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  1. Mitch Mitchell

    Rage 2

    The first trailer they show'd appeared pre-rendered compared to the latest trailer, which appeared to be in-game. I say this due to the very strong anti-aliasing in the first trailer versus the recent trailer, that had 'jaggies' everywhere. First Trailer: Recent trailer: Big difference...
  2. Mitch Mitchell

    Unreal Engine 4

    @blackdogFrom the very first blog: So, I think my point (that is confirmed by the actions of the moderators, including UT3 discussions on Steam) is that this had great potential, but was thwarted by hiring "UT Veterans". All this did was create a toxic environment, wherein the community was always gong to be at odds with those who wanted to make UT4 a re-hash of "UT2003"... Bad starting position, as so indicated by them abandoning the project. They destroyed their own game, but, the mods continually blamed the community with 'you are not a real fan of UT...you don't understand what UT is all about' and so on and so forth. In essence, if you do not agree with us, the moderators, then you are wrong. The response(s) from the community were a combination of shock and astonishment.
  3. Mitch Mitchell

    Unreal Engine 4

    Agree Disagree No opinion ~ They specifically 'hired' people to lead hornswoggle the community into a certain direction. I think it was just PR and getting people to use their engine, even at a rudimentary level. I doubt any company would just hire people without an end-goal of some kind for paragon. From a game mechanics POV, it was clearly flawed and simply not fun. As such, it will be forgotten very quickly - I actually forgot they made it until you reminded me they did. You might be right in that they were fishing, but with the quantity of assets and design applied to it, I think it and Robo Recall will fall into the classification of 'we think this is a popular thing, let's make something for it'. Lane-games and VR respectively. Both games are the exact same thing I would have expected CCP Games to try and make with no fore-thought. I would, too; wish to see a remastered "Unreal"...but I am unsure whether it would be any good, if they give it to a member of staff that tries to turn it into something terrible, like "Destiny", with lootboxes...and taunt animations.
  4. Mitch Mitchell

    Unreal Engine 4

    Yup. When it was announced they essentially said they were going to base the game on an earlier release, and sought to hire community leaders who would cheerlead such a move. AFAICT, this was their downfall. This one choice from the start basically meant the community leaders could ban/gag/silence anyone who tried to exclaim that any design choices that did not support the premise that UT from the 2000 era. So, if you can imagine, this led to a move into a very narrow game mechanic and design POV, with dissenters being eradicated from the thought process. Basically, it was belief versus evidence. "Think UT is UT3, do you? Shut up and let the grown-ups talk" was the response. They just wanted to build a game for them, not gamers the world over. ~ Fortnite (by their own admission) only made money because of FTP, cartoon graphics, MT and of course; Twitch. I think it's a shame they cannot take that $ and hire more people for UT4...the game whose namesake comes from the very engine that is now yielding profits for the company...damn shame. At least they are hiring people though. Gamers are fickle beasts though, and Fornite can cease to be relevant in a heartbeat. With that in mind...surely it would make sense to continue development of other titles, than to pump more and more resources into Fortnite? I mean...if the game is making money now, as it is, surely not putting more money into it would not change that fact, unless the game is already flagging? Need figures before I could do the math on this, but I think there might be some big flaws in their logic they haven't thought through fully. Also...no one knew Fortnite would make money, and surely they had plans for UT4 prior to the success of Fortnite...so, what were their plans...the plans that they had surely planned for? Y'see...if they had no plans, then why not tell the community; and if they had plans, why did those plans fall through, or rather what were the measurements that were in place to say "If X happens, it's a fail"?. They will, no doubt, never let us know.
  5. Mitch Mitchell

    Unreal Engine 4

    UT and it's current design principles were flawed from the start.
  6. Mitch Mitchell

    Unreal Engine 4

    I like it when companies like this get rich and invest in talent. Nice moves.
  7. Mitch Mitchell

    Project Nova (fail thread)

    https://www.ccpgames.com/projectnova CCP Games, based in Iceland, has basically said they do not know what they are doing with an FPS and as 'ranty' as this may appear, I am utterly shocked they do not know what they are doing. As most know, they originally created a game called 'DUST-514' that allowed the player to link/sync with players in 'EVE-Online' and the actions in one game affected the other & vice versa. The game died (it was a PS3 title released too late in the platform lifecycle) and had lootboxes/pay-to-win/micro-transactions up the wazoo. Then, this game got announced, jobs were created, creatives assigned....and not one person (it seems) knew what they were doing and went ahead to create a game that wasn't any good. ~ How can it be that in 2018, you can screw up the most basic and well-established on game genres: First Person Shooter? This is like screwing up a mayonnaise sandwich... https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/project-nova-preview/ If anyone (here) wants to contact CCP Games and get them back on track to making a game worth playing, I'm sure you can find their contact details quite easily. Once upon a time, in a golden land of opportunity and adventure, things had fully complete and fleshed-out design documents prior to getting the green light...now, it seems, people with skills in 'marketing' & 'public relations' make the decisions.
  8. Mitch Mitchell

    Hitman 2

    Never played them, sorry
  9. Mitch Mitchell

    Hitman 2

    GDC: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022840/Modular-Sandbox-Design-Tools-and So, as far as I can tell, they do design levels in two parts geometrically with a main pass and then an interacting layer, like a cooker which can be turned on or off. The NPC's appear to be added as part of the level design with a lot of tweaking. So it is a little bit like designing a level using AI/NPC, so the focus of the game and the value is really on the strength of the level design. But still - I guess my point is really about what you get for your money. A few levels (as vast as they are) does not justify the amount being asked. The reply value I will agree with completely, the levels do have replay value, just as 2Fort does...but the overall value is not high enough for the $'s. It needs to come down in (probably) the new year sales, before it will reach max penetration.
  10. Mitch Mitchell

    Hitman 2

    Oh, don't get me wrong - I like the series, but always felt it was overpriced. The levels remind of playing chess, in that the game is very simple, but there are a lot of moves. Like Chess however, I can only move my piece in a very narrow set of directions. So, the amount of money being asked for a game which is limited by level design feels forced to hide the fact the levels are very simple for the money. Lots of waiting for the NPC's to move into their pre-determined positions and animation sequences, laid out by the game designer. I think it's odd level designing in that it could be argued the level designing is more about placing NPC's into a pre-built level, rather than line of sight geometry of say, an FPS. If you or anyone has any talks on the level designing for Hitman series, or even some design documents; I'd love to read them. But yah, the levels feel like a forcing of the player, whereby they must sit and wait a lot of the time, just to make the level/session take longer than it would probably need to be. A small point: why has DX12 been cut from this release? And the CPU demand seems way higher than 2016. Glacier engine revamp for consoles? Something under the hood has changed somewhere. Wouldn't mind finding out what and why.
  11. Mitch Mitchell

    Hitman 2

    No. Just over-priced for everything it offers. General VFM.
  12. Mitch Mitchell

    Fallout 76

    What really surprises me is that "Newt", played by Carrie Henn, is now 42 years old and looks like this: Almost as old as me...almost.
  13. Mitch Mitchell

    Hitman 2

    The price-tag is not justified. It is a good game, but not a full-price brand new game. Maybe in a year, when the price comes down 'like, maybe...60-65%...then it'll be worth it.
  14. Mitch Mitchell

    Fallout 76

    In short, when all is said and done...Bethesda just lowered the bar on what a AAA game is meant to be. That's it guys. That's it.
  15. Mitch Mitchell

    What movie is this?

    Those shapes were the things that did it. Rules be rules, I can't start the next one - so over to the first poster to start the next one...