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  1. Freaky_Banana

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Guess who - ...
  2. Freaky_Banana

    [CS:GO] Morocco, Luxury & Delta (Wingman Projects)

    Your greyboxes are my dope man. Just how everything seems like such a real place! I hope you get to finish one at least!
  3. Freaky_Banana

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    Have to half agree on this one. I personally love the red wall, but the paint aging seems fairly random. I am by no means an expert on house painting, it's just I feel like the color would have come off in a sort of pattern, maybe something streamy from where water collects and slowly runs down? Some (tiny) streaks along the window rims and (slightly larger) down from there and the flower pots maybe?
  4. Freaky_Banana

    [CS:GO] Central (Workshop link posted)

    I love the visuals! But I feel it's hard to judge a rather interconnected and multilayered layout like this just by lots of (very nice) screenshots. Is there a workshop link by any chance? Thanks in advance and best of luck with this one!
  5. Freaky_Banana


    hey, thanks a ton for the compliment on previous screenshots! Concerning the visual feedback, after I read your comment I realised that "visuals" is not what I wanted the feedback on. As you said yourself I feel like the previous' iteration's visuals worked quite well for my theme. What didn't work well for me was creating believable architecture that still functioned well as a CSGO map. That is the problem I am trying to tackle with this new version of de_oakwood. In that light, I think it's best, if I rephrase my question for "feedback on the new architecture." Thanks for pointing out this error! Regarding the glass walls, it may be tough making the walls glass, since this part of the map will be inside a hillside, but the roof can definitely get a few slits here an there ! Also I made a little bit of progress: There is a little bit more, but that doesn't feel presentable yet. Right now I am looking to fix superlong sightlines in CT Spawn and create a fun to play B bombsite. Cheers!
  6. Freaky_Banana


    hello wanderer, may I stop you just for a minute, to tell you the tales of the seemingly fantastic? An ancient map long forgotten about ... ... young fellow, have you ever heard of *thunder rolls in the distance* ... oakwood? Ah yes, a fine young map, much like you, ages ago, that went out to seek an adventure. ... It had been raised fantastically by the always well-meaning community of its little town, Mapcore. But Oakwood wasn't yet done with what it wanted to see, wanted to do, to become. And so it left one night in their sleep. Today many don't know of it, but those who do, still wonder, whatever may have happened to it ... But I, young fellow, I have seen it, and from here on out, I am here to share my stories with you: after the short storytime which I hope you all enjoyed: it's been too long ... but I'm back! And I am so glad to be! After more than an entire year of intense personal life problems, I have finally picked myself up again and gathered enough energy to pursue this ancient project of mine. Not to say there hasn't been any activity on my end regarding it though. Some of you may have seen my post in the lands many thought only existed in legends, the place noone has ever seen, except for those courageous enough to walk off the road and step into the mapping swamp's *flat* waters. Yes, I am talking about the ... 2D Forums But here it is, in case you missed it: much of what I presented there has already changed again, but it can give you a rough idea of where I want to take this project. One of the overhauled areas is A with its Long entrance, always a favorite place of mine. So without further ado: here is a little peek at the overhauled A site and surrounding area. I hope you enjoy! Definitely let me know what you think, I am super eager for feedback on the new visuals! Cheers and hope you have a great rest of the night! Quentin
  7. Freaky_Banana

    de_Oakwood's paper sketch layout [CS:GO]

    Update: just wanted to let you know that I am indeed still warking on this layout. so of course nothing actually looks like I thought it would ! But since this is moving into blockout phase, I would ask any mod nice enough to move this to the 3D thread . Thanks guys, hope you're looking forward to the first playable version as much as I am! Cheers!
  8. Freaky_Banana

    de_Oakwood's paper sketch layout [CS:GO]

