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  1. I'm now the Level Design Manager at Fatshark.
  2. We revealed our new game during xbox games this evening:
  3. Aight half-way or so in, here’s my honest opinion. Things I really like: excellent combat and excellent sound design. This is where the remake really flexes on the original. The original story beats are re-imagined in a great way. Monster design is great. The game looks good and runs great on an old ps4. Things I don’t like: the world building is OK. I don’t buy the slums at all. All the NPC’s look upper middle class. The whole place looks gentrified rather than oppressed. Super weird. It’s like the NPC’s were ported from FF15. I think they should’ve gone hard on the 90’s punk aesthetic instead, and way less cheerful. The new content and story beats are inconsistent in quality. Sometimes they feel like typical anime (big emphasis here) filler episodes, which I would enjoy even less if this wasn’t FF7. Cloud even complains about it being boring, making the game appear self-aware. Weird design decision.. Assets and texel density are WILDLY inconsistent in quality. Looks rushed in some areas. There’s still hope for the remaining new content to blow me away, but I don’t see my other points changing. I feel like an 8/10 is justified.
  4. Picked up my copy today, it’s too good. Gonna be GOTY for me I’m sure. Absolutely LOVE finding entirely new gear, bosses etc. Must buy/10.
  5. Glory kills were the worst part of 2016 in my opinion, now they’re even more prevalent.
  6. I think it’s an OK game at best. 5/10. Level design is quite boring, especially the non-combat traversal. Exploration/secrets are predictable. Enemies are tankier than what I’d like for them to be. Glory kills and chainsaw kills are tedius while at the same time absolutely necessary due to running out of ammo constantly. The perhaps biggest design flaw is introducing a boss and then taking you out of the action so the game can explain how to beat it.. I don’t see myself continue playing, not having fun with it.
  7. The judges weren’t unanimous, but Mustang was not in enough top 4’s. That’s how it goes sometimes. Regarding the point about theme I disagree. Monastery is set in a Tibetan monastery, while Mustang is set in a traditional Nepalese village. More importantly, the execution is vastly different. Opinions may vary on gameplay and art polish, but on this point I won’t budge.
  8. Map has been updated with some experimental gameplay changes and new visuals.
  9. Thank you everyone who has been giving us feedback so far We're currently acting on it. In the meantime I'm expanding on- and polishing the art.
  10. Updated the first post of the thread. The map has been released: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980781825 We'll continue polishing the map, so stay tuned for more updates.
  11. We have a hidden workshop entry, so we're just waiting on the rc1 to finish compiling now.
  12. FC4 have definitely been an inspiration throughout. It's in a first release state, so it should be made public on the workshop within the coming days. I would have liked to have gotten more props done before the deadline, but they'll be in there soon enough.
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