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  1. Why would we blame you for posting updates in your own thread? Also I agree with @spa .you should really playtest this before going ahead.
  2. These two were definitely always my favorite maps! Makes a lot of sense too because both are hella imbalanced . Uptown ... and Orbital
  3. Hey man, I love the work you're doing on this, the entire map is very clearly a labor of love! Maybe be careful though, with how many details you add. When I ran around the map I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of props everywhere, even in what seemed to be key gameplay areas. I found some parts to be visually confusing (many different patterns, shapes and colors in close proximity) and sometimes would even get stuck on props. Maybe focus your use of props more on individual hero props (like your awesome skybox balloons) to provide the atmosphere and focal points for entire areas. Because while your current approach might be more true to life, it is possibly not the best for gameplay. Congrats on the honorable mention and I hope you keep working on Cappadocia !
  4. I actually liked the first one better. At least in the setting of a video game. These games we are mapping for are somewhat supposed to take you away from reality, so I liked seeing the different proprtions. In my opinion it's a lot to do with the lighting, but if you want to keep the celestial lighting from the first bunch of pictures, I suggest you could very slightly bring in the outer walls, leaving everything else the same.
  5. Freaky_Banana

    Layout Feedback

    Maybe I am judging this wrong, but the left site seems quite easy to take and then hold down. All CT side entrances are quite narrow, Ts are given the high ground and maybe an entrance too much I feel? But maybe the flank threat from CTs on the right side is higher than I think right now, since I don't know the exact timings and LoS. Anyway, liking the idea.
  6. To anyone familiar with Warhammer 40k at all it is also kinda weird. but actually I don't mind :shrug: .
  7. Looks interesting, but I am a bit confused where the connections are. I can spot some but probably not all. A workshop link would help to see it for ourselves and give better feedback on the layout.
  8. I also really enjoyed walking around the map! Nailing the use of rocks and foliage all over. However found some weird things here or there: opinion: To me the temple looks a little visually confusing. It has many different very dark colors and is not particularly well lit. For this reason to me it wasn't very appealing as a path and also quite hard to know where encounters with the enemy might be in terms of depth (lack of shadows because dark) (probably relevant for retakes). A simple light in the temple should fix this. When running into this cratestack it bumps you up onto the lower of the two crates. Maybe just make nonsolid and use clip brushes? The window is really hard to see. Hard to imagine a CT's head will stand out very well against that background. Might also be frustrating to players who don't know the level that well, because it is in a sort of unexpected spot.
  9. Hey man, I like the look! Did you take these pictures in a full-compile version of your map?
  10. Really love it! But I believe those radomes are lacking bottoms
  11. Freaky_Banana


    Still not dead. A new version is pending workshop verification, I will add the link once it's done on the workshop right now! Let's get to the screenshots and I will explain what changed: Workshop link! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1693753275
  12. The workshop link is an error for me. Maybe has to be fixed.
  13. By god, I feel you. Good luck with finishing up the rest of the level!
  14. I just crested 1000 hours in CSGO SDK. - you'd think that's enough time to finish a map? Apparently not ^^
  15. I just figured out that my SDK actually works again, so I figure I should start updating again ^^ . Three evenings worth of progress on Oakwood. (fast compile, protect your eyes!)
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