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  1. wow. yours looks so much nicer than mine. i have a long way to go I do plan on having events and things for the players to do as they hold out and fall back. Going to try to follow the movie scene, and have timer events go off like in the helms deep map on steam workshop for lord of the rings. one example, is i'd like the players to fall back, reactivate the ion cannon power, so that the transports can escape, then also have to fill up the transport with gas (like the racecar in the mall from the campaign.)
  2. nov has been pretty busy month. but I haven't worked on the map in a while so i figure id just do something super fast and small to get me back in the habit of working. - this is a small ledge. i'll turn it into a mini hold out area.
  3. progress on a dev texturePLUS. then eventually put that shitty ass shit in game.
  4. had to fix the stupid ass convex default physics model. back in the engine
  5. I didn't want to do any "real work" so i just added a small 50 cal inside of a shit dev turret. lol.
  6. UV draft. better than grey. loaded into the engine. just wanted to see it in engine.
  7. not much, but threw some weapons and med kits in the spawn area to make it easier to pick whatever weapon you want to playtest with.
  8. getting a custom model into the engine is a lot easier than I anticipated... although it may just be my 10 years of experience in similar areas at this point. lol, well. now i know I can import custom models. and i have a pretty generic idea of scale from maya to blender to source.
  9. imported a custom model. and scale references in maya
  10. added 6 forced zombie spawns and a timer trigger to spawn them at random intervals between 1-3, 2-3, and 3-5 seconds
  11. not much visual change. did mostly scripting. but i added a shit AT-AT for visual feel
  12. I'm sorry. I don't understand. What is "MONS"? >>> OH. LOL. I think I get it now. Haha, that is my snow dev texture.
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