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  1. I just crested 1000 hours in CSGO SDK. - you'd think that's enough time to finish a map? Apparently not ^^
  2. I just figured out that my SDK actually works again, so I figure I should start updating again ^^ . Three evenings worth of progress on Oakwood. (fast compile, protect your eyes!)
  3. Why the hostility ? I entirely agree with Vaya, this is an unusual approach, but if it is more comfortable for the mapper, let him do what he believes is best. That applies to the layout as well. A layout doesn't have to be a "normal" clover to play well. Follow the core gameplay rules of CS and anything can be fun. I am personally really excited about maps like these. It tells me here comes a mapper with a powerful vision of what he wants his level to be. And a map with a vision, those are the ones that will stick out and around even after the end of this contest. How about we stop shutting these people down with negativity or by forcing them into our conventions. I really want to celebrate their ideas instead. So you do you man, I am excited for this one. On a game play note, once you ported to Hammer, a new overview would really help to understand the layout we're looking at. It is a bit confusing right now.
  4. Just to let you know... work is going on (all Fast compile and lowest graphics, because my laptop is a toaster).
  5. I ... love them . Maybe a bit low poly though? Especially on the smaller ones the edges are very noticeable! So if they are meant to go inside the playable area, I feel like they might need a few more polys .
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't I already see this in FMPONE's custom map review? Not sure about how rule 4 applies here (whether your current blockout already counts as having "art" done seems debatable (no offense , it looks great!).
  7. This might help It is a fixed case with a similar problem from a short while back.
  8. I really like the idea of different gravities (although to be fair my favorite shooter is one with walljumps, ledgegrabs and powerslides ) . What I am not sold on is the button sort of stuff. I think that is a bit too outlandish for CSGO players to have to interact with their environment. But then again, I would love to see a playable version to further comment on this!
  9. Layout looks a bit bonkers in a good way! Already have a few thoughts, but will hold out until the greybox to confirm or disprove any hunches Doing a nice job so far!
  10. I like the motivation! Is there a download link somewhere yet? Because judging off overview this map seems a bit small
  11. Can't actually tell you much, since I am not a level designer myself. Just wanted to let you know those pictures are looking good .
  12. Can't really tell much from the drawing, but in any case looking forward to the greybox!
  13. Freaky_Banana


    A big thank you to everyone who participated in the playtest! I have begun looking into all of the great feedback you left for me and will work out the new layout changes as soon as possible. For now I am happy most of you seem to have enjoyed the map, and am looking forward to further updates and playtests in this thread, whenever I next find the time to do them . And @Logic thanks for the picture! I will address all of those issues in the next update.
  14. Freaky_Banana


    Hello people, today is the day of the playtest! Whoever wants to experience what another year of redevelopment turned into shall gladly join me at 8 pm CEST on the MapCore Playtesting-server at the IP: I look forward to seeing all of you there, before we can collectively huddle back up with our loved ones and eagerly await the final episode of Game of Thrones!
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