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  1. Bevster


    @zastels You were outskilled and outperformed with time management in the DOI contest, stay mad instead of improving your art buddy.
  2. Bevster


    @zastels Mate that contest happened 2 years ago, I really hope you're shitposting because it's depressing reading this, move on with your life. The person who made this thread is likely just some kid trying to scam people on Steam by pretending to be a mapper to get some cred or is just immature and likes undeserved praise. Either way, nobody is virtue signaling here, it's just common sense to respect creative work and the credit that comes along with it, no matter what sort of bullshit mental gymnastics you pull to maneuver around that.
  3. Bevster


    Communist mapper gang rise up! It's not your art, it's our art, don't resist now, you have nothing to lose but your shackles, shackles of recognition for the creative work you've done.
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