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  1. Ooooh, so you think that extremism is the same as terrorism, oh ok, that makes it all fine :roll: You can continue to live in your fantasy land where it is completely not racist to say that and Besides when you make comments like this It doesn't make you sound like a person that is educated enough to say if he is racist or not. Face it, you have a problem against Muslims, so does thousands of others at times like this. Your copy and paste isnt working? Come on, dont give me these weak excuses. Quote my racist remarks. Oh I'll quote your attitude, maybe while I'm at it make a copy of your avatar and see if that makes a clone of you, maybe if I erase your name on my computer you will change your name. Well, maybe you can proof me that all the suicide bombers have spent their lifes worshipping Allah then. And it was you who said anything about CIA conspiracy, not me
  2. You called me a racist, so answer this one. Sorry but when a guy says "Suicide attacks come with extreme Islam" just sounds that you don't know jack about anything. It's like saying "Violence comes with videogame addiction" or "All who use drugs lose their jobs and do badly in their life overall". But you are entitled to your racist remarks. The truth isnt arrogant. You called me a racist, then quote my racist remarks. There are none, so the only logical conclusion is you had an emotional outburst. You are free to prove me wrong by quoting my racism. I would quote your attitude towards Muslims right here, but copy paste doesn't copy it. Ok, so prove me that you AREN'T a racist, if you are so tolerant there must be something to prove it. What is your opinion about Middle-East and Islam? Again, blinded by your emotions you imagine things i never wrote. Quote me. Quote me, quote me, quote me, the fact that "quote me" is your only defence only proves that you noticed it your self too, it's nothing to be ashamed, I hate all religions and I think that people believing in them are misguided and wrong. Completely distorted the timeline here, but your point being? Tell me more about your distorted timeline? So what you are saying is, as soon as a muslim commits a crime he cant be a muslim? Does extreme Islam even exist to you? Who will solve the problem of extremism in the Middle East when muslims feel it has nothing to do with them, their religion or their culture? The logical answer is that the USA will have to deal with it themselves in any way they please. Its happening. And how are you so sure that extreme Islam is so perfect that it has no influence over terrorists? Dont ignore this question like you have ignored all before, answer it. Why did they spend their lifes in mosques, carry Korans during their attacks, make video statements quoting the Koran, chant about Allah in the last seconds of their lifes? Umm, if their religion says that "you should not kill" then when he kills he doesn't really live by the religion or believe in it. If he really was so dedicated to his religion he would follow it exactly. They are just using it as an excuse to do the stuff they are doing, and they are manipulated by their religious leaders who think that they are doing Allahs work by killing people, but I believe that it doesn't say anywhere in Koran that they should terrorise people or do what they are doing right now. I don't think that extreme Islam is perfect, and it certainly has influenced the terrorist attacks, but extreme Islam doesn't go hand in hand with suicide bombing, neither does any other extreme thing, it's just that kind of fucked up way of thinking that led the world in to this shit in the first place, Muslims thinking that extremism is the same as terrorism and the western world thinking that extreme Islamists are the same as terrorists. And that they chant the name of Allah when they blow temselfs up doesn't mean jack shit, if I blow myself up and chant the name of Captain Crunch does it make me extreme cereal fan or something? Those people are maniacs and in a some sort of psychosis, their actions can't be traced back to a religion or any group of people.
  3. QFT All the pictures Bic posted just shows very large parts of planes, where in the case of Pentagon and Flight 93 there is absolutely nothing. True, Aircraft grade aluminium can rip to pieces and fly everywhere, but the chances of it disintegrating and leaving not a single large piece (cockpit, winds, tailsection all reinforced) in sight not to mention the smaller debris that has usually flown about like chairs, toilets and such in two separate cases is straight zero. As for if there was some sort of conspiracy and why would they shoot a missile on the ground, all we can do is speculate, there are hundreds of valid reasons.
  4. Get down from your pedestal, that arrogant bullshit doesn't work on me one bit. The so called "Muslim extremists" are not Muslims one bit, they are like football rioters, they don't even care who won the match, they still are going to trash the place. I bet that you think that every terrorist from Middle-East is a Muslim extremist, and that it has nothing to do with the current USA campaign in Middle-East. You have just brainwashed yourself to believe that the terrorists usa Islam as their main reason, because it suits you just fine, you think that all people living in Islamic countries are so different from you, and that they do these things solely for religion and that they are that uneducated and misinformed, it's suits you fine, because it sets you higher than them and you can feel sorry for them because in your mind, the people didn't have any say to it, because their religion made them do it. But in reality, they hate our guts for letting USA invade their territory, no one lifted a finger to stop them from doing it, and after we have destroyed everything, we created the situation and now we draw ridiculous pictures of their Prophet and give all the support to Israel on their quest to rid all Palestineans, without judging them at all.
