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I did think of it a lot before I posted that post as I had already seen the reactions towards Alex. But I thought no, this is a mature forum and I should be able to post my post without getting personal insults. And now just look at Curmans post...

I try to shed light on the subject from several sides as I thought that was appropiate response to some of the very narrow mud casting. I find it incredible that I can't do that without getting called a kid within 5 minutes. And this is supposed to be a somewhat serious game editing forum?

And regarding that comparision post then certain people did say several false things about me using no clip and all kind of other shit. I can't care much about that though as everyone can try and take the pictures without any kind of bias and you will get the result I showed.

When reading over this thread I do for some reason come to think about the good old "Discussing on the internet is like...". -And that is not a good sign. Why create a storm in a glass of water?

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jamesL you mind if i convert your map to the real playeble monopoly board game...? just wonder if it would work...
I've actually started that before I saw this map. I've got the deed textures and money textures all in so far. Don't know when I'm going to work on it again.

These are beta pictures. The last one has all the textures except community chest and chance which will take FOREVER.

Oh wow old thread.




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