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  1. Not impressed with the gfx - the shadow 'creep' when moving forwards is really bad...dynamic shadow casting, cascade shadows? Not sure what they were thinking with this, and I seem to recall they updated the 'cod engine' to last five years? I suppose the gfx are not that important, because cod has always been a kidz game for MP, and the SP campaign has been mostly neglected over the years.
  2. Well, like Hollow-wood, Games publishers are not really any different in terms of the sort of people they hire: spreadsheets-wearing-suits/suit-pant-suits. Check the job listings to work in the executive branch of a games publisher, it's all spreadsheets and product-marketing-led desirables. The people working in the executive-branch typically come from another consumer-led industry, like: sports apparel, healthcare and beauty, cosmetics, soda-pop, Public Relations, music, lifestyle magazine/e-zines, fast-food and so on. The highest requirement in gaming is typically 'must have an interest in the games industry' and that is about it, because in the executive branch it doesn't really matter that you understand anything about games, just how to get products sold, on the shelves and promoted accordingly, with a massive back-end in marketing statistical analysis for the future. This is why there is a homogeneous tonality to gaming: lowest-common-denominators rule, as the data is like a bell-curve.
  3. Kinda knew it: Microsoft blew their wad, and even more so; I knew they had nothing but empty, vapid pronouncements. So what they have effectively done is: kill off the xbox one and all of the iterations therein and said to Sony "You win, we suck". No one to blame but Microsoft for the Xbox One failure against PS4. Their desire to 'take over' the living room and produce a media centre box for everything television related has been a long standing desire in the Microsoft camp. I remember an interview with Bill Gates in EDGE magazine in the (mid) 1990's talking about the living room as a family space for entertainment. He focused on television and incorporating Windows OS into the television even then... Wish I kept that issue of EDGE, Just as I wish I took a photograph of me standing next to a 1990's Quake advert, 60 foot high Back on topic... So, the Xbox lost this round and Microsoft have bowed out - let the internet trolling begin. Fight! What they should have done? I think it's no small wonder as to how they royally screwed up this round of console battles, but I'll chip in and state the obvious: -DDR3 + SRAM. The big joke. -SATA3. Didn't the launch have SATA2? Did they make it hard/difficult to upgrade to an SSD? -Always internet connected. Connect or be disconnected! -That camera always watching you...why? -That microphone always listening to you...why? -The utterly atrocious public relations feeds and twitter comments, with such fu-bars as telling people that 24 FPS is fine, as it's 'cinematic', or telling people they do not care about 'insert place here' if they cannot get access to the internet and therefore, cannot use the Xbox. -The launch price - essentially telling people they need to pay for the camera/microphone and 'tough' if they do not want it. Later it was revealed they just had a tonne of left over stock from the camera/lens of the Xbox 360, and just wanted to shift the redundant stock...ouch! -The design of it. Just looked like a sideways 'gamer' PC from Walmart. Nasty, cheap-looking shiny box. The inside of it looked like it had crashed into a PC Parts warehouse...backwards. -No 4KUHD playback, initially - this did change with the 'S', and yes, the PS4 doesn't have this at all...but, IF the Xbox One had 4KUHD from the very beginning...I suspect this would have had a big impact to sales. The list I got in my head goes on for several pages, so I'll save everyone's time! PlayStation win again, Microsoft lose, again - and next round I doubt Microsoft will be anything but second/third/forth place - as I suspect a lot of the components in the current Xbox warehouse left over will be put into the next one, and consumers will end up paying for Microsoft's 'lack of vision'. AGAIN.