  5. There is your racist cracker quote, shows that you not only are infact a racist, but you are very badly educated too. What makes us any different then? There are alot of extremism going on in Christian world too, extremism not only what went down in Ireland in the past but mindless brainwashed people who think that televangelists are actually connected with god and everything like that. And I think that if let's say, Italy or Germany was occupied by some Middle-Eastern country, say, Iran, there would be alot of crazy shit going on in Europe too. Foreign invading army next door creates little tension. Not to mention if Switzerland was give to Hindus by Indonesia (as absurd idea as UK giving Palestinea to Jews).
  6. It's basically what you are saying all the time, you were earlier so proud of your superior tolerance and the "widely known dutch tolerance" and now you come out like a racist. You are all the time, implying that Muslims are evil by default, and that our moral is far superior to their, even though wars started by western countries has killed many more of them than their terrorist attacks, not to mention that we have turned homes, schools and hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan in to dust. Just face it, you have a problem in your brain, and that is racism, you are actually the worst kind of racist, you somehow justify your racism and don't admit that you are a racist.
  7. Actually, most MNCs pay 40% to 100% higher than local wages. I'm curious about this. Kosmo do you have an article or source? You have to be living in the moon if you don't know that large employees moving create large areas with almost no infrastructure and large groups of unemployed people that have no chance on re-employing since there are no other employees in the area. There are tons and tons of greate examples, one of the biggest is UK, when few big mines were stripmined and there were no more coal to mine the mines just closed down leaving tens of thousands of people without a job and the surrounding infrastructure crumbled because service is useless without people to serve. 80kilometers from Oulu (that is where I live) is Raahe, it is basically supported by a steelmill called Rauta Ruukki, it laid out hundreds of employees few years back and it had very widespread effects in the local economy. Many of the schools and such were funded by Ruukki, if they left, they would create a town with absolutely nothing at all.
  8. But you have to understand that what corporation giveth it taketh away, and a great example of this is many steel mills that create just poverty gaps in areas that were prospering before. Sure the corporations are happy to build shit around them when they are there, but when they leave, they have no remorse on pulling the plug on everything they built. Cashflow just stops no matter what the circumstances.
  9. Well, I think that everyone was in bit of a shock when they first saw that go down. I myself was taking a nap and my roommate was watching the news, he put the tv so loud that I woke up and then we saw the first plane crash (obviously being in finland, everything had happened hours ago, but still it was the first time they was showing that in tv here) and we thought that it was joke or something, surreal. But after several hours of news feed from the happenings in NYC, it sunk in, one of the biggest disasters just had happened the previous night. And we both knew that it would be a global scale thing, affecting the world politics for the coming decades. Really sad when you think about it, event like 9/11 still has long range effect, and a real disaster like the tsunami was just a newsday media event and then forgotten, and to me, the tsunami was way bigger thing than 9/11 ever was and ever will be, and I know that many agree, but still we let bs like this take control of our lifes.
  10. As unsafe as I would feel in a world where the President of Iran would have some superweapons, is as unsafe as I feel now when a fundamental christian like Geroge Bush and his lying bunch of merry men is in charge of the most dangerous nation in the world. I don't care what people say, what matters is what they DO, and USA has proven that it is the most dargerous nation in the face of the earth, it has killed innocent people and destroyed homes and hospitals in wars that it has started with no actual evidence at all. It is as unjustified and unforgivable as actions that have taken place in Chechnya and Tibet.
  11. Fletch there are some big names on your long list, but I got, God, the institute of lower level scientologists with some logistics and a segway, Steve the fanboy, The Pope, Snoop Dogg, The Undertaker, Philips and Sanyo, and they all are on the same page. You really are confident that the way people are trying to impress someone isn't necessarily blackmailing, inside trade, pat in the back and a secret handshake. Ofcourse you understand that if some senator goes around telling that the goverment screwed everyone over, it wouldn't mean that few guys from the high level would get das boot, but all the lower level personnel would be sacrifised first and the higher level goverment can't lose anything, their asses are secured. Blindly believing in something is just so wrong.
  12. The point that you completely missed was that they are not actually "ooh, scary fruitcake people who are completely different from us, making suicide bombing and eating babies" liek you are saying, I consider those in power to be equally insane who sit behind their desk and shoot innocent people with Tomahawks. A perspective you seem to always completely ignore in every discussion.
  13. The debate on "videogame violence" is the same as on drugs. News show only the sad drug stories and not the ones dude tripping on acid and having the time of his life and the next day going to work as a banker that makes more money than the sad newscasters trying to ruin drugs for everybody.
  14. Ok, so one question to everybody, me included. Is anyone here an engineer? Does anyone here work with building materials? Does anyone have anything more than "it was in a documentary, you are poopie head for believing your documentary over my documentary". Not a single one of us know the cold hard facts, the facts that pay the bills on this matter. So pipe down and stop insulting each other over something you actually know as little as the other guy. If you are so sure that something funky went down on the tower that made it collapse, bring me a melted piece of the steel collumn, I'll try to do the same to back up my theories, and as long as neither of us can get some unbreakable facts, it's just guesswork on everyones part.
  15. And that has to do with something because? Leaders of several nations are complete nutcases, they have Tomahawks.
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