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  1. Damned 5. I mean its technically its the 6th iteration, but fuck BO Cold War tbh.
  2. Rambo with no Stallone? was ist das fuer eine unsinn?
  3. ngl that door looks like a block of chocolate
  4. These 'differences' are still to be integrated, but they are just small changes to functions like tablet blockers and hostage zones.
  5. Yeah the shots were specifically to show parts that were finished, there is a 'raised central area' but its not really worth showing yet.
  6. Working on a Danger Zone map in the South Australian Riverland, still finishing off buildings/monuments/decorations along with general polish, but progress is coming along very well. Riverland is designed to play differently from other Danger Zone maps, with a couple of changes that'll spice up how the mode is played.
  7. Jim F Kennedy


    Battery has finally released! After 6 gruelling months of laziness and occasionally doing stuff. (though I should've said this like a couple of days ago) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2542050335
  8. Currently working on a Danger Zone map in a Warner Bros/Universal-style themepark. 'Experimenting' with verticality in a mostly-flat map.
  9. Jim F Kennedy


    Well fuck, i'll get on those right away. Edit: lol fixed.
  10. Jim F Kennedy


    So after sitting on my ass for the last few months, I've finally got a version of Battery worth releasing. Will show something soon...
  11. Jim F Kennedy


    Back with an update for this month, as the map is getting close to release. One of the big changes to the map was moving to the Wingman mode, and decreasing the maps size, there we're a few reasons why I did this (but the main one is I fucking hated Bombsite A) The centre 'Chimney House' is nearly finished, just finalising the look of it, and you'll also notice some new interiors. Alongside these changes is just a few model changes, improvements to some displacements, reflections and performance, as well as improved blend modulate effects. Aiming for a June release, or somewhere around that. Oh shit almost forgot, ice... lots of ice... just look into the ocean, or around the docks.
  12. Jim F Kennedy


    Did some significant improvements to Middle/Bombsite B, because I didn't like the original look. Added more cover to Middle because a few people said it should. I also reduced the amount of props because it didn't look as good. The 3D skybox I originally added was quite boring, it was literally just black mountains. This update improves that. There was also a bunch of FPS increases all across the board thanks to actually optimising the map properly.
  13. Jim F Kennedy


    finally found something that worked for the weird shaped blockout https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2401850892
  14. Jim F Kennedy


    Little update again... Replaced thick as fuck walls with sheet metal, still need to brighten up this area though. Moved the car, because stairs are for people? (And they're clipped now :D) After careful consideration... wall, with arrow.
  15. Jim F Kennedy


    Updated the workshop with some more shit. For this update, I worked mainly on the T-Spawn to Bombsite A lane, trying to build up the greybox-ing for this area. Instead of some more boulders, I removed them and added a power station to the facility, this will change the angles from "Truck" to "Nest". Still got lots to do though
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