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  1. I really agree with Paul's final words. I think it is good advice that it can be applied to a much wider audience, not just games. Mapcore, thanks for putting together good quality articles like these. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  2. Nicky_Da_B

    [WIP] de_plateau

    Thanks for the comments and feedback guys. We'll try to work these things into version 10 or 11 of the map.
  3. Nicky_Da_B

    [WIP] de_plateau

    Did some work on bombsite B today.
  4. Nicky_Da_B

    [WIP] de_plateau

    Hello, and welcome to the development thread for our entry into the MapCore CS:GO contest, de_Plateau. Link to steam workshop page: Steam Workshop Link Team Members: Nick aka Nicky_Da_B (Level Designer) Amanda aka Unlimited_HAX13 (Custom 2D Texture Artist) Tristan aka MLGBongHits (Custom 3D Modeler) Mclean aka Daxelman (Playtesting Organiser and Data Analyst) Map Description Crazy experiments at the Black Mesa research facility have long been rumored. A recent security leak has confirmed the rumors. A band of terrorist soldiers plan to assault the facility and destroy it in order to prevent future experiments. A counter terrorist force has been assembled from the research facility’s security team. They plan to defend the facility and defuse any bomb that gets planted. The Terrorists have landed at the southern helipad with two targets in mind, the visitor check-in center and research chamber 37-S. The CT’s will have to defend and prevent the T’s from pushing through the courtyard when grants access to the visitor check-in center and the loading dock which grants access to the research chamber. Screenshots UPDATES: July 20, 2015- Carl is no longer helping to make this map.- Version 09 of our map is up on the steam workshop! July 15, 2015 - We created our forum post! - Version 08 of our map is up on the steam workshop!
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