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  1. Freaky_Banana


    Thanks! The software is called PureRef, it's free if you want it to be (meaning they only take money on donation basis), but honestly I've found myself so happy with it, it is definitely worth a few dollars!
  2. Freaky_Banana


    Ok people, there has been a development, but not of the in-game type. Despite all the corona-caused financial troubles, I have just clinched a full-time job. This means I am more unsure than ever how much time I will be able to spend on Oakwood as well as when. I will probably keep spending some of my evenings with it, but there is a lot to prepare and then a lot to adapt to, so it might take a while. I'm certain this isn't goodbye, but certainly not the devlog I had been hoping to put out today. On the other hand, though ... - HEY, I'VE GOT A JOB, HECK YES! - So I will see you people tomorrow, or next week or month or whenever
  3. Freaky_Banana


    That quarry is an insanely cool area!
  4. Freaky_Banana


    The post has only the best pics, find the rest on imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/CQKlVkK Ok people, I haven't finished A side, outsides or middle yet, but I'll be unable to work on this for the next two weeks and wanted to deliver some on my promise before then. So here is a look at the map's new and (hopefully) improved B side. As always, everything is fast compile and temp textures, because full compiles LITERALLY KILL MY LAPTOP in this heat. - B Site - - B Caves - (this hallway is not part of the playable area). - Skywalk - Credit for the glass textures to Skybex and Yanzl from cs_cruise and Puddy and Yanzl from de_breach! Thank you for being able to use these now, long-term plan is 100% custom content. These shots are only meant to summarize the general style of the B area, you can find more detail and some descriptions I whipped up for the rest of the pics on imgur! https://imgur.com/gallery/CQKlVkK Cheers, see you all soon
  5. I can't read the caption, but I will be damned if I let Hammer-ception go unliked!
  6. Freaky_Banana


    Ok people, I've been working a bit on this again lately, and I finally got around to making a proper canvas of reference images. Here it is! This goes along with my attempt at nailing down the first art pass. I've also finished a large amount of mostly small layout changes - the bigger ones I implemented are roughly the ones shown in the post above (finished those as well). So hopefully I will soon have some finished first pass pictures to show you, stay tuned for that.
  7. I like the theme! Definitely something to work with. From the overview it does seem VERY fastpaced, almost more like a wingman map in timings. Also lots of straight sight lines between buildings. Maybe if you expand the playable area that can give you the space to add some more nooks and lean into the theme of weird paths through some of the ramshackle housing, which would really help bring the map alive. The main paths could probably remain as wider streets lined by colonial houses.
  8. Congrats! I liked following the updates . Looking forward to the next one!
  9. Not my type of gameplay usually, but looks like fun for community servers!
  10. Seriously man, you seem frustrated. You want something from CSGO and more specifically its mapping community which multiple people have repeatedly, politely laid out to you, is not what their understanding of CSGO is about. There is very close to zero point in continuing this conversation, if you do not listen to these people's opinions or simply deem them too narrow-minded because they don't fit with yours. I needn't repeat any arguments, they're all out here already, strewn across your content, SoldatDuChrist's and now even the WIP thread. Why do you keep fighting this crusade? I suggest you take a step back, reconsider what you want from the game and this forum, and then, if you feel like it anymore, reenter the discourse.
  11. I'm fairly certain CS players would hate it. They like what they're used to, and you can't exactly expect them to change their behavior either. Counter Strike is an incredibly established concept and at some point as a designer one really has to ask oneself, if the experience one intends to design is at the core of the game that one is working for. Maybe it just makes sense to realize some ideas in a different game, because the gameplay you want to enable is simply not what an engine or concept was built around. As I have expressed before, try your best, I would love to see something great come from a new approach like this, just don't set your expectations too high. PS: Also, if you would like to keep asking questions, maybe make a thread for it or add it to your current one? Posting here without any WIP to show kind of defeats this thread's purpose. At least that's my opinion on the matter.
  12. looking nice, but weird lighting on the wall on the right.
  13. Freaky_Banana

    Freya [Wingman]

    I like the colder lighting a lot better. There are already fairly many maps with warm lighting, and I personally associate it with a warmer climate, which obviously you aren't going for. I also really like the contrast between warm lighting in houses and cold lighting once you step outside. Makes everything feel crisper to me and helps the player distinguish areas and feel the theme every time they walk outside. My only concern would be how good it actually feels while playing. Cold lighting isn't particularly inviting, so make sure to spread enough warm spots (like the little lamps showcased in your screenshots) around the outsides of the map as well.
  14. Cool, looking forward to a first layout!
  15. Alright. I think I see what the others here are commenting on. If you don't like CSGO, it's fair to question why you are making a map for it to begin with. It calls into question your motives, because it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to sink countless hours of work into something you don't like. If I were you, I would ask myself, EXACTLY why you want to make this map. Further elaborating on this, it seems that you have a very clear idea of what you think will happen when you make a map for CSGO. For my part, I thought I knew this, too, when I came in, but there are many things that CSGO is quite specific about. For example, you can barely distinguish (if at all) on which level of a building a sound is being produced. So making 3D sound part of a map is unfortunately really hard, because the engine just doesn't support it propely. As I said, if you want to make this map as a portfolio piece and a personal learning experience or skill diversification, go for it! I would just be very careful about my intents and expectations going into a big project like this.
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