    Hey guys, Freaky_Banana here, original creator of the yet to be finished map de_oakwood. Some of you may have followed the project others may not have. This doesn't matter, all you need to know is that I to date have not been satisfied with any of the 29 different layouts we tried. Now I want to start finishing this project once and for all. Even though I won't be able to finish the map for this year, I wanted to put forward my newest handmade layout sketch (hence we are in the 2D forums). I know threads like this can prove a real nuissance with creators asking for feedback without handing out even nearly enough information for you guys to judge the map by. My hope for this thread is to be detailed enough to actually prove useful for my aspirations and constructive in the context of this forum. So here is everything you need to know about the new layout for de_oakwood: Layout: WARNING: This is only a sketch, not all proportions are entirely accurate, but the general idea of the layout should come across! Most timings measured all right though (see later this post). Timings: Height variation: Chokepoints: expected setup: defense spots (CT): Afterplant spots: So guys, that's it for now, definitely let me know what you think! What will work well, what won't ? I'm pumped for your feedback. Cheers ! PS: Just another reminder, this is still subject to change with scale, I am working on another paper sketch layout using editor units as scale this time, trying to stick to grid and sizing the map realistically.
  9. Freaky_Banana

    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0

    "OK so I seem to somehow have missed out on the fact that there are no playtests on tuesdays (anymore? I could've sworn there were !)." HAH ! And I'm loving it, glad to have more slots back !
  10. Freaky_Banana

    small bombsite design

    Heyho guys, Recently I got interested in working on de_Oakwood again. Before reworking the layout, I really felt like gameplay was lacking all across the board. In my eyes almost all of this is able to be worked around by going for a more conventional three-lane layout, awarding you more space for single areas to toy around with gameplaywise. By this point in time I have come up with countless rework-ideas for de_Oakwood's layout, sadly dropping the t-shaped mid-chokepoint I really wanted to keep for most of them. But the one thing that really comes back to bite me in the b*** every time is the B bombsite. For the life of me I can not figure out a nice setup, in which B plays fair. In every constellation I came up with the terrorists are able to simply rush it down. MPs and Tec-9s are king, because I can't create long enough angles for rifles or snipers to be effective. So now I want to ask you clever people of MapCore: 'HOW WOULD YOU DESIGN A SMALL BOMBSITE?' I am looking for rather general advice here, but if you'd like to specifically work on my problem with oakwood: I want to be able to meet these regulations: - one "main" way in for the Ts, - one "short" path for the Ts from mid - one or two pathes in from CT side - no round walls, mostly boxy shapes instead (preferably rectangular, but slanted walls are ok) - 2 to 3 seconds of setup time for CTs before Ts can reach the actual site after first sighting - use the server models from the source library as main pieces of cover (struts, boxes and such aren't forbidden though) DISCLAIMER: Whatever ideas may arise from this thread, I will not be able to finish de_Oakwood in 2017, I'm just too busy with university and clubs. Therefore de_Oakwood has already started a probably more than one year-long hibernation until I finally have more time on my hands again to finish the project. Cheers !
  11. Freaky_Banana

    [WIP] De_Gorgona

    Hey Chris, looks like a solid start you've got there ! You might want to consider creating a proper overview for your map though, since this will help any new players or testers to navigate your map more easily and thereby will enable them to leave more constructive feedback. For the map itself, I have no idea of how it plays right now, but I will definitely load it up when I have the time! Until then, happy mapping !
  12. Freaky_Banana

    Level Design Help Files

    Yea, I get this too. No idea what it's down to though .
  13. Freaky_Banana

    CSGO layout Map opinion

    The map seems (naturally I couldn't play it yet) like it will create a feeling of unease when played. Since rotation times between the single paths are so short, players could be anywhere at any time. This makes it necessary to constantly be aware of every entrance around you, confusing and frustrating the player, if he does eventually get shot from one of them. Furthermore I think mid could prove to be too easily smoked off by Ts (pop one smoke where the purple lines are in the bottleneck between CT and mid), giving them a whopping three ways into A and simply tons of map-pressure. Also avoid as many long sightlines as you have them here. This map looks like a horrible to optimise awp-fest, with too many routes. Maybe stick to something more conventional, like what @Roald suggested, but keep going ! Cheers!
  14. Freaky_Banana

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @Squad @jd40 Thanks guys !
  15. Freaky_Banana

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Where are those rocks in the back from ? I really like those !