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  1. God of War

    Played about two hours so far and it’s just amazing. How can it look so good on this old machine? It doesn’t feel like God of War, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If it continues to deliver I’m certain it will be GOTY. Easily.
  2. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    It reminds me a TON of when I used to work for SAS out at Arlanda. Keep it up!
  3. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    This is looking so true to life dude. Are you scanning and photo sourcing most of it?
  4. God of War

    Sounds great! One thing I loved about the souls series was the very low amount of camera cuts. Hope I can preload the game tonight.
  5. [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    There are three ways from which T can come from, you could try and hold two of them with an awp or scout, but it’s a huge gamble, especially with the windows T can use to throw nades through. CT’s should try and be dynamic and use utility to cover everything. Wish I knew of a server that run Wingmans, but community servers are rare these days
  6. [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    Thanks! The interior could definitely use some polish overall, I’ve been hesistant to create new assets for the map due to the short production time frame, but I’ll consider some things Whoops! No but really, castle maps are awesome, keep doing it!
  7. [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    I just published 'Chalice' to the workshop, a small Wingman map inspired by a fortification in northen Italy, and a spin-off to my earlier map Scepter. Assets from 7 different maps came together to make this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362837520
  8. Sea of Thieves

    Played with a friend and had some fun, truly a beautiful game. But for 60 bucks the full release really needs to wow me. I’ll be sitting on the fence for a while and see what happens.
  9. What's going on with your life?

    Absolutely. I have a full time job, wife and kids and so I’m usually able to get on my PC at 10 pm and get two hours in. I probably wouldn’t do this unless I was very goal driven. If I can get into the industry I’ll use my spare time for other things, for the most part. With how time consuming these things are I think goals are necessary in order to stay disciplined.
  10. Thanks for organizing this and congratulations everyone!
  11. Fredric Grapensparr - Level Designer

    Time for an update! Slimmed it down to basically (almost) a one-pager.
  12. The cost of games

    It is very much an oddball game, not what you expect from looking at screenshots. It explores existentialism and references many historic philosophers. Can’t tell you more, should be be experienced
  13. The cost of games

    I’ve been playing NieR: Automata lately and analyzing it every step of the way. To me it seems perfectly adapted to today’s market situation for singleplayer games. The visual fidelity is very low for a 2017 game, assets and materials are being rehashed to infinity (albeit fairly well hidden for the untrained eye), you’re basically fighting the same enemies over and over, and the main scenario is pretty short. Yet despite this I’ve been very engaged, more so than I was in Zelda BotW to be honest, and I’m a long time fan of that franchise. The gameplay, soundtrack and story is so well executed, and without telling too much, they’ve been very clever with the replayability. The game is designed to offset the lack of visual fidelity and length in how everything plays out. I can think of one recent game from the same publisher even, where the exact opposite is (subjectively) true. A game that took a decade to get out, with a huge intricately and beautifully designed world, terrible combat and dull story: FF15. Luckily for Square Enix, NieR and their F2P mobile games make up for that loss. Ironic.
  14. de_berth

    Hey there. The holidays have been very busy for me and I also managed somehow to catch both sinisitus and bronchitis. Ain't nobody got time for that, so I kept going and prepared one last update for the duration of this contest: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216945465 Before screenshots, I figure I'll just type down the story behind the map, for anyone interested. Initially I didn't think I'd even participate in the contest since I needed to wrap up my previous project. Yet when we were two months in, during the last days of July, I did a quick sketch for a layout on a piece of paper and got to grayboxing. Two hours later I had this thing: Much of it is still there today with some variation. With so little time remaining (3 months at this point, before the extension was announced) I needed to make the map as small as I possibly could, within reasonable expectations of 5v5 gameplay. The theme had to be something I was comfortable with, and where I could borrow a lot of stock content. My goal was to rush it and not have any dev stuff by the first deadline, I figured I had to in order to even have a chance at top 10. Admittedly I was a bit surprised at making it. As for the layout itself, I wanted to take some inspiration from Mill and Overpass for some familiarity. liked the idea of having a slightly faster route to one site, much like Overpass, although making it scary to rush. I also wanted to give CT's the option of playing more dynamically with different positions and crossfires like Mill. During the old era of CS, Mill was my favourite map and I still think the A site of that map is the most exciting site in the history of CS. Despite Berth being so compact and simple, I feel good about the options currently available to both teams. I consulted with an old friend and teammate alike, did some iterations and carried on. I really wanted to go for an overcast environment and ended up bashing my head trying to make it work. Spoilers: it didn't. There were just too many issues that I couldn't ignore, not to mention everyone hated it (hehe). After a LOT of palette iterations, I settled for mostly green and yellow, ironically inspired by the Mako reactor of FF7 after doing a re-run of that. I had some closed testing along the way and felt I was on the right track, though after the faceit playtests I got some good feedback that pushed me to change some things up. Thanks everyone who played and provided feedback, also a special shoutout to @Terri for taking the time to go so far as making a video and heatmaps. In the past few weeks I've cleaned up angles, removed some overly cheeky boosts and provided more art. Now for the update: I think most notably, the map should feel a little less spacious. I removed accessibility to the giant metal stairs for both teams to prevent cheap boosts and awkward angles. B-site has received a makeover for a memorable look. It's now possible to reasonably hold "catwalk" while also removing a nasty headpeek. Underpass is now more fair for T's. Where does that leave the state of the map? Well, I'm not done, I want to continue workin on the art, but that will have to wait until after the contest. Thanks everyone who took the time to check out my map, also thanks Mapcore and Faceit for this opportunity. Already looking forward to the next contest, whatever it may be.