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  1. Layout looks a bit bonkers in a good way! Already have a few thoughts, but will hold out until the greybox to confirm or disprove any hunches Doing a nice job so far!
  2. I like the motivation! Is there a download link somewhere yet? Because judging off overview this map seems a bit small
  3. Can't actually tell you much, since I am not a level designer myself. Just wanted to let you know those pictures are looking good .
  4. Can't really tell much from the drawing, but in any case looking forward to the greybox!
  5. Freaky_Banana


    A big thank you to everyone who participated in the playtest! I have begun looking into all of the great feedback you left for me and will work out the new layout changes as soon as possible. For now I am happy most of you seem to have enjoyed the map, and am looking forward to further updates and playtests in this thread, whenever I next find the time to do them . And @Logic thanks for the picture! I will address all of those issues in the next update.
  6. Freaky_Banana


    Hello people, today is the day of the playtest! Whoever wants to experience what another year of redevelopment turned into shall gladly join me at 8 pm CEST on the MapCore Playtesting-server at the IP: I look forward to seeing all of you there, before we can collectively huddle back up with our loved ones and eagerly await the final episode of Game of Thrones!
  7. I like the changes! However, just a minor gripe, the tiles here still feel too shiny for me and somehow undo the immersion otherwise nicely established. Especially with a rough texture like that dust would gather in the cracks, considerably dampening down the shiny stone. Maybe you can just edit the vmf for reflectiveness and tune it down?
  8. I prefered the previous version. In this one the red cases seem very flat and lifeless to me but still take the focus away from the pistol because they introduce the color into the picture.
  9. Maybe just try and put it into the editor. At this point you are still the person who knows this map the best, and you will know what feels and plays right once you have it. I have always done the same thing you have here, theorizing layouts and trying to perfect gameplay that way, but there is a reason CSGO map design is an iterative process. Also, height differences always get me when I do top-down planning. How does the height in mid work here? Do the CTs have two windows, or is the right side of mid on the same upper height as the left (indicated by the blue color) If so, does it make sense for a vent to go out into the middle of an open street ? And is there a ladder into sniper room or did you intend for a stair? Nevertheless, don't let me discourage you, I really like where you are headed so far!
  10. Freaky_Banana


    Hey, thanks on the compliment! And not to worry, no trees or leaves on the new map for now, but their colors will be more along these lines in the finished map: Unfortunately I just have zero experience with 3D modeling or custom textures so I wasn't able to reskin the Valve trees. Just another thing I will have to learn for this project .
  11. Freaky_Banana

    [CS:GO] de_Shrine

    I love the idea of sliding doors around a bombsite! (but take with a grain of salt, I'm a bit of a doorfan myself ^-^) Gameplay-wise I do have to agree though, probably limiting it to a few stretches (but not necessarily a few doors!) is the smarter choice. Isn't to say you could never make the initial idea work though. Maybe with some real-time shadows shining onto the paper from the outside essentially making it a informed wallbang for defenders, while attackers have to go in blind? But I honestly don't know a) if that plays well and b) whether Source Engine can do that
  12. Freaky_Banana


    Necroposting coming in. After all the revivals I have attempted on this topic ... I guess this is the Frankenstein's monster of threads Anyways, once again I have redone almost all of the map. I took it all back to a greybox stage complete with redesigning the layout. After ridiculous amounts of time spent alone in my room, and drawing insipiration from all the traveling I am fortunate to get to do, I am now finally content to put v_36 out for a playtest! I hope all the best of this initial greybox comes across in the screenshots. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1693753275 The playtest will take place on Sunday and I appreciate all participation . Cheers people, see you then.
  13. Freaky_Banana

    [CS:GO] de_tunnel

    Keep at it man! Alternatively submit what you feel like is the best version for a playtest and others will add their creativity to it. Communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas rule!
  14. Seeing as I will be on vacation for the next week, I wanted to get this out there. You already got a sneakpeek of A, so here is B: And the overview. At this point there is barely any resemblance with what Oakwood once was, but it is very recognizably the same idea. So what do you guys and gals reckon, does this deserve its own thread or do I continue posting in the Oakwood listing? (#Everything is wip and those light balls aren't usually present, that was just a weird compile error... does anyone know a cause?) (workshop link: check it out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1693753275)
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