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  1. If you want to try to get in, heres your chance http://www.charlieoscardelta.com/sitrep ... =&req=view It would be great to hear some opinions from people here!
  2. alexroyce


    You totally need to make a red room that has something super-duper-awesome in it as itll scream significance.
  3. all buildings ive seen made have 8 unit gaps for the floor per each level, enterable or not /\ / \ / \ | | - - | | - - | | - - | |
  4. Itll definetly be an awesome experience E3 Trailer if you havent seen it: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/21256.html
  5. alexroyce


    Holy crap that was awesome.
  6. Just played rockhill with a few others and found it quite fun
  7. Everything goes by so fast in the trailer its pretty hard to comprehend whats going on. Has anyone even noticed the dog?
  8. Its been taken http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=54348&
  9. You should consider making some faces have more detailed lightmaps as theres a lot of great opportunities for kick ass shadows to heighten the atmosphere. Edit: Looks like its been released
  10. If you feel the need to build stuff fast, I suggest just building single scenes and varying all of them quite a bit to show what youre capable of. Building a level usually takes a month or more (at least for me, anyways). The single scene thing really helped me make lots of stuff in under a month, but make sure that you have some real levels made as a lot of places ask for demo levels. Frankly I think portfolios should be nothing but: Contact information Picture Picture Picture Picture ..
  11. 8O Orgasmic. Edit: Now that Ive closed my mouth, I think the trees arent nearly up to par with the rest of the map Also there are some major performance issues as stated earlier in the thread. My 3ghz, Geforce7800 equipped computer runs at an average of 30fps.
  12. Looks good, but the announcer was talking BS about redefining the genere etc.
  13. I agree but what im saying is thats the level of completion nearly all HL2 mods stay at. For some reason few modellers can skin/UV their stuff which means more people are needed, and then people cant figure out how to get the model ingame so progress just stops.
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