  4. This might help you you with style. http://www.mapraider.com/maps/unreal-tournament-3/5993/DM-CBP3-Daoist
  5. Microsoft I think that from a console perspective, there is a chance that Microsoft might 'blow their wad' by accident and announce their next console. Their back is up against the wall at the moment and, this makes people do silly things like: tell everyone you got a new console, when all you got is mock-ups and 'projected/target' benchmarks. I do recall the Xbox one on display one year was really a PC under the stand with windows 7 running on it. ... Sony Contrary to this, Sony are not under any real pressure with announcing anything substantive, as the PS4 is doing great. That said, we could see some hints and projections, but probably more like 'look how awesome the PS4 is doing!' - that kind of thing. Probably talk about partnerships, indie games publishing, the PS Store, blah de blah. In essence, Sony will be making PS4 owners sure that they are being catered for and not being forgotten about - especially if Microsoft 'blow their wad', as this will most certainly be seen as an aggressive move towards the people who bought the Xbox one and all of its runty children. ... Nintendo Probably not much more that a few beatings of their drums about their games and online successes. Lots of talks about their back catalogue. Switch appears to be doing just fine in its own bracket...I doubt anything new on h/w fronts - maybe a reduction in price + some new back catalogue openings, at best. ... Broken promises There is going to be a lot of back-pedalling from publishers and developers on what has transpired these last 12 months. I fully expect to see those who shall not be named making a series of excuses as to why their head should not be on the chopping block. To back this up, I strongly suspect they will reword and rephrase stuff they 'said at the time' and attempt to turn these broken promises into (like politicians do the morning after election results come in) a series of vapid statements. They then will then use phraseology like 'the team is committed to excellence' and 'we are working hard to address these concerns' and probably 'we fully understand why people said x, y, z about this that and the other'. The language being used is essentially the verbal equivalent of Ne0 in The Matrix, dodging bullets in slow motion - because all developers want to be The One. ... Political correctness Without going into detail - I suspect there are going to be lots of capitulation towards 'SJW's' (if that term is even used any more?) and the whole topic about what is and is not being done to 'combat' any of these subjective points of view. No one wants to be seen as not being at the very least 'aware' of these concerns, and no doubt will spin a line here and there about it. More female characters...more females working at our company than anyone else...doing our part of the 'insert community here' community...blah de blah...lots of stats, figures, numbers, percentages, photos of staff wearing rainbow tee-shirts on a company picnic... I have no views on this, other than it is a fine line to walk between being genuine, and pandering to the masses - which in turn insults the people you are pandering to and shines a big spotlight on your hypocritical nature. There will be no winners on this topic, as it is tooooooo contentious, and impossible to actually show concern versus showing that you are saying something just to either figuratively protect your read end, or get people to get their wallets out. ... Celebrities I really should have that in quotations:). C-Z (no A's or B's) people who have got some sort of following somewhere for some reason. Probably a few sports personalities talking about how they 'really connect with people' who play the game they happen to be in, yet, don't play the game as they are too busy driving their Ferrari, or living it large in their Penthouse apartments. ... Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Yup. No joke. It's time. Valve have got their back against the wall with Steam and companies using other platforms for distribution digitally...so, it would make complete and total and utter sense for them to release games of their own again. IF they do - they get to keep all of the money from sales, versus giving another company 70% of the revenue, they can have 100%. it really is that simple: 100% versus 30%. Even if it is a bad game, everyone here knows it will sell a gazillion units. I also would like to think there is a chance that Valve would use a satirical message along the lines of 'metoo' movement, but instead of studio executives, it could be gamers that have been subjected to the psychological torture over a decade of not being able to play HL2:Ep3...a long and drawn out relationship with Valve. I think that would be very funny, with some short films of gamers describing the emotional torment of not playing the final episode They might call it the "Me3 movement" . I find it beyond shocking to realise that all Valve have to do to make $1billion, would be to have Gabe Newall walk on stage with a crow-bar held high, and just stand there in the middle of the stage...he wouldn't even have to say anything!
  6. Oh, he's harmless enough for Twitch, and to be fair he does encourage fair play and dedication - never heard him curse/swear/yell, unlike 90% of Twitch with 'warnings' you have to click through...but that's another topic.
  7. They could also release a level design SDK/Tool, just like Bethesda could for Quake Champions and DOOM! I would love nothing more than Mapcore to have level designers/editors putting their own stamp on these games - and that is just for starters...how does Titanfall 1/2 grab you? Or Hitman 1/2? Or Rage2? This forum is full of talent in every respect...collaboration here would be great for these titles, if only they released tools to the people playing the games they make! OT: The game is dropping off the radar very quickly for sure, even Fatal1ty has pretty much stopped streaming sessions from his Las Vegas penthouse.
