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  1. Just caught this thread. Congratulations, you made me buy and install CS:GO.
  2. 1) Resolution, everyone seems to agree that you need a higher-than-hd resolution for VR. Not necessarily, though it does help. But of course the higher the res the more horsepower you need to drive it and the higher the cost of that tech. 2) Glasses. I haven't tried one of the new VR sets but I have a concern. I wear glasses when playing video games, how do I do that with a VR headset. Morpheus has a sliding optic block; its fine to use with glasses. 3) Motion sickness 4) If you don't own one, it's hard to explain via video. You're confusing motion sickness (physical cues of motion in the absence of visual ones) with simulator sickness (visual cues for motion in the absence of physical ones) but I get what you mean. There are strategies to mitigate this; high framerates, reducing lag on turning, acclimatization into simulation (amongst many others) but its highly likely the case that a small percentage of people will always become sick in a simulation.
  3. Shuhei Yoshida has publically said: "Not this year" Everyone working around it is NDA'd up to the eyeballs so you're not going to get any more than that I'm afraid.
  4. Yeah I'm working on one of the titles. Designing for VR is quite different to working on more conventional titles, you need to relearn a lot of the design principles you thought set in stone. They are quite different in a VR environment. I'm interested to see what MS come up with too. Competition is healthy
  5. So we're finally announced http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-03-18-sony-unveils-vr-headset-at-gdc http://kotaku.com/sony-announces-virtual-reality-is-coming-to-the-playsta-1546773778 Has anyone tried this yet at GDC? What are the community's thoughts on VR then?
  6. Very sorry to hear about the studio and everyone affected by its closure. If any of you ex Grin folks want to hit me up on Linked in (James Lane) or PM me here I'm happy to pass on CVs to Sony recruiters. Good luck.
  7. Few Sony bits from me (predictably) The motion controller demo by Rick and Anton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgLN7uOj8Jg Game I've been working on the last year. Light years away from the stuff most of you guys are into game-wise, but you might find some of the AR marker, drawing scanning and rendering tech interesting.
  8. Now that pretty much sold it to me CoH was a tremendous game. I lol'd for real That's put me off again.... ah crap it's only gonna be like 30 quid I spose ...
  9. how are sony treating in house developers? is it the same as third party or do you actually get to use more of architecture? i understand if you cannot answer this. We're not really allowed to talk about anything dev or tech related. However Sony do treat their staff very well. As an employer they are the best I have worked for, great benefits, facilities, working practices etc. I love you James <3 Hey Vivi, finished TMP_lodge yet?
  10. Been umming and ahhing over this one. I really want it to be great but I just have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'm going to be disappointed. Anyone want to give a definitive pros n cons list based on the beta?
  11. Fascinating isn't it. I'd love to comment on this but it would likely lose me my job.
  12. Elite Force was fantastic back in the day. I am probably showing my age a little here, but it really doesn't seem _that_ long ago. Was it? Never even knew there was a sequel, but given Dux's stunning review perhaps that was for the best. @ the haters, for every few crap ideas in Star Trek there was at least one fantastic one. Don't let the cheesy sci-fi soap opera veneer ruin the good bits for you.
  13. I'm very surprised that they have come even this far. Source is a tough/slow engine to create content for. More power to them, I hope they make it to release.
  14. TOTALLY AWESOME MUSIC (caps for additional awesome) http://www.discogs.com/release/1423456
  15. In the post from Amazon, should be here tomorrow After reading the reviews I can't wait to get my teeth into this. /bucks the PC.core trend by getting it on 360
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