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  1. While I did notice a performance boost from last update, I'm still struggling to go beyond 100 fps in most of the outdoors locations. My gpu is a real bottleneck (GTX 770 2GB) but compared to the performances I get on other community maps / official maps, I think another optimisation pass is desirable! Keep it up!
  2. Mr. Robot finale! This is one of the best shows.. I'm currently watching Better Call Saul Season 5 and it's fantastic! I Also burned through all 5 seasons of The Wire in early 2020. One of my favorite shows of all time. Great mix of police work, gangsta action, politics, drugs, sex and burner phones! Keep the suggestions coming! I suspect we'll all have a lot of time on our hands in the coming months...
  3. tr0nic

    Corona Virus

    Fast? They had 1+ month to prepare but did nothing while China had 800 million people in lockdown.. we're playing catch up.
  4. Additional gameplay changes: - We improved the flow in apartments as it is a high traffic area and a crucial point of contention. - Added car in T streets to provide additional cover for Ts against aggressive mid CT pushes. - Moved truck outside B and clipped it. - Clipped Bombsite A truck. - Reduced Bomb blast radius.
  5. tr0nic

    Corona Virus

    I don't understand why people keep downplaying this virus. You may not develop symptoms that require hospitalization. But if large porportions of the population do get infected in a relatively short period, the health care systems around the world will be overwhelmed and THAT is the real danger. Those 13.8% severe cases quickly turn into critical cases, and sadly many more deaths. On top of that, COVID-19 isn't the only illness that requires hospitalization. How do you prioritize the life of one critical patient over another? Are our governments ready to build temporary hospitals in a span of 10 days like the Chineese did? Based on all 72,314 cases of COVID-19 confirmed, suspected, and asymptomatic cases in China as of February 11, a paper by the Chinese CCDC released on February 17 and published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology has found that: 80.9% of infections are mild (with flu-like symptoms) and can recover at home. 13.8% are severe, developing severe diseases including pneumonia and shortness of breath. 4.7% as critical and can include: respiratory failure, septic shock, and multi-organ failure. in about 2% of reported cases the virus is fatal. Risk of death increases the older you are. Relatively few cases are seen among children. Edit: 3.4% CFR now
  6. I bet they will announce a pre-order bundle including the Vive, just in time for a huge Blackfriday discount. I wonder what is Valve's target audience? A player with no prior experience with VR or someone who had the time to assimilate the ways of virtual reality.
  7. tr0nic

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Ran through, very cool map! I like the visual theme a lot. Cool self boost into middle construction/diner, boosts in general actually. Teamplay will shine! Also love how Heaven in Bombsite B strength is kept in check with easy smoke lineups and peeks from T side's windows. Additional feedback: Screenshot1: I brought the big guns and tried to destroy it but the electrical sound could still be heard across all map, it's driving me nuts! Seems the soundscape was triggered when I jumped into the vents, otherwise it wasn't emitting any noise. Screenshot2: Another issue with soundscapes in storage room Screenshot3: This illustrate my biggest complaint for Iris. I was expecting to be able to jump on those crates and run across the fences delimiting the bombsite. I know this breaks your bombsite design but Maybe fences aren't the solution? I think this could be executed better, removing the ambiguity of whether you can jump on the fence or not, and in this case, prevent some frustration caused by invisible walls. Screenshot4: Can't hide in that corner although we should be able to (visually)
  8. Semis were a bit of a letdown... Let's hope Na' Vi vs Astralis goes to 3 maps with a bonus overtime somewhere in there
  9. Revisited an old map of mine from october 2014 during the holidays. I'll try to set up a playtest soon ™
  10. Games last between 15 to 45 mins in a group of 4 and it's very cheap (got it for 7$ CAD)
  11. Recently finished Layers of Fear (Xbox Games with gold free) Half Way through Zelda Playing Lovers in a dangerous spacetime (Xbox Games with Gold free) with la girlfriend! It's an awesome couch co-op game! (up to 4 players) Almost finished Gears of War 4 in couch co-op at my friend's place, on a 65inch Sony x900e HDR10 Xbox One X + Dolby 5.1 surround. It is so much fun. Also playing Monopoly Deal, a Monopoly Card Game that I would recommend over the original board game any time!
  12. Reminds me of World of Goo in some aspects!
  13. tr0nic


    Was able to jump out of the map through this window! Cool map, congrats! I'll need to give it another go.
  14. Starcraft: Brood War is officially free! https://starcraft.com/en-us/articles/20674424
  15. I would place the ''get out'' text somewhere accessible without a ladder, unless you put one on the ground by the stairs otherwise it just feel out of place. Why would someone write it up there instead of at player level.
  16. Players using the free version of the game will be able to compete vs those who got the Remastered version. That also means both versions will have Widescreen and Win7/8/10 support. It's time to go back to my level design roots!
  17. Hey! I'm a Level Designer at Behaviour Interactive since november 2016. Add me in! Behaviour Interactive Website: http://bhvr.com/ Jérôme ''tr0nic'' Cyr - Level Designer
  18. Csgo Co-op Strike like in Operation Wildfire.
  19. Reminds me a lot of Battlefield 3's Armored Kill dlc map called Alborz Mountain, except prettier ( bf3 maps were awesome )
  20. I played around the map a bit, looks nice although I'm not a big fan of the color correction ( too bright for me ) I have a couple of issues with the map: 1. Terrorist spawn is surrounded by swat teams and police vehicles, no dead bodies or bullets showing prior fire exchange, or blood. 2. Vehicles all have their lights on even if the map brightness equals 2 suns 3. Police vehicles lights strobes are turned off 4. Bombsite circles on blue tarp (imo shouldn't be used as randomly as this is a bombsite indicator in other official maps) 5. around 80 fps in gardens/outside areas (I usually have 150-250 in official maps, including nuke and inferno. 6. I understand you restricted jumping on the outside bombsite structure, but there's some weird clipping buffer that prevents from touching the structure, especially noticeable in the 4 corners. 7. In the indoor bombsite, there's a piece of equipment with motor and its door is open, Feels like you shouldn't be forced to crouch as the height is very close to allow walk-able.
  21. Maybe this could apply to your projects? http://www.tophattwaffle.com/custom-content-without-contamination/ I've did it for my CS:GO map and it works wonderfully.
  22. This is a great read! Unfortunately, the image links are all broken as well as the Part 2 and Part 3 links.
  23. Minimal optimization pass would fix that for you.
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