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  1. Pushing out a slightly late update. Due to personal time constraints I didn't quite manage to bring the level to the absolute final level of detailing I wanted, but there's still some crucial work that's been done. I will likely make another update dirtying up the level also doing some other stuff like reducing the file size in the near future. @tr0nic also worked on some highly needed layout changes, that will hopefully result in a better gameplay experience. Gameplay changes: - A site: new entry points for T's, a pathway that branches out into two connections from the bridge construction - one with the site itself and one with the upper CT level highway. This is aimed to address the lack of utilization of construction-side A site and hardness of access to the highway on the upper A site. Cover within the site has also been cleaned up to reduce gameplay over-complexity and visual clutter. - B site: new entry point for CT's - upper B is now accessed through an archway on the side of the main entry. This aims to separate the site into two distinct sections, to make gameplay less chaotic, retakes and holds easier to execute, as the site felt too hectic. Cover has also been moved around to adhere to the changes. - Optimization improvements. - Adjusted some cover elements around critical areas, moved CT spawn further back to increase Mid timings even more. Visual changes: - Added a 3D skybox. - Added some ground-level mesh detailing to pavement materials (grass, sticking out tiles). - Added detailsprites to empty grass areas. Updated original post with new images and radar.
  2. Minor update to improve gameplay, visual updates coming soon. Unfortunately some pavement tile props bugged out due to bad light settings and there is an issue with a soundscape not changing when going from Apartaments into A on T side of the map. I am aware of these slight bugs, they shouldn't hinder gameplay. Gameplay changes: - Collision and clipping fix. - Added spawns to total 32 for casual mode and fix the problem of reconnecting players being spawned outside the map. Also added Deathmatch spawns. - T spawn moved to increase T timings, allowing CTs more time to set up. - Added cover in Middle and increased the length of enclosed archway to give CTs advantage.
  3. Why you have to do me like that guys . Most defeating feeling is waiting for the compile and the moderation approval to finish as you're powerless to change anything until it's over. This was an inevitability with the crunch the map required. The map has been updated now and all the major bugs fixed. It still won't let me load it through the workshop saying it's failing to find a dedicated server, must be a caching issue because I think it happened before and the BSP works fine for me, so should work fine soon enough. Just in case the workshop keeps acting up (works fine now), here's the same BSP as on the workshop right now: de_mocha.bsp
  4. Art by @Bevster, layout by @tr0nic. The map is inspired by South American colonial era architecture and regional coffee production. Workshop link. Although I didn't have enough time to polish the art and gameplay to my desired level, I'm sure the remaining things won't take too long. Current version still has some minor lighting/shading errors on existing content, there's no 3D Skybox yet and the clipping, optimization passes also a bit rudimentary. Hopefully it's nothing gamebreaking. I'm going to update the entry as soon as possible.
  5. Bevster


    @zastels You were outskilled and outperformed with time management in the DOI contest, stay mad instead of improving your art buddy.
  6. Bevster


    @zastels Mate that contest happened 2 years ago, I really hope you're shitposting because it's depressing reading this, move on with your life. The person who made this thread is likely just some kid trying to scam people on Steam by pretending to be a mapper to get some cred or is just immature and likes undeserved praise. Either way, nobody is virtue signaling here, it's just common sense to respect creative work and the credit that comes along with it, no matter what sort of bullshit mental gymnastics you pull to maneuver around that.
  7. Bevster


    Communist mapper gang rise up! It's not your art, it's our art, don't resist now, you have nothing to lose but your shackles, shackles of recognition for the creative work you've done.
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