distance and then slant the floor up so they cant see the horizon. Also about the lighting, its better to pick a darker sky and have your map brighter. You can have it pretty bright and still have it look like night then. Or you can make the map entirely green nightvision style...
  2. RD

    de_minaret WIP

    I will stay forever. I was never gone. But i did not got an invite for E3?
  3. RD

    de_abbottabad (wip)

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (¦)~~~~~~~~~ÃREDEE gReoF??
  4. RD

    de_minaret WIP

    Add a kaaba to walk around in the center chokepoint. And when it gets shot, you hear a mob raging
  5. RD

    de_abbottabad (wip)

    I am proud. I would not keep it this dark tho because peeps will get depressed. The actual place was much more joyful. Also Osama did not really die.
  6. RD

    [CS:GO]Death Valley

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!
  7. RD

    [CS:GO]Death Valley

    This map does justice to my legacy. Btw, u have my permission to use the original story of Rambohulk. I think it will add that extra touch for the average player who is interested in background stories:
  8. Amazing. What is even more amazing is that he wasnt killed during the project in such a dangerous city
  9. RD


    Herzlich Hessi. Nearing Pearl of Splendor quality!
  10. RD


    Its genius
  11. RD


    Fitna the movie is boring, but its purpose is genius. Special treatment of religion (such as 'no criticism' 'be respectful') inevitably leads to violence. And atheism is not a belief, god is a concept entirely made up by believers, just like anyone can come up with concepts. It says nothing about others. Freedom of speech
  12. RD

    Welcome back

    Fantabulous Thirk. Its loading alot of images tho... 100+ on the main index
  13. RD

    Mapcore Trojan

    I vote for Thrik. While the current admins are also genius, they dont have enough time.
  14. Completed this game many times when i was a child. Now that im a fully developed humanoid, it still looks amazing, possibly even better than the original. And the trailer is brilliant as well.
  15. Why dont they just cut his toenails and put him in a new family? That would help. Great story btw Tomato. And your topic was moved by a mod, so you didnt doublepost :roll:
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