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  1. Overpass for sure, I started playing CS around the time it came out, so seeing it evolve from complete shit to, in my opinion, the best competitve layout in cs:go was really cool to me. The four lane style overpass kind of pioneered is my favourite type of layout design, with T's fighting for control for connectors between sites and routes before being able to fight for a bombsite, aside from a classic B rush. I also really like the theme, and how the bombsites play into it, unlike most active duty maps where you're just blowing up crates. Also, having almost every area look completely different to each other while maintaining a consistant theme is really commendable. The radar image is just so cool to me as well, being the only active duty map to play into non-right angles, whilst still looking so clean and polished.
  2. I really dig this, perfect addition to the dz map pool. I do think the underground needs more enterances and maybe some markings on the map, as I played 5 or 6 games and had no idea it even existed. Maybe add a few ladders to the buildings above or something. Other than that, really cool!
  3. Byron

    Cobblestone Changes

    - Big changes to A - Changes to T mid - Changes angle in danger so you cant see from long to water - Blocked off a bit of T spawn (Not shown) Getting into territory where A site is losing it's character. No longer a big open courtyard, and feeling a bit claustrophobic. Anyhow, I do think the changes are an improvement on old A, and I think the windows will be interesting for firefights. The changes in T mid were to decrease angles Ts had while also giving CTs an easier path to flank now that the connector is gone.
  4. from running around I think the weakest part of the map is mid rn, especially the mid connector to B. Ts with mid to B control essentially have control of CT and thus all of the CT enterances to B. I know simplicity is good, but I think such an important part of the map such as mid needs to be a bit more complex than just a single hallway with 2 routes to either site. I don't know what exactly to change but mid just seems flawed. Ofc this is just from a run around, if playtests are fine then ignore my advice
  5. Byron

    Cobblestone Changes

    Overpass was the shittest of shit maps in 2013, now it's one of the best. Any map can be fixed, and I think a map as unique and well themed as cobble should be reworked
  6. Byron

    Cobblestone Changes

    Updated: Workshop Ignore the trash visuals, did a fast compile and didn't focus on making it look visually appealing at all. These are the gameplay changes: A/CT: - Changed the back of site raised area - Raised the wall on site - Added staircase from CT to A - Lowered CT and added a pit - Added boxes on the site - Moved hut closer to ramp and rotated it 30 degrees - Added separating the ramp and long entrances Ramp: - Raised the wall at top of ramp to block visibility - Added door between water and ramp - Added connector between ramp and drop - Added a raised section to the side Long: - Brought the wall separating long and outside out a bit to block a long sightline Outside: - Blocked off the back area - Removed snipers nest - Added a wall to patio Drop: - Drop now comes out around the corner - Added connector between ramp and drop - Blocked off flowerbed with bars B: - Slight change to cover on long T: - Blocked off upper area - Blocked off snipers nest Misc: - Changed sun angle - Added ability to nade from outside to A - Made it easier to nade long from outside - Slightly moved spawns The goal of the project is not to make a 100% functioning remake, but to test ways to make cobble great again. Suggest anything you think would be beneficial!
  7. Yeah I've basically given up on finishing this within the contest dates, I'm in my last year of school so I haven't really had enough time to work on it. I might come back after exams are finished (which is only two months away) and finish it in my own time. I've spent most of my freetime over the past few weeks working on this skin lol
  8. Here's my cs20 submission so far.
  9. I think that layout could do with some more thought, there's literally no overlap between the A and B paths in the current state. Screenshots are looking really nice, tho
  10. I would recommend a name change, there is already a fairly popular map called Kowloon. Other than that, looks pretty good
  11. The workshop version isn't packed, so all the tree models are big error boxes
  12. Definitely a fair critique that I'll work on for the next version. Although I want to stay unique, it's pretty clear that I've gone a little overboard in this version, and I'll tone things back a fair amount for the next version.
  13. Thanks for last nights playtest guys! I couldn't be there due to the fact that not only was it 4am in the morning for me, but my internet decided to go down for that whole night. Anyway, I watched you guys play it and here are the big things I noticed: - Defending A site isn't very intuitive due to the number of buttons and stuff, so I'll cut down on that - This whole area (in spoiler) is way too complicated and also not very intuitive, so I'll completely rework that. - The map is too big, although I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case already. I'll do what I can to reduce this issue by cutting out the unused areas, but it'll be the hardest to fix. A few smaller ones: - Y'all suicided at least once per round, so I'll prevent that from happening so frequently - The A long entrance is way to easy to camp - Many areas remained unused for most rounds, so I'll either cut them out or make better use of them. Anyway, thanks for playtesting guys! It helped out a lot! @El_Exodus I know it doesn't make sense the way I'm describing it ;( I actually started this after doing circular motion and all that in physics, so I know it's all wrong haha. I'll make sure it works scientifically by the end of the graybox stage, and if not I'll just say that it's futuristic technology that we don't understand
  14. I think it might be pretty difficult to make a warehouse or factory look exotic without some very unique elements, but good luck!
  15. Concept of the space station skybox. Rotation is a bit experimental and might not work well, but oh well.
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