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Sweet. An AWP map thats actually had time spent on it to make it look nice. Two thumbs up from me. Could change it easily enough to other localities just by changing the vtfs or whatever couldn't you?

Possibly, tho all the custom content is bspzipped into the map.

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Idea is a perfect ten, Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

If you guys have the time, I would recommend that you take the time to remake the board texture, it wouldn't be that hard to whip up something like that in Illustrator or InDesign.

The board is currently 4 x 1024's made from the highest res piccy I could get of a monopoly board. Would be nice to increase the res a bit further but I doubt I will be arsed to do it.

The map was meant to be made in a single day for the fragnbag servers but spiralled into a couple of weeks work using up every spare second of mine and Vivi's time. In retrospect there are certainly things that could have been done better on the map (textures, overbright LDR lighting?) and Vivi has already kicked my ass for my sloppy brushwork, but I think I will carry the lessons learnt into the next map rather than revisiting this one.

Cheers for the suggestion tho :)

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