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  1. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Sup peeps. Just finished another csgo map with buds @'RZL and @MaanMan. We've been working on this one for a good while now, maybe since December of last year. It was challenging at times, but we're finally happy to put it out there. WORKSHOP LINK Do you hate it, do you love it? Not enough sand? Let us know.
  2. The random model thread!

    Some old work from junction, and also some new stuff:

    Composition is on point. Excited to see the end result.
  4. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    The wear and tear on the models and wallpaper look GUUUDDD
  5. [CS:GO][WIP] de_titan

    Yeah I think one of the main things is just lack of spec and phong. There's not much directionality with light sources, so a lot of stuff is reading flat or neutral. There's some other stuff that looks pretty low poly in the 2nd screenshot, but i figured it's just placeholder stuff.
  6. [CS:GO][WIP] de_titan

    Lack of additional shading is really killing any depth you have going on in a majority of the scenes.
  7. [CSGO] Junction

    Bruh, had no idea it was flipped like that. Thanks for noticing that, fixed it real quick.
  8. [CSGO] Junction Assets

    For those of you that were following the progress of junction I had announced that I'd be releasing all of it's content for free use. In the package I've included the latest vmf (sorta) and vmf instance files. Once again, if you guys have any questions please hit me up on this thread versus pm'ing on steam. Ideally it will help answer questions for multiple artists and provide references. Free to use for non-commercial work, as long as you give me credit. DOWNLOAD LINK I'll update the assets 3ds scenes at a later time. Some models are missing collision meshes, but I deemed them not necessary. EDIT: Fixed download link
  9. [CSGO] Junction

    Ya so apparently we did overwrite a updated version by accident. RIP. That has all the fixes to everything above. We'll be pushing that out later today. In the WIP thread I'll be releasing all the art and stuff, so check that out if you guys are interested in any of it.
  10. [CSGO] Junction

    Ya dun caught us, never playtested it once.
  11. [CSGO] Junction

    Hey guys and gals. We've finally finished this one up. Junction is a defuse map designed for competitive play that takes place in the heart of Shanghai, China. We've been working on this one for quite some time, and we're really stoked to release it. I've included a few screenshots here, for the full list check out the workshop page, and obviously the map! Big shoutout to all the mapcore peeps that ran around it and provided feedback. Credits: Mrtwo/Hordeu/HoliestCow Special thanks: General vivi FMPone for emotional support Terracotta for additonal emotional support WORKSHOP LINK
  12. [CSGO] Transition

    ALRIGHT HERE IT IS BOYZ I've also updated the OP with new links and new images. There's a few minor things I might have missed, but those will be updated soon. I'll be releasing the content soon along with some wires of the assets and stuff.
  13. [CSGO] Transition

    Here are some screens of the final version, radar included. Workshop link later today!
  14. [CSGO] Transition

    Okay so for reals this time, map is coming out soon. Things left to do: Final compile BSP, make sure it's all 100% gucci. Do radar for both levels And that's pretty much it. Got busy with a bunch of art tests, updated blackgold for secret reasons, also landed a job at Gunfire Games! Past two months have been crazy busy. Thanks again for everyone providing feedback on bugs and stuff. Lastly I do not remember if I had mentioned this in an earlier post, but I plan to release all of the art from the map on the same day I officially release the workshop version. I don't have any documentation behind any of it (other than comments in the vmt's). I figured it best to have the thread here act as a mini AMA that others can see.
  15. [Portal 2] Repercussions WIP

    You're killing me Lamar.