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  1. teeluu

    [CS:S] de_riviera

    Here's some ingame footage from the latest and the last beta test. For some reason the moviemaking GUI i used didn't show decals/overlays so it's missing them. Hopefully the final compile today, yey.
  2. teeluu

    [CS:S] de_riviera

    Wow, didn’t quite expect this much of positive feedback Yep, second time i heard about the trim texture so i’ll change that, also need to reconsider those cactuses since they probably grow in a drier environment. I actually had kind of a market place earlier there, i just dropped it due to a new design with that certain area. Maybe it's worth the detail since that’s close to a spawn point and there’s not much of an action going on in there Can you point out some of those spots? I guess I’m already too blind to see them myself I wont probably release any public beta versions since it's so close to finish. I'm hopefully done with it in a week or two!
  3. teeluu

    [CS:S] de_riviera

    Hello! Haven’t been posting much since.. 2006? Anyway, i’ve been studying 3D visualization for 4 years now and it’s about a time to graduate. Several months ago i decided to go for the game industry instead of advertising industry, better late than never.. right? I got pretty much NOTHING on my game related portfolio and i’ve been working with this level for about 3 months now. It has been play tested few times with 6-8 players and it seems to work quite well. I tried to focus on vertical gameplay as much as i could, there's a nice bunch of balconies and such where you can get in to, you can also be easily surprised from behind, camper spots have weak spots and so on. I have no plans on developing it much further anymore. At this point i’m asking for some constructive criticism and suggestions on the visual stuff. Some buildings are quite boring to say, but i'm trying to keep the details in acceptable amount Some of the custom textures and models are from de_corse by hessi. Most of the trees are from Cheroke Team. I did some of the building textures, they're still quite wips tho, missing normal and spec maps etc. Enough of words, layout and screenshots:
  4. teeluu


    Yeah, i agree. Looks a bit too polished, i mainly focused on the 1st render
  5. teeluu

    [3d model]Ferrari Enzo

    Looks neato to me, only thing bothering me is too bright light on the rear side. Anyways, lovely
  6. teeluu


    4-6 inches? Isn't that around 10-15 centimeters? If so, that's one big ass skirting board. I just measured mine and it's about 4 centimeters, and i am still talking about the skirting board.
  7. teeluu


    Oh, much better feedback than i expected http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esl2NNOtHQE this would be the final challenge!
  8. EA's NHL games: You shoot the puck 50 times and score ones or twice, opponent shoots 10 times and scores 5 goals, dunno if it's just me tho. NFS Underground: Drive a perfect race, crash at the last corner and finish last.
  9. teeluu


    Well, like i said the assignment was to model any kind of instrument, of course i chose banjo! I study 3d arts in finland, first year now, same school where skdr is on a third(?) year now. It's not that real but thanks
  10. teeluu


    Oh, thanks guys
  11. teeluu


    A while ago we had an assignment at school where you had to model an instrument as detailed as possible. Nothing spectacular i guess, i didn't have enough time to finalize it properly. Simple object, simple background, be gentle
  12. I'm finnish and i've read pretty much all of his silly messages. The guy seemed quite intelligent actually, while at the same time like an ass with big ego and you could easily see that this wasn't a normal guy at all. He was also depressed if i remember correct, what a surprise. Games had probably nothing to do with it. I know one girl whose friend's brother got shot, it's really unreal to know that the shootings happened quite near me.
  13. They wont give the title to hamilton, imo there's a rule that says drivers won't loose their points even if they're found guilty in this case. Equal thing happened in 1995 in one race or something.
  14. He was probably happy because hamilton - his rookie teammate - didn't win. Anyway, Hamilton beat Alonso in final points, awesome
  15. GO Finland! Finally. What a great race that was
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