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  1. borgking

    Star Wars

    Just saw it and here is my humble opinion: This is a Marvel movie in Starwars paint. Like Fastfood unhealthy and not that good, but can be enjoyed from time to time, but nothing lasting remains. And every time they have touched a more meaningfull and serious topic for 5 seconds they instantly put on some action or humor that kills the mood. So basicly: You don't miss anything when you don't see it, but you can enjoy it anyway. Just don't expect Starwars like it was.
  2. Had a similar bug. I fixed it with looking at other 4wb materials, and using all parameters they used. My observation was that propably the missing detail texture might lead to the problem, but it could be another value that I didn't recognize that I changed.
  3. Comming back from vacation I released a small update today to add the missing prop, causing the black boxes. No other changes where made on the map.
  4. Thank you! Well, currently the 3d sky consists of only 3 parts: 1. Some displacements with a simple 4way blend material (that I also use in the rest of the map. 2. Four Mountain meshes. These were created using world machine, and then reduced to working ingame meshes, with a shared texture atlas. 3. The lake wich is just one 25px texture as unlitgeneric spread on one func_detail. Simple, but considering the time i spend on it, very efficient. Obviously there is still a lot there, that can be improved, and i will certainly come back to it at a later time.
  5. Hello Guys, I am happy to present my contest entry: The Pre-Release Version of Geothermal. Geothermal is a defuse-mode map set around a geothermal powerplant placed in the cold wilderness of Iceland. Download the map on the Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216282878 The maps development will be continued after the contest, and I am happy for any feedback that can potentially help improve its quality.
  6. I have seen it today, and I expected it to be way worse than it actually was. It has some problems, but overall it was an enjoyable experience, that was not as far from its source material as many other adaptations. Visuals obviously where spot on, neatly executed (except for one or two minor action sequences). The casting was working well, and those claims of whitewashing don't in any way reflect my experience with the movie. There are some minor incosistencies in the story, but most of them are neglectable for the sake of flow. My biggest problem with the story though is not leglectable. It is the reduction of the philosophical themes to merely sidenotes. This hurts the story, and causes an effect many critics will describe as "dumbing down the story" for the sake of target audience. Details contain spoilers for both anime and live action: The second problem I have is that they try to reference scenes from the anime everywhere. Not in a way that is disturbing the plot, but I felt it as a very cheap fan-service in some places. Those scenes are mostly shortened and are removed from the original context. They feel inserted for the sake of reference. Summarized: The movie is a dumbed down version for a "general audience", and in most aspects inferior to the source material. BUT it is not as bad as it sounds. It works as a enjoyable watch. Compared to other reboots (*cough* Oldboy *cough*) it is not a failure, but a target-audience adjusted interpretation, that, for me, belongs to the better medicore movies.
  7. Hello Mapcore, after a break of 1 1/2 years I am back with a new map! Well, actually the map is not really that new, but it never had a release, so here it is: de_geothermal! Geothermal is set near a vulcano in the middle of iceland, where for some unknown reason Terrorists try to blow up a geothermal powerplant. The map is designed for competitive 5vs5 play. The layout actually was created by a friend of mine and me in highschool back arround 2007 or 2008 for CS:Source. After the map was never fully finished, and I was looking for a cool new project I decided to reboot the map, as the Source version actually worked well. So very special thanks to Fabian "baqueta" Triep at this point! Obviously this is currently the first Work in Progress version. I am already excited to find out, how this develops within the playtests!
  8. borgking

    [CS:GO][WIP] Moscow

    After playing through your map at todays playtest I have a little feedback for you. Good things: The basic layout feels like a solid basis. Especialy the bombspots have the right access, and the main encounterpoints (1,2,3,4) all feel timed right. The scale also feels solid. In most rooms the spacing feels right, while having a good variety of spaces and distances The timings feel right I like the Idea, that the main switch is not instantly populated, and is more usefull in the second half of a round. Things to improve: The middle switch (5) feels wrong. It has no clear timing, since there can be players incomming from 4 sides at different timings (T from 3/4, CT from 2/4), which makes the area feel unpredictable. This area also inserts a 5th encounterpoints. At a 5vs5 that means every encounterpoint needs one player, which is on the one hand difficult to control, and makes the strategic aspect to assume attack angles and reinforce that encounterpoint with an additional person obsolete. The middle bridge (over 3) feels too exposed. As you can get shot from either side, also be attacked from both sides of the roads, and also from the middle switch (5) this is currently very risky and difficult to approach strategicly. Meaning this is a potential deathtrap. Suggestions: Change the middle switch (7) to a connector from middle (3) to the bombspot B (4). Maybe it might be usefull to also have a seperate connector from lower to upper middle, but I would keep that seperate. That would make the intent of the area more clear, remove the weird timing, and propably make for an interesting second attack approach to middle (when someone attacks from the B Apporach) Move the corner (6) after the bridge to A more to the CT-Side. That would on the one hand shorten the distance between the bombspot, and make this currently underutilized area more interesting. Also the dead end (8) has no gameplay impact and serves no special purpose. Remove it, for the sake of simplicity, and the learning curve! Thats my two cents. As I already said the map currently feels on the right track, so keep up the good work.
  9. I think the design looks better and more modern on an astetic perspective, but due to the missing tableborders between topics and post the readability is suffering. I would suggest adding some kind of border, or change the background of every second topic/post to a light grey, so the posts become more easily distiguishable. Also fix this EX2, it is getting annoying...
  10. Besides already said solutions, this sounds like the multiple-water problem: Source can only display one surface of water at a time. If more than one are visible (meaning being inside a visible visleaf) only one will be rendered. Since the lightmappedreflective uses the same method as water, I am assuming water is visible somewhere, and the mirror is not rendered. Sollution: A) change the mirror to a cubemapreflection (not as nice looking) B) try to find the water, and get only one of both surfaces visible at any given point in the map
  11. Map is ready to be tested: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22791159/de_carrier_v03.rar Feedback/WIP thread:
  12. borgking

    [CS:GO] de_carrier

    Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback! Since today there is another playtest let me share my thoughts about the changes: On the overview there are only two major changes visible: 1. I moved bombspot A outside of the seperate room into the second hangar. Obviously almost never did anyone even get to the spot, so I placed it closer to the actual combat area. Both teams should reach the spot almost at the same time, with the CTs being able to controll the bombspot from their entrance a few seconds before the Ts can arrive. 2. The route from CT-spawn to B is slightly longer. I felt like the CTs could stop the Ts at B too easy at the doorway, so I gave them a little less time to set up. As you can see, I reduced the planes to one per hangar. To counter the height advantage of the elevator only the plane on the bombspot is climbable. Also I have tried to reduce the legshooting through placing blocks besides and under the planes. With bombspot B I lowered the floor under the bombspot, and added Handrails. Also I added some supportbeams on one side and added two crates, as there was the need for cover. I increased the size of the windows, so now you can climb through them. I also removed the grate, so now the Ts can enter in silence. Yes of course Currently I am working alone, but if I need help I'll let you know. Thanks for the offer anyway. Well, Operation Boat always needs moar boats! Great idea, but i'll stick to reality. Well, that won't be that big of a problem, since most of the flight deck is clipped of. So I can keep most of the deck relativly low-detailed, while from the hangars you cannot see the flightdeck. The only big performance issue will be the elevator, where you can see both the hangar and the flightdeck. I have thought about that idea, I might pick it up in one of the next versions
  13. Hi guys, here is the map file for todays playtest: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22791159/de_carrier_v02.rar
  14. May I have another playtest for Carrier on thursday 9th?
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