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  1. (My Reddit karma is -30)

  2. i dunnnno, i feel like im terrible at this when i read this thread, haha. i done a lot of work lately, though i haven't posted in mapcore in so long.
  3. curman

    References Thread

    Anyone know any good reference/texture shots of like typha (cattails ), or reeds you'd find like in marsh? I'm having trouble finding some, and I don't live that close to any good swamp or marshlands.
  4. Wow, impressive stuff, guys.
  5. curman

    New 3G iPhone

    Skdr, I really hope you don't visit www.appleinsider.com Worst. Apple. Websites. Ever. Plain and simple. They have absolutely no credibility or sources to their posts, and most of it are spoofs, rumors, or mock-up photoshops some user did as a joke to fool them. They are rarely put a post up that is actually true. Back in November 2007 they were going, "New Macbook Pros this tuesday!!". Those continued through December, Jan, Feb, and finally then they released it. It was such a laugh how they just guessed the date over and over. I wouldn't rely on them to tell any unreleased secrets about Apple products.
  6. curman

    STEAM failed me.

    All set, thanks for Aschmack who had a spare copy! Thanks! Killertomato sucks dick!
  7. curman

    STEAM failed me.

    Aye. That or someone can gift me it, and I'll give you some money on Paypal. Basically I'm so bitter at STEAM I don't feel like paying for it again.
  8. curman

    STEAM failed me.

    Yeah you're dumb. Anyway, HP, thanks for the offer. I barely play STEAM because I'm on a Mac. Running windows off of the Mac is rather slow and laggy. I have no intentions on ruining your account or changing the info, I just would need it for about an hour or so. Then you can change the password and all that.
  9. Apparently getting your STEAM account back, if lost, is near impossible. They want pictures and bill receipts of game purchases to authenticate I'm the original owner. Anyway, I just want to use Half-Life 2 to test a mod for a friend. Did anyone buy Orange Box? If you did you likely have 2 copies of Half-Life 2, one being a "gift". You can give it to someone else for free. If anyone has one and wants to get rid of it. I'll take it, and do perverted stuff to thank you. (And/or give you a few bucks on Paypal.) Also isn't there a free login STEAM made for people to just use the Source SDK? Or was that made-up? Thanks!
  10. curman

    HD Televisions

    yeah that contrast ratio is really low. even my monitor is a 3000:1.
  11. curman

    HD Televisions

    Samsung = :monocle: The only downside to our Samsung HDTV is this annoying blue LED at the bottom. You can't turn it off or undue the bulb anyhow. We had to put a piece of tape over it. It was terribly distracting when trying to watch a movie. Also I've seen a few good Sonys (Though I'm not sure how well those perform personally). You're pretty smart, stay away from unknown brands like TVMASTERZ and DIGITALCOOLIMAGES. Just get something well known and established, and make sure it has a warranty. Also most places like Best Buy or Circuit City will offer to install it and wall mount, so you can usually save on that if you want to wall mount it. I wouldn't go mounting it though unless you're 110% sure you want it there for a good long while. Otherwise there will be 4-6 screw holes in your wall.
  12. Yeah I have a bad feeling that Batman movies are more like James Bond series now. Each director has their own take and idea of who and what James Bond is. Either way it's not going to be as exciting seeing as the Joker has already been played.
  13. Batman Begins was amazing though. Once a franchise is destroyed (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin), just make a prequel that makes it awesome again! One of the best scores ever too. that's kind of a stupid link. some guy made that trailer himself, not warner brothers. hell i could take clips from stewart little and have them match a trailer like the dark knight. what was he trying to say? warner bothers copied his pseudo homemade trailer?
  14. Batman movies always seem to be great. Personally though.. really the Joker? You're trying to fill the shoes of Jack Nicholson which almost seems laughable. Why I'm sure the movie will be more than just entertaining I doubt Heath Ledger would do as good as a job as Nicholson did. Speaking of which, why did they fucking re-introduce the Joker? I don't really get it. There are a thousand villains that Heath Ledger could of played yet they gave him a role of a villain who already died! I don't understand is the movie a re-make? It obviously can't be a sequel because the original died.
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