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  1. Freaky_Banana


    The theme of this map looks really cool and I think your first "pretty corner" is gorgeous! I'm very much looking forward to what you will do with this project, but as you rightly said, the layout seems suboptimal for competitive 5v5 in its current state. Keep it up!
  2. Freaky_Banana


    I really like the way CT Spawn looks. For middle I haven't checked it out in game but maybe you will want to add a little more contrast there. It all looks quite flat, grey and same-y, even though the lighting does help out a bit. Edit: I checked it out in game now. From CT side all is fine but as a T I didn't have the faintest clue where to expect engagement in mid. And even after I had picked out where the defense spots were, it was hard to judge depth. Colored walls or some plants would really help with guiding attention to the right spots and giving sharp edges or features by wh
  3. Hello everyone, just in time for you to play over the easter break, I have pushed an update to Loreley addressing the feedback from the last playtesting session. Yiu can find all updated screenshots at the imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/yfOQJZQ
  4. Hey, this layout looks really interesting! A few remarks from just running around with bots: B seems very easy to take. Seems like you really don't want to be stuck in the site. Also the main A path for Ts doesn't feel super great, just a little too contrived. Similarly for CTs, the courtyard feels a little too open? But that's probably intended. Finally, I hope this radar reflects new updates that simply aren't on the workshop yet, because I think mid would benefit from having less tight chokepoints. If you want to make mid go through the church, maybe think about making some of these real
  5. Holy hell, that is some REALLY NICE barbershop signs!
  6. Thanks for your great feedback, Zombi! I agree with a lot of these points. Spent some time today to address them: Changes are now live on the workshop version. Cheers!
  7. Alright everyone, workshop is up: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2392048922 ! I couldn't be bothered to deal with TAR and instances, so I offer you this crappy 2015-looking piece of overview instead: Please excuse me for it ... I swear I will make a pretty one once the geo is locked in. Oh and I chose to make my own truck models, because the prop_static ones I used before had shitty hitboxes.
  8. Thanks, great to hear you like it! This it the first time I am really moving past simple greyboxing. I am also really interested in finding out how that crawlspace plays. Bots are just way too stupid for that sort of thing ^^. They barely even use the beach / house routes... So there is a lot to be learned from a playtest!
  9. Freaky_Banana


    I was already wondering what you were working on all that time in the SDK . Looks great, I will definitely check it out with bots!
  10. Long time no see everyone. I finally started up Hammer again and worked on this a bit. I created a new path inside the house, reproportioned the map and gave it a new dark aesthetic, just because. What do you all think? More pictures on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/kLiYONZ Layout picture to follow. I am working with MANY instances and that's a pain for Terri's Autoradar. Please feel free to message me, if you've figured out a smart workaround / fix for that. Workshop link after Overview is done.
  11. I really like the visual idea for A site! I will check it out in game, when I get the chance.
  12. Additionally, using cover to your advantage is a core part of playing CSGO. As the map maker you have the opportunity to guide your player through your layout as well as show them the best positions from where to play it by means of placing cover in the right spots. The best maps use the level architecture to generate much of this cover and the according "flow" of the level. All that is just to say, your layout and your cover placement have to work in tandem. You can't really finalize a layout without knowing your cover.
  13. Thanks! The software is called PureRef, it's free if you want it to be (meaning they only take money on donation basis), but honestly I've found myself so happy with it, it is definitely worth a few dollars!
  14. Ok people, there has been a development, but not of the in-game type. Despite all the corona-caused financial troubles, I have just clinched a full-time job. This means I am more unsure than ever how much time I will be able to spend on Oakwood as well as when. I will probably keep spending some of my evenings with it, but there is a lot to prepare and then a lot to adapt to, so it might take a while. I'm certain this isn't goodbye, but certainly not the devlog I had been hoping to put out today. On the other hand, though ... - HEY, I'VE GOT A JOB, HECK YES! - So I will see you peo
  15. Freaky_Banana


    That quarry is an insanely cool area!
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