  8. Some really good stuff here in this GDC talk.
  9. I never understood why Jim uses that stupid voice - he sounds like he has a normal, warm and intelligent voice buried under layers of condescension.
  10. I was asked. I replied. The game is giving me technical problems. Sorry?
  11. With the greatest of respect, that is not a very good counter. I could say 'well, it isn't agreed upon by the 7 billion people who are not playing it' And, it would have the same impact? I guess in summary when I'm driving at is that every time I have to interact in any way other than shooting/chasing/hunting/healing in a game with guns, is not fun and detracts from the game. Best analogy I can think of post-morning-coffee? Try having sexy times with your nearest and dearest, and then every 30 seconds, stop, and play with a Rubiks cube for 3-5 seconds, touching nothing but the 'cube. I play FPS for sexy times, not to look at sub menus and drag and drop stuff and rethink an entire inventory management system - plus, sometimes I am standing there watching someone else motionless, playing with their 'cube. As mentioned, if this was a roaming RPG, I need management systems and inventories as part of my questing. When playing an FPS... I think PUBG has got a lot to answer for, as (for a while) game development for BR games just used their system for weapon/inventory management - with all the talent here at Mapcore, a Skype session could be had and work out a way better management system in less than a day. That's what I believe and it is not my opinion, it's how I feel. Big difference. Probably the most important difference. I didn't call anyone playing it pathetic. And I wouldn't. I didn't call the game pathetic. And I wouldn't. It's my computer. If I want to clear out my internet caché, that is my business. I don't expect the result of that to be respawn/EA claiming I am cheating, forcing me to reboot Origin, then reboot the game, then have to rechange my GFX settings (because the game doesn't remember them), etc etc etc. I have contemptuous pity for them. Not the game. Not the players. Them. Perhaps that is a better way of phrasing it?
  12. Which is unnecessary. Adding to my points earlier - why does the game not remember what my graphics settings are? What year is this? -ninja edit: Also, if I am alt-tabbing whilst waiting for one of the many many many 'hundreds' of sub menus to stop playing a mini-game with me, and I shut down an application that has a cache to it, my CCleaner app will try and clear any internet caching, which it is meant to do - this results in the game crashing out, and claiming I am hacking the game in some way as a 'cheat violation'. Great...nicely done respawn/EA, can I use MY computer they way I want to use MY computer...hmm...well...can I...please? Pathetic.
  13. I was asked - I responded. That is not nitpicking, I see them as genuine reasons for the game being flawed beyond belief.
  14. The mini-map doesn't change it's orientation when traversing the map. As the player is dead centre to the mini-map, whenever something happens above centre, I react accordingly which normally results in turning my back to another player, and someone shooting me in the back. I would prefer the mini-map simply wasn't there at all, BUT, if it must be there, then why do I (as a paying customer) not have the option of altering the way the mini-map is presented? The items require hitting additional keys on the keyboard to pick up items - why? Surely, it should auto-collect items for the character I choose, or, simply just collect ammo if it is relevant. Should it not just auto-collect items that are superior to the ones I have that are identical, other than being more powerful/better? Just 'too-many-clicks' to perform the operation of picking up resources. This is not an adventure game, roaming across the environment and RPG'ing stuff á la Witcher or Zelda, it's an FPS. Too many mini-games. No need to explain that. Just too much time in menus and sub-menus. Waste of time. Weapons are weak. TTK is all over the shop, making kills meaningless. Bullet spread is sub-par for the environment, as if the level designer and the game designer were in different buildings. The 'feedback' from weapons are also weak, like I'm firing a mattel 'ray-gun' for kidz, not a spleen displacement device, capable of dispensing bullets like quart-sized coke cans. The recoil is stoopid, and uncontrollable (at least, my brain tries to pulldown when firing but, to no avail) The level design is also weak - feels like a reskin of something that was meant for Titanfall 3, but EA changes their mind and ordered respawn to change it to something with more lootbox appeal. Case in point: not all of the level can be used, as you are ordered off certain areas by the game with a cooldown. It's not fun to play. ¬ All-in, this game commits soooo many video game sins, it is truly astonishing to me, to witness something so utterly flawed. Glad QC, Hitman2 and RDR2 exist.
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