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  1. grapen

    Apex Legends

    No, there’s no market. The pity timer for an heirloom item is 500 crates ($500), and the drop rate is so low, chances are good you won’t get it before the timer kicks in.
  2. grapen

    Apex Legends

    Ya boi unboxed the $500 Wraith knife. Oh right, Blothund main for lyfe.
  3. grapen

    What's going on with your life?

    If it's not on Twitter, it's happening someplace else. These individuals are slaves to their own egos, and the human ego will find its outlets. It's arguing for the sake of arguing - there's no point to it.
  4. grapen

    Apex Legends

    The r-301 rifle with light ammo deals 14/28 (body/headshot), full auto with high accuracy. The flatline, also a rifle, though heavy ammo, deals 16/32 full auto with less accuracy. As an example. It’s more about preference.
  5. grapen

    Apex Legends

    Guns are not tiered, they’re preference (and situational). Play with them and find some that you like. I mostly roll with the wingman pistol, longbow rifle and peacekeepe shotty. Attachments are tiered however and corresponds to the same color coding as skins. White < Blue < Purple < Yellow. When you tag a blue armor for instance, the voice line goes ”armor here, level 2”. I don’t think it’s complicated, it’s basically Quake 3 pickups on steroids with all the attachments, that you learn the depth of over a few hours of gameplay.
  6. grapen

    totally random texture thread

    That’s just amazing looking, @[HP]
  7. grapen

    Apex Legends

    Weapons and ammo are color coded. If you have a teal weapon icon in your inventory, you need teal ammo, etc.
  8. To anyone reading this two years later. The switch was 110% worth it.
  9. grapen

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Seems OK so far (I’m not that far in yet). Nothing amazing. But it’s the best Final Fantasy since 2001 which is depressing. I watched the optional ”story-so-far” cutscenes, and I still can’t make much sense if the convoluted story. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s good guys vs bad guys, and combat is kind of enjoyable.
  10. grapen

    Metro: Exodus

    I’m all for healthy competition as long as the platform(s) can deliver on QoL features that are important to me, such as cloud saves and automagic usb controller input support. Steam is very refined in that regard. I’m not sure I understand what the supposed price reduction was about? Is that a US exclusive? Because it’s still €60 in Europe, so why put that in the PR.
  11. grapen

    2018: Mapcore's Year in Review

    Great job Radu and everyone that contributed!
  12. grapen

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Demo? Love that they’re going full on retro.
  13. grapen

    Goals for 2019?

    My one goal for 2019 is to continue working on my own game, and have a preview trailer up before it’s over.
  14. grapen

    Overkill's The Walking Dead

    Switching engines somewhere along the way, I would guess. Scrapped work and hundreds of people that needs training in the new tools.