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  1. I'm sure everyone gets stuck sometimes, even the old (traditional) masters did. Surely there's more stuff to work on for your portfolio while you marinate the problematic model?
  2. On a typical day I get up at 06, dress and feed my kids, go to work, back home at around 17, feed and hang out with kids until 21, hang out with wife, then squeeze in an hour into Hammer. I guess grinding to get a job that let's me do what I enjoy doing is what motivates me
  3. Ooh a souvenir! Field-tested Walnut Nova 😒
  4. Yeah judging from the assets it might be anything from a deforested Svealand to Norrland looks great! Did you use a second UV channel for the lower part of the tree trunk?
  5. Looks like Norrland what's the setting this time?
  6. Update is now live on the workshop with the aforementioned patch notes.
  7. Oh god, that color scheme I think at one point I saw a picture of Hohenzollern and was blown away by it. That made me start again from scratch. I think patinated copper looks cool (though that old material is horrible), but it should probably not be used for an entire castle
  8. Any german to confirm I got text and date format right?
  9. 1.1 should hit the workshop today: - Fixed several clipping issues - Removed pillar in rotator to A from CT Spawn - Improved interior lighting - Improved shaders on gold-like materials - Gameplay adjustments on B - Fixed overly transparent glass on low shaders in mid - Fixed stairs leading to nowhere on A - Display case is now breakable in T Spawn - Added story elements to CT Spawn, mid and A for further clarification on the map scenario - Added efflorescence stains to overly dark backgrounds - Added a modest amount of grime - Fixed rare bug on window materials - Slightly shortened some headshot-height walls - Fixed a powerful self-boost As for the rare bug people were having, I'm pretty sure it's because selfillum can't be used with basealphaenvmapmask.
  10. I add _radar after the map name in the txt, and it works. A _spectate radar is not necessary.
  11. I've seen that mentioned a lot.. but I'm afraid to admit I don't know what it is
  12. Coming in a patch this week along some bug/clip fixes and gameplay enhancements
  13. Thanks guys, that's some detective work right there
  14. 1. Whoops, been meaning to add a door there. 1.1 3. You used to be able to, tricky balancing act. Might revise depending, but for now it's a double peek opportunity and afterplant position. 4. Save area as well as nade opportunity through windows above. 5. Yeah I guess
  15. Thanks! I need to buy a new monitor, mine is so old and overbright it's hard to get lighting right will defo check these out!