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  1. Take care of yourself, your family, and do what you love doing. We should all spend our time wisely.
  2. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Congrats guys, looking mighty fine!
  3. The portfolio section´s info

    Yeah I use a local installation of Wordpress on my hosting service, so its .org. If you're going down that route, basically all of the major hosts here in Sweden have a "one click wordpress install" feature. If you want to, you can PM me for details.
  4. The portfolio section´s info

    Yep I use WP with Semplice which is super customizable out of the box, though I also used a little bit of custom css to get it just how I wanted. The hosting is a yearly cost obviously, and Semplice is a one time license cost. I value time over anything else and got my site up and running the same evening. Adding a new project to it takes me a minute, the only real time factor is taking screenshots and writing the documentation.
  5. Fredric Grapensparr - Level Designer

    Won't be sending it to recruiters for a while, it's like you say, needs more projects up there.
  6. [WIP] De_Glace

    Look in the upper middle part of Blender to see your scene tri count, select pieces to see their individual tri count. Go into your mesh properties, check auto smooth and start smoothing those curved surfaces/declare hard edges.
  7. de_scepter

    Thanks! This map is not eligible to join the contest, instead I'm working on another map (unless that is what you meant)
  8. de_berth

    Yep we'll see about the sky, I made it before I realized we can't have diffuse shadows. Derp. The clouds are moving but I could still paint a hole in the mask where the sun is lol. But yeah, anything but clear blue Nuke sky should be good
  9. de_berth

    The overall mood and gameplay for this area has been nailed down. What you see is CT spawn, and the tracks cut through the entire map on a highrise platform. In the second art phase I'll revisit this part to work on finer details and final lighting. For now I'm moving on to work on the area to the right of this shot.
  10. [DOI] El Guettar (WIP)

    I don't know anything about DOI, but I like your compositions so far.
  11. de_berth

    I continue setting up my scenes, starting with the larger assets.
  12. Heya, throwing my hat into the ring with de_berth by grapen. The map is set in and around a fictional dry berth in Sweden. Graybox is done and dusted. Below is the first day of env art to give you a general idea of where I'm taking this. No overview created yet.
  13. [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    I don't mean to derail your topic, but since I played on the highest level in the Swedish 1.6 scene at one point, I can share what I recall on this topic. Almost every pro and semi pro hated Aztec. Rushing A was practically impossible since HE grenades were so powerful and they would rain on the single choke point at the start of every round. Rushing B was terrifying due to how exposed you were, and the fact that the CT holding bridge could tap lightly on crouch to get a lot of info from a safe position. Furthermore, the colt had 120 bullets so you could wallbang silently the entire round. If the teams were evenly skilled, you had to win pistol as T which was unlikely, in part due to the distances and the disparity in powerlevel of the USP vs Glock, but also since you could see through smokes in 1.6. There were really no tactical options, you had to brute force the chokes and hope to get a lucky flash off, or double/triple peek the underpass, that was your best bet. Aztec fell off from leagues and tournaments by the time we got new maps such as Strike (now known as Mirage), Mill and Fire. Anyways, work hard and good luck with your map.
  14. Dunkirk

    How could the Editor in Chief of USA Today let that one slip through? Unbelievable. Is this publication known for desperate publicity stunts?