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Classic Offensive (CS:GO Mod) - We need you! [Environment Designer, Level Designer, 3D Artist] (Shared Patreon money)

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We're looking for mappers who'd like to join us making Classic Offensive a reality for everybody to enjoy on Steam.

If you like the old 2000s CS style, have free time, looking to improve, layouts aren't your thing, or contests aren't for you yet... Then this might be for you.

What's Classic Offensive?

Classic Offensive is a free mod for CS:GO I've started as a test about four years ago and attracted more attention than I expected, ending up as a full fledged mod in the end. I've released it in Beta on Christmas 2016.

The mod aims to restore the classic feeling of Counter-Strike while taking most of the improvements Global Offensive added as long as they don't break that classic feel.

You can see footage of that original version from various people: 





Since the release the team has been expending and we've been working on it for about a year. We've changed directions for a quality similar to what CS:GO has to offer due to the team wanting to push the boundaries, needing us to scrap the CS:S assets and ported maps since it wouldn't fit the new fresh quality we wanted. 

It is available on ModDB in its original fixed version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive

And here we are about less than three years after the initial release.


What's the goal on maps?

We've planned a few maps for release (which isn't near set yet): Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Train and Nuke, with Inferno being the furthest map in development by poLemin, and Train by Quoting currently getting a face-lift by Grillus. Dust2 has just started, Slimek was on it right before the exotic contest. Nuke was being worked on by Quoting and stopped a year ago. In addition Quoting did a few classic fight/yard maps such as fy_poolday and fy_iceworld which look very good and are almost done. Additionally Cache has been worked on by Bezimienny aiming for it's classic CS:S theme. He's the man doing the work on bots which are to be honest better than ever on CO.

Needless to say that things have moved since a year and people have been busy. Some had to step down due to life complications, less free time and contests getting in the way leading to a slower development.

Still the most important for us is having a good time, improving and pleasing the community, that's all that matters.


Here's a preview of the said maps:










Concept art of Nuke and Train by thewhaleman two years ago:


What's the goal on weapons?

We're also looking for modelers even though Ordanicu does a great job, he's overwhelmed by the 27 weapons he needs to remake on his free time. With the USP, Glock 17c, AK-47, P228, and AWP done at this time, I guess he could use some help. If you're a modeler, want to improve, have some free time, and want to give a shot at reviving the classics and you feel like CS:GO didn't do them justice in both look and feel, we beg you to contact us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

On my side I'm currently the animator for the team, I started not so long ago and I'm still learning, I tend to tweak them from time to time when I think they feel wrong the more I improve.

Again, we're all here to improve, and make the best CS in both feel and balance which we all think we can achieve and is already feeling better than GO on some aspects.

Here's some of Ordanicu's models on my animations in action:


   AK-47 (materials are a WIP) (latest anims)




   P228 (Anims are WIP)


The whole "feeling" of the mod we're going for?

Classic for sure, we want to hit sharper than CS:GO. Weapons feels too smooth in a bad way in GO. We want the players to feel powerful with just the right dose of "Action Movie" kind of DNA that the original had and of course... Nostalgia.

We value the attention for detail for weapons as well which is something often neglected.

CS:GO's weapons for instance all feel the same, specially pistols. We want to fix all that and give all weapons a purpose and their own unique feel.

Don't get me wrong though, CS:GO is the best version of CS... but only until CO releases. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Death poses and general gun-play

Classic Viewmodel positions.


Attention to detail

We're trying to head toward Condition Zero's direction whenever not conflicting with the classic feeling. Their attention to detail was amazing, here you can see their deagle with the animated bullets inside the gun, this is the kind of detail we're adding back.

We don't stop there, we want it to feel more bad-ass than the original as well

Slowed down to x0.5 to better enjoy the particles

What's next?

Well here I am asking for mappers and weapon modelers. And hopefully soon new devlogs on our Twitter https://twitter.com/csco_dev as our team is working on the mod.

This is the part where you come in. If you want to join us, either reply to the thread, PM me on Mapcore or on discord (ZooL#4200) we'll see what you're capable of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We're everyday impressed by the work we see on Mapcore and we really wish some of you guys would be interested in sharing the passion of developing Classic Offensive with us, giving the community and CS what it really deserves even though Global Offensive is already perfect.


Here's some of our links:


Have a great summer!

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