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  1. Hey mapmakers. So the other day my Star Wars Left 4 Dead 2 map was featured by some youtubers. I didn't reach out to them, they just found it and played it I guess. But they have a huge following, and I saw a bump in downloads after the video was released. So it got me thinking about marketing my maps and what not. I was wondering, do any of you do marketing for your maps? Do you reach out to people and say "Hey try my map!" I'm wondering if there is something here to increase downloads or become famous or something. Like how do you help get the word out that you made a map? Thanks in advance to all who reply with feedback, opinions, and thoughts. I included the video for reference.
  2. I published the map on steam workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2313122612
  3. Adjusted some lighting by adding in some fire rubble to darker areas of the map.
  4. all orange and grey box dev textures removed. now to replace the gunship and the beast.
  5. worked on adding some rocky stuff to the upper area. enclosed the whole ring.... also added some geonosian eggs?
  6. Nicky_Da_B

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Looking forward to the updates. Looking nice so far. also i think it would be a hilarious easter egg (from one of my favorite movies) for one of the bomb sites to have this on a wall.... basically saying, plant here, lol :
  7. by adding some silhouette and spikey variation it looks a little more geonosis.
  8. Adding in a custom skybox for Geonosis was one of the easiest things to do on this project. I had never made a custom skybox for a map before. So plus one for doing something new and expanding my skill set.
  9. ehh.. this project was over scoped for me.. and at this point i just want to be done small updates. working on the arena back walls. moved the sun. will do a custom geonosis skybox texture next.
  10. - some more texture work - all stands have stairs and textured - in game view from stands
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