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inspired by the 1.6 map of the same name

remade for source by: JamesL & Generalvivi

map & textures - JamesL

models & lighting FX - Generalvivi

Construction - 2 weeks

Compile Time - 10 mins

BSP zipped size - 22meg

LDR/HDR - enabled

Spawns - 24

Weapons - awp / deagle / knife

Set mp_roundtime @ 2 mins

Set net_maxfilesize @ 25meg

board is a 1936 German edition

cards are 1936 US edition

Download from











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The board is a German version because it was the higest res picture I could find via google images. Also it has some fascinating history. It dates from 1936, just before WWII began (check out the values of the properties in Reichmarks) and is one of something like 400 that were made at that time for the German market. Apparently virtually all the other remaining sets were destroyed during the war when the allied forces bombed the crap out of large parts of Germany, so the board is pretty much one of a kind. After spending a while looking for a good image source then finding this and reading it's history, it really fascinated me and I simply _had_ to use it.

I was also trying to get hold of some images of the cards and money that went with it, so I contacted the guy who has the board via e-mail. Sadly he said he could not supply me with hi-res images of it. I guess he was worried about people making replicas or something along those lines.

Anyways, that's why the board n cards don't match :)

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