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  1. Digital copy vs physical copy. One or them deteriorates over time, costs more to produce and takes up space on store shelves. Second hand sales of one includes shipping costs (and assumes a good condition of the item), thus limiting the amount on the market. We didn’t have indies before digital distribution for a reason. It’s not very difficult to comprehend. With games you pay for an experience that costs a ton of money to produce these days, you can’t even compare it to how things used to be.
  2. It’s not in the interest of many EU states to agree with this french court, given the export value of the games industry. It’s not even in France’s best interests even though they are a smallish player by comparison to other EU members. I think the worst thing that could happen here is Steam pulling out of France. The only dev in the world who can get away with an entirely free second hand digital goods market is Nintendo. Because they have full control of the hardware and a handfull of the most beloved IP:s in the history of video games. I wouldn’t like to imagine a world where every game deb (bar Nintendo) require a live service subscription in order to get around the used market regulation.
  3. Did I forget to mention that I’m a short distance runner? I’m working on a modular set for a traditional nepali house. I’m about half way there, hoping to be done before the end of next week.
  4. Yeah I feel like they are feature creeping tech when they really don’t need to. Some sick level design, level art, talented VO and a few new guns to spice up the arsenal would have been enough.
  5. Looking closer at the first class edition, the figure is ”soft bundled”, meaning you get the deluxe edition and a seprately packaged figure. Making things worse, you can already buy the Cloud part of the figure set separately (unlimited supply). This is a pretty underwhelming CE.
  6. Yeah I like it too, I used to have that shit on a poster as a kid. Can’t justify the extra €200 though, especially not when they are deliberately milking it for nostalgia.
  7. Hey, I cooked up some ground materials/blends. The snow does not look as blown out at regular player eye level.
  8. I ordered the deluxxxe edition, which is that up there minus the figure and the carbuncle summon.
  9. Oh boy, a €200 PVC figure, which would have been €50 if it was a no name IP.
  10. That would be ideal, though it depends if we’re able to make it look right using props, since custom particles in csgo doesn’t work. We’ll try.
  11. FF7 remake combat looks dope. The game is going be dope. Best in show.
  12. I use Blender for all purposes. It’s not as performant as zbrush, but it gets the job done.
  13. I made a statue. He's a big boy. Fruit basket for scale.
  14. I made a first draft of a skybox to set the mood and direction for the level. I wanted to put extra emphasis on the mysticism associated with the Himalayan theme.
  15. Now that’s pretty wild. SDK please.
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