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  1. Think you should be fine here as long as you can come up with substantive enough areas that you want to explore in this topic : what's different about the pipeline? do the rendering constraints of game engines make things too difficult from an asset creation perspective to make it worth it? are certain engines more inherently suited to this sort of thing than others? So yeah, there's a ton of stuff you can explore in that field, it's just finding a way of presenting it as an academically interesting topic that you can explore in a fairly in depth way rather that 'I want to make building in UDK' or w/e.
  2. I might be wrong here, but fairly sure that Source doesn't support multiple UV channels.
  3. Schmung

    space corridor

    I am getting something on an Alien vibe off of this. thing. Looks great. Think adding some splodges of colour with the pipes (be it adding identification colour bands to each pipe or actually colouring the things themselves) and maybe doing something with the walkways as well.Give it a sort of Mirrors Edge in space vibe with splashes of colour delineating pathways etc. Locing the lighting and softish padded ceiling.
  4. I'd be tempted by this. Fine with source, though I'm using 2007 at the mo. Any firm rules on custom content?
  5. Played on 360 earlier. Single player was ok, bit confusing at times, but multiplayer is a total blast. Really like how the camera distortion etc is used to give the player feedback. Levels are stuffed with detail as well.
  6. One of team members is a bit younger than the rest of us and I was speaking to him last night and he was just appalled at the amount of abuse the mod was getting. I think you just get used to tuning out the noise after a while. If people have the taken the time to write something half decent and well thought out then it's generally worth reading (even if you may disagree with the specifics of what they're saying) but if it's just a few lines of what amounts to abuse then it's generally best just to ignore it.
  7. Have to say many thanks for this, just downloaded this yesterday and it's really nifty. Quite simple to use once you get your head round the concepts and what nodes can link to what. very useful to generate a template or base texture that you can then refine in photoshop. Great for bricks and stuff as I had a really hard time getting them to tile nicely when using photosourced stuff.
  8. Further to what the other guys have said, what strikes me about this is that there's not really a sense of place. There doesn't seem to be any coherency or purpose to the placement of things in there that suggests what the area is or what any of the props in the room are doing. It all looks a bit too random at the moment. If you're aiming to scare to people then you need to keep them immersed and an environment that's too obviously artificial and obvious isn't going to help you. If you build something convincing that feels like a real place then building the scares in will come a lot easier. Other people have mentioned the textures - you've got a couple of issues here. Some of them aren't tiling too well, they have obvious artefacts when they are tiled. Inconsistency of scale between textures Alignment issues up the wazoo (the huge-o grate in the floor is a good example of this) Excessive normalling; whereby it looks like you've auto generated the normal for the sake of having it and some areas of the texture have way more depth than they should. The floor texture for instance. I can't find it right now, but back in the HL1 days there was a fairly nifty article by (I think) valve that covered creating a texture set and gave some decent advice on what elements you wanted to include and how to make it work together. Things have changed somewhat since then, but it's still worth a read if you can track it down.
  9. Looking good Dan. Maybe some light fitting on those girders? I'll update all the materials for the vehicles once I've finished rebuilding my PC. Again.
  10. If memory serves it uses the origin of the model as a starting point to calculating the lighting. Plus, if you use the alphatest shader it's only doing very basic lighting any, so you tend to get artefacts everywhere. So -be careful with your origins and try and create a texture thats versatile and don't do anything too fancy with your lighting in areas where you have trees/
  11. Schmung

    3Ds Max 2008

    Might be worth trying blender or milkshape? They might have working plugins so you can export it.
  12. Schmung

    The random model thread!

    I think the thing that's making it look a bit off is that the rest of the wearing and rusting doesn't match the amount of abuse you see from the scratched and spotted areas. Age the rest of it to the match that and you should be set. Looking at the amount of rust on it you'd expect the bumpers to have aged more. The plastic used for bumpers tends to discolour a bit with age (especially if it's had something spilled on it) and it's probably going to be covered with all sorts of crap anyway. I'd expect to see a bit more rust around the bottom of the door where it meets the arch and at the bottom of the radiator grille. Pretty much where water is going to continually drip and pool. Hope that helps a bit.
  13. This program is a great timesaver and a total doddle to use. Having an absolute mare of a time getting hte files into max though.
  14. Hullo there, I'm working on the same mod as Tanuki and in the interests of speeding things up (time difference and whatnot) I gave the file a quick go. Aside from the mental HDR settings in this map breaking it, I think it looks a bit better. I'd take a screen minus the HDR, but my PC is running a batch job and firing up HL2 would not be wise. Hopefully the unbloomed bit of the image is enough to get an idea. Edit : Scratch that, non HDR screen now supplied as well, though it still looks a tad too bright. Forgive the intrusion of a tiny autumn tree in the BG as well - thats me faffing about.
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