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  1. Still going, and going, and going.
  2. Just messing with Hammer, though I wonder, how does one tone down the HDR/Blooming to stop it glowing so much?
  3. haha, when I saw the name I was also a bit confused; "Eh? I thought it's skdr's map!?"
  4. Some stuff I found at the carboot; Incoming - 50p Carmageddon 2 - 50p Max Payne 2 - £1 Ghost Recon: Desert Seige - 50p Metroid Prime - £1.50 P.N.03 - £1.50
  5. I was interested in the image you posted, read up on it and decided to place an order myself. Just thought a graphic novel that isn't manga might be a refreshing change for once? We'll see.
  6. Deffinitely needs a bigger garden. (There was a second page!?)
  7. Doing some TF2 style practise; Any crits and suggestions, please post them. The text on the sign comes from a photo a member at this forum took.
  8. Quakis

    I hate my country.

    I hate my country too.
  9. Both really, I'm just a little slow on the playing side since I take my time too much (Still playing through System Shock 2) According to the list I've put together on Mobygames, I have around 247 PC games in total (and counting) There's still a lot of old stuff I want to play (and own) So it'll be a while before I complete my collection.
  10. Over the weeks I got yet MORE games;
  11. Things seem to be working as normal now. Decided to give Batch Compiler a try as well, states errors a bit clearer too. I'm wondering though, does the "Source SDK" need to be kept open for the vbsp etc tools to run? I tend to close it now and then which might be why I was having the problems - yet keeping it open seems to work as it should - really takes some time for non-Build stuff to sink in - Source tools can be very awkward to work with a lot of the time.
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