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  1. Dude sweet stuff! I am close to finishing mine. Check it out on sketchfab https://skfb.ly/HNBv
  2. Looks really dark! Perhaps it would be a nicer idea to have such a dark model on a lighter background. The rust and damage look very much the same across the entire thing. There is no real destinction between metal parts apart from the ocassional edge dodging. Perhaps play with the overlays a bit to give it a more unique look. The lamp itself has a nice gradient on it but the values look very washed out / overblown.
  3. Hello again guys, Working on a new weapon (warglaive like).
  4. Hello guys, A slight update on this. I have tried to make the blade look a bit more interesting and worn. I have updated the sketchfab model and attached a screenshot below:
  5. Here is my mopst recent random model: https://skfb.ly/GUuM
  6. Nice stuff guys keep it up. Decided to try something in the stage area and I have altered the window slightly:
  7. ​While this is true, I dont think art makes a good map, but the layout / balance does. And in the department I'm not the right person;)
  8. I don't have any feedback on this as I'm not a mapper but it looks good. What I particularly like is how you took the effort of making a video going over the features of the map and what has changed because of feedback. I want to see more of this!
  9. Hello guys I have not been very active on Mapcore lately but here are some updates. (I also got me an account on Imgur as my hosting has ended and I lost all my previous images) I have been participating in a mentorship with Kelvin Tan in order to work on my handpainting skills. Here is a little classroom scene I'm working on. Nothing is final and very much likely to change in the future. And some individual assets ​Feedback appreciated
  10. Very nice work dudes! Good to see sweet looking maps for CS are still thriving!
  11. Cheers Minos, Euhm I might just have hit the report button by accident.... What i wanted to say was if you have any references or you want to do a paintover feel free to do so. Ive hit a bit of a wall here.
  12. On a whole different project just so I get some options when painting and to just work on something different. Followed Kelvin Tans gun tutorial in 3Dcoat. Here is what I have so far.
  13. Not by that much. I think the tree itself is around 238 triangles (without leaves).
  14. Been playing around with the geometry of the tree and came up with this. The leafs are still work in progress but I slapped them on as reference
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