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  1. I actually meant to change the texture size at the beginning of this month's contest. I forgot to change that when I copy/pasted the rules from last month.
  2. That is AWESOME, MDS. I simply love the design and texture. Wow, this contest is shaping up with some great entries.
  3. Little things, too! It's incredibly well thought-out.
  4. GO TEAM VENTURE! Seriously one of the funniest cartoons on Cartoon Network right now. Entering its second season (you can pick up the first season on DVD right now) and just as funny as ever. This has been the first cartoon I've really thoroughly enjoyed and laughed at since perhaps The Critic or The Tick. It's simply awesome.
  5. Ignoring the laws of nations doesn't mean they don't exist or are not valid in a world setting, RD. If you want to start a thread about notions of freedom we can do that but in the context of this argument you're really branching out.
  6. Alpha is, normals you can do, but please do a non-normal-mapped skin for the contest proper. GREAT model/skin Fictious!
  7. I said Europe fucked up the handling of the cartoon after it had been printed. Your reading comprehension needs some work. Both sides were being humungus dicks over one little cartoon. The ME was yelling jihad and rattling their sabres and the EU was going "lol freedom of speech am i rite?" and printing off the picture repeatedly in an antagonistic fashion for no other reason than to piss off the ME and Muslims in general more. They have the right to do what they did, but it doesn't make it any less irresponsible.
  8. And I'm against the government burning the Koran. I've stated this repeatedly. Honestly RD are you just trolling now or are you actually this stupid?
  9. where's the mp5? That fucking gun is in everything.
  10. The Postman


    It's supposed to be a place to contain some of the more retarded postings that went on in the mapcore of old. Every once in a while someone does something really dumb in there and we ban them for it.
  11. Fear is always a motivator used in democracy. Fear that you'll lose your job, fear that you'll become sick and unable to care for yourself or others, fear that people coming into your country are going to destroy it, fear that other nations will attack you. It's the same as anything, really. There's not as much difference as you might think. Politicians make promises and break them in the same speech, it's not so much a favor to the people as it is securing power for themselves. I site America's incumbancy rates for the House and Senate. It's something like 95% and has been for a long while now. Now this I find an interesting angle. It is quite like a perversion of our own elections as a facade for a cheap form of despotism. I can see that.
  12. they were elected. The world was shocked that they were, but they were elected. As for politicians doing anything to win the favor of the people though? Oldest trick in the book. The best scenario in my book would be for Israel to go back to its 1967 borders, the Palestinians to be given an official state and for diplomacy to be started anew. As things progress currently I don't think Hamas will be elected again. We've pretty much ensured that by pulling out support of a Hamas-led government and letting the people taste starvation ( no pun intended).
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