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  1. Yeah I like it too, I used to have that shit on a poster as a kid. Can’t justify the extra €200 though, especially not when they are deliberately milking it for nostalgia.
  2. Hey, I cooked up some ground materials/blends. The snow does not look as blown out at regular player eye level.
  3. I ordered the deluxxxe edition, which is that up there minus the figure and the carbuncle summon.
  4. Oh boy, a €200 PVC figure, which would have been €50 if it was a no name IP.
  5. That would be ideal, though it depends if we’re able to make it look right using props, since custom particles in csgo doesn’t work. We’ll try.
  6. FF7 remake combat looks dope. The game is going be dope. Best in show.
  7. I use Blender for all purposes. It’s not as performant as zbrush, but it gets the job done.
  8. I made a statue. He's a big boy. Fruit basket for scale.
  9. I made a first draft of a skybox to set the mood and direction for the level. I wanted to put extra emphasis on the mysticism associated with the Himalayan theme.
  10. Now that’s pretty wild. SDK please.
  11. Definitely in the same region, though more akin to Nepal and Bhutan
  12. Here are a few refs we've looked at. Credit to the original authors.
  13. Myself, @Squad and @Oskmos are taking you on a trip to this exotic place: Everest is merely the working name. Final name tbd.
  14. I’ve ditched the junior part, I’m a plain old Level Designer now.
  15. grapen

    A Game of Thrones

    Gota be honest though, A Dance with Dragons was not a good book. The decline of the show is consistent with the decline of the books.
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