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  1. looking nice, but weird lighting on the wall on the right.
  2. Freaky_Banana

    Freya [Wingman]

    I like the colder lighting a lot better. There are already fairly many maps with warm lighting, and I personally associate it with a warmer climate, which obviously you aren't going for. I also really like the contrast between warm lighting in houses and cold lighting once you step outside. Makes everything feel crisper to me and helps the player distinguish areas and feel the theme every time they walk outside. My only concern would be how good it actually feels while playing. Cold lighting isn't particularly inviting, so make sure to spread enough warm spots (like the little lamps showcased in your screenshots) around the outsides of the map as well.
  3. Cool, looking forward to a first layout!
  4. Alright. I think I see what the others here are commenting on. If you don't like CSGO, it's fair to question why you are making a map for it to begin with. It calls into question your motives, because it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to sink countless hours of work into something you don't like. If I were you, I would ask myself, EXACTLY why you want to make this map. Further elaborating on this, it seems that you have a very clear idea of what you think will happen when you make a map for CSGO. For my part, I thought I knew this, too, when I came in, but there are many things that CSGO is quite specific about. For example, you can barely distinguish (if at all) on which level of a building a sound is being produced. So making 3D sound part of a map is unfortunately really hard, because the engine just doesn't support it propely. As I said, if you want to make this map as a portfolio piece and a personal learning experience or skill diversification, go for it! I would just be very careful about my intents and expectations going into a big project like this.
  5. Sounds like a solid plan to me. If I understand correctly, you are suggesting a video just like the ones you showcased, but for CSGO? Something like that I would be interested in, because it seems like you have a diverging viewpoint from the common consensus on what makes a CSGO map good. However, if, in fact, I misunderstand your post and you intend to make a comprehensive beginners' guide to CSGO map design, we already have a fair amount of those, and most of what you need to know as a CSGO map maker you learn by playing and watching the game. In this case I would consider it as a portfolio piece for yourself first and foremost. There might still things to be learned from a document like that, but my guess is Mapcore won't be the right crowd for it. Anyways, I hope you go ahead with this. I remember liking your initial map proposal and was actually fairly sad to see it get put on ice.
  6. Looking really cool! Also a well-executed original idea (in the context of CSGO).
  7. that groundtexture in the last picture looks like it could go straight into Klem's Bisounours Party: Adventure very rainbowy! (maybe a bit strange, even if photorealistic) Otherwise I'm liking the textures so far, the map just seems a little too cluttered and visually confusing for a Counter-Strike defuse map.
  8. Cool, good luck with the materials! Must say the second screenshot doesn't look right to me. Wood is sort of an unexpected material in among all the stone of this type of building. So I went back and checked your reference images. If you want to use wood, probably try and avoid sandwiching it between those black trims. That makes the entire area feel tight. Instead do something like this reference you showed: There is only wood for floor and walls and then a clean cut with a wooden trim to the white of the ceilings. Also I would suggest reducing the tile size of the individual panels. Again, I like the small shapes of this image. Keep it up!
  9. Is there still an underground area? Because if there isn't, the layout seems to me like it might be rough for the T side. CTs can statically hold the two must-pass chokepoints from multiple spots. Ts don't have the choice to really "outmanouver" the CT defense. This means I personally expect Ts to have a hard time.
  10. Check here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Func_instance Also I am pretty sure more or less exactly this question was asked less than about a month ago.
  11. I usually just generate the radar by temporarily copying the brushwork from the instance vmf into the map vmf. Then generate radar and delete afterwards.
  12. Very cool, but very loud! Also, might this bring copyright issues?
  13. Hi Leo, it's always nice to see new people here! I took a look around your map. I like the start you have made here! I gathered this imgur album to give some feedback: https://imgur.com/gallery/Wfwju6v I hope it helps and you keep going! All the best.
  14. For playtest on the 11th: Workshop link to the second map is this: cs_marstest: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2118892154 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey people, screenshots see below or at the imgur link https://imgur.com/gallery/20n8GQu. I took the cs mapmakers wingman competition as an occasion to make a new map. I figured two against two was a small enough scale to slot this one in. Little did I know that within one week I would already have developed two entirely different concepts and greyboxes, and be toying with a third. de_Loreley is the most polished, so you get to see this one first. For this map I was inspired by a train journey I did along the Rhine basin recently. One stop along that journey is the famous Loreley cliff. I thought it was neat and based this layout on what I saw. Check after the screenshots for some of my reference material. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111658014 The layout is a very simple threelane design. There are three distinct pathes, separated by elevation and theme. The uppermost path is a slightly bent train tunnel, connected by an emergency door to the main street along the center of the map. The CT end of the street is flush with the tunnel's elevation thus allowing CTs immediate control of the tunnel. The main objective is on the street. Locals are entirely fed up with the rampant tourism in their home and have decided to symbolically target an open-topped tourist bus. Right next to the street where these actions are meant to take place, the third and lowest level is the riverside of the Rhine. Taking control of the Rhine's beach allows Ts a great insight into common defense positions further behind the site. Final touches are added by some accessible rooms (one staircase and one basement workshop) in the local houses that divide the street and beach. I hope you can find the time to boot this up and have some fun on the map. Enjoy your stay at the Rhine! Screenshots:
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