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  1. Here's my cs20 submission so far.
  2. I think that layout could do with some more thought, there's literally no overlap between the A and B paths in the current state. Screenshots are looking really nice, tho
  3. I would recommend a name change, there is already a fairly popular map called Kowloon. Other than that, looks pretty good
  4. The workshop version isn't packed, so all the tree models are big error boxes
  5. Definitely a fair critique that I'll work on for the next version. Although I want to stay unique, it's pretty clear that I've gone a little overboard in this version, and I'll tone things back a fair amount for the next version.
  6. Thanks for last nights playtest guys! I couldn't be there due to the fact that not only was it 4am in the morning for me, but my internet decided to go down for that whole night. Anyway, I watched you guys play it and here are the big things I noticed: - Defending A site isn't very intuitive due to the number of buttons and stuff, so I'll cut down on that - This whole area (in spoiler) is way too complicated and also not very intuitive, so I'll completely rework that. - The map is too big, although I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case already. I'll do what I can to reduce this issue by cutting out the unused areas, but it'll be the hardest to fix. A few smaller ones: - Y'all suicided at least once per round, so I'll prevent that from happening so frequently - The A long entrance is way to easy to camp - Many areas remained unused for most rounds, so I'll either cut them out or make better use of them. Anyway, thanks for playtesting guys! It helped out a lot! @El_Exodus I know it doesn't make sense the way I'm describing it ;( I actually started this after doing circular motion and all that in physics, so I know it's all wrong haha. I'll make sure it works scientifically by the end of the graybox stage, and if not I'll just say that it's futuristic technology that we don't understand
  7. I think it might be pretty difficult to make a warehouse or factory look exotic without some very unique elements, but good luck!
  8. Concept of the space station skybox. Rotation is a bit experimental and might not work well, but oh well.
  9. Finished the first version of the layout and uploaded to workshop! Link in main post! Changes: - Built A site, it now features a main structure in the middle, which you can either plant on top of or underneath. - Changed mid, it now includes a boost spot and the connection to B is now lower than the rest of mid, with a one way drop to get to it. - Changes to CT's main route to mid/b and the portal room - Some other layout changes Also ignore the shit lighting, I just kinda spammed lights around to be able to play the layout be also have a roof. The actual version will have a glass roof / floor in most areas, or good lighting
  10. @spa haha yeah sorry I was joking about the 1 damage point
  11. This looks really sick, I'm a big fan of how the layout is looking so far. Especially B, which I think the two T routes towards it have the perfect balance of being connected, yet distinct. A few things I don't love is the extremely long sightline from the B window/platform bit, and personally I don't like the alternate T entrance to mid that features the staircase, as it's basically a massive piece of headshot cover. A site is pretty cool as well, but I feel it's dangerously similar to B's structure in it's current state, and I feel like A long is missing something but idk what. Also this damage is an absolute dealbreaker
  12. This feedback is just from running around the map, but it seems pretty good, with a good variety of areas. This is more of a personal preference, but I would like to see a larger rescue zone (or even two rescue zones :O), similar to maps like concert. I feel like this increases options for CTs after reaching the hostage. A few minor things, I hope that tiny fence at the area looking down to the bridge isn't going to be the basis for the actual barrier, especially since the exact same barrier is able to be jumped over at CT spawn. Also, just so you know, you can actually use the hostage to jump up that one way drop if it spawns next to it. Without a playtest, I can't really give a ton of feedback, but it's looking really good so far
  13. I really like the theme of this map, could we be seeing a full layout soon?
  14. Although the radar looks quite interesting, I feel like it's missing some sort of connector between what looks to be mid and the non-CT spawn bombsite routes from T. It's giving me OG overpass vibes, as it looks as if Ts are really committed on which ever path they go. I really like the theme, though, and I could be completely wrong about the layout.
  15. Fuck I hope not, but I don’t think so. From what I’ve played with bots so far and according to valve developer community it’s just people inside it